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  • A Good Mormon

    I just quickly sat down in between classes and a column in your paper caught my eye [“Free Agent,” Nov. 21, City Weekly]. I loved it; I can relate in a totally different way.
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  • Killer Cows

    The authors of the piece “Devastated” [Nov. 21, City Weekly] forgot to mention one of the most obvious killers of new aspen trees inside Pando and aspen groves elsewhere in the West.
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  • Mostly Corrupt

    In Ken Thomas’ rebuttal [“Corruption is Relative,” Nov. 28, City Weekly] of a previous letter by Stuart McDonald claiming that “Mormon Church-controlled Utah is the most corrupt state in the U.S.”
  • Sex Is Its Own Punishment
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  • Sex Is Its Own Punishment

    Washington state psychologist Sunil Kakar, 46, was suspended after he admitted giving a prostitute his laptop as collateral while he went to an ATM to get cash to pay her.
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  • Live: Music Picks Dec. 5-11
  • Music Picks
  • Live: Music Picks Dec. 5-11

    Fans of Jeff Tweedy—of bands including Uncle Tupelo, Golden Smog and, probably most famously, Wilco—are in for a treat at this solo performance, his first ever in Salt Lake City.
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