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Act Like Adults 

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There is no denying Utah’s liquor laws are crazy. I work in the restaurant industry and was (emphasis on was) a frequent bar hopper. I can’t even keep track of all the liquor rules, and it’s my job to do so!

I wish those in charge would come to realize that we are adults. One change I would like to see is drinking before noon. Who wants to go to a cutesy brunch on Saturday or Sunday and not be able to have a mimosa or Bloody Mary until after they eat? I feel for the bar owners such as Jim Stojack [“In Your Face,” April 28, City Weekly], whose business is having a tough time. It’s sad and unfortunate.

That being said, I am sick and tired of every bar owner and bar customer complaining about the cops and their conspiracy to bust everyone with a DUI. They are just doing their job. Reports show that Utah has the lowest DUI-related deaths in the nation. Do you think that comes by coincidence? And still the arrests are on the rise. If these cops weren’t making the arrests, Utah’s relatively low 16 percent DUI-related deaths would be much closer the nation’s 32 percent.

And let’s get one thing straight: I myself have two DUIs under my very young belt. It’s hell and I hate it. Nonetheless, I made the choice to get behind a wheel and drive when I definitely should not have. So if anyone can speak to the matter, it’s me.

And no complaining about public transportation anymore, either! Public transit’s purpose is not so everyone can stay out till 2 in the morning getting wasted and then hop on the train only to pee on it  (Yes, I have seen this happen). So Utah, if you want to be treated like adults, act like adults. Make wise choices. Otherwise, drink at home.

Melissa Elizabeth Palacios
West Valley City

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