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Utah Guitarist Jamie Glaser 

Guitarist Jamie Glaser has worked on TV shows such as Seinfeld, Married With Children, Saved by the Bell and others.

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This story was updated Dec.24, 2015.

Guitarist Jamie Glaser has worked on TV shows such as Seinfeld, Married With Children, Saved by the Bell and others. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, he's currently working on two solo albums, one titled Music From the Right Hemisphere, and another titled Grateful Am I, which is influenced by the Mormon faith. Like a lot of Glaser's work, both albums are flavored with funk, jazz and pop influences. Glaser lives in Utah with his 17 pets.

In 2006, you published Hear the Silence, an inspirational look at life following the 1994 earthquake in California, when you experienced homelessness and loss. What got you through that period?

I was down and out from the day the earthquake happened in 1994 for two years. I was confused, depressed, broke, and all that goes with that. When Seinfeld's composer threatened to fire me unless I went for help, I knew I had to do something. The day I started with therapy was the day I began to live again. Two years later, I was whole again, happy and doing well. I wanted to share the stories that I went through to get back on my feet. Hear the Silence was written to help others who face life challenges as small as just being blue and sad to major disorders. I found how to "get through" because of hearing what was in the silence: love, joy, and other's help.

What's your musical journey been like?

I grew up in New York and moved to the West Coast in 1981. Both coasts have amazing musicians, people who are creative and the best of their craft. New York has a fire that is unbreakable and also a culture that goes back. Los Angeles is where the cream of the crop went to make it as recording artists, entertainers, studio musicians and composers. I loved my years living, working and creating in Los Angeles. I moved to Utah because I was tired of the high prices, the stress and the traffic. I like it here. Secondly, the "studio" scene is really no more. Everyone has a studio in their homes as I do. I make music for the Super Bowl in my pajamas, with my two dogs lying next to me. It's a different world. I don't have to be in a music city to make it anymore.

Let's say I want to take guitar lessons from you. How do I get in the door?

I love teaching. To study with me privately you need to work hard, promise to practice and so forth. I take all levels but have stopped teaching anyone under age 13. I have a waiting list and open it two or three times a year. Right now, I am teaching from January through March, and then that's that for a while. I am proud that I offer some popular courses at GotoCyberSchool.com.

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