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  • May 1-7, 2014
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  • Bad Timing

    Questionable donations occurred during AG’s prosecution of white-collar fraud case
  • Paving a New Path
  • Paving a New Path

    A former sex worker’s encounter with the criminal-justice system ended well, but she says all is not well with prostitution in Utah
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  • This Land Is Our Land

    Let’s see. These ranchers in Nevada—typical rich Republican Mormons—have been illegally grazing their herd of cows on federally owned public lands (the lands owned by all of us) for many years, thereby destroying the habitat of native and endangered species there
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  • Get Serious About Water

    Colby Frazier’s article on water [Green Guide, April 17, City Weekly] is probably too polite when discussing Utah’s approach to its impending water crisis.

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  • Live: Music Picks May 1-7
  • Music Picks
  • Live: Music Picks May 1-7

    When it’s time for the Rooftop Concert Series, that’s a true sign that summer is just around the corner. Every year, hundreds of music lovers attend these popular outdoor performances on the roof of a parking garage in downtown
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