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Abstinence Is the Only Way 

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The only way to prevent unnecessary misery, pain, undue suffering and unwanted pregnancies is to practice sexual abstinence [“Birds, Bees and STDs,” June 18, City Weekly]. It’s the only way.

I’m a single man in my 30s who has never been married and has never had illicit sexual relations with anyone. I won’t until I find the woman I love and want to marry.

Guess what? I don’t need to worry about taking some paternity test to determine if I’m the father of some permissive broad’s illegitimate child, and neither do I need to worry about contracting the hordes of STDs that are out there. Do you savvy?

It disgusts me whenever I hear pathetic, irresponsible parents claiming that young people today are just more sexually active. The truth is that, if a person is old enough to choose to have sexual relations with every Tom, Dick and Harry out there—or with every Mary, Jane and Sally— then they’re definitely old enough to be accountable for the consequences of their poor choices. With every choice comes a natural, inescapable consequence, and consequences don’t care what you think, feel, believe or don’t believe, and neither do they care how old you are. They simply run their course perfectly every time and they don’t need to be reminded, prodded, and they never make any mistakes. Ah—the sins of the children will be upon the heads of the parents.

Missy Bird of Planned Parenthood and Rep. Lynn Hemingway, D-Holladay, are typical liberals who don’t know their front sides from their backsides. It’s all about teaching young people about personal accountability for their choices and actions when they’re young and teachable, something that too many irresponsible parents aren’t willing to do, including Missy Bird and Rep. Hemingway—or else they wouldn’t be whining about condom use and other contraceptive devices.

And, voila—along comes Planned Parenthood and the schools with their crap-shoot sex-ed programs thinking that showing impressionable young minds about putting a condom on a banana is going to solve all of the misery and suffering, and prevent unwanted pregnancies! If women don’t want to get pregnant, then they should keep their skirts on or their pants zipped up. Same thing goes for irresponsible men.

Ken Thomas
West Jordan

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