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  • Not All Mormons Are Haters

    So, I read Margie’s letter with a bit of frustration, mostly because she had a tendency to make blanket statements about geography and religion and tolerance concerning her experience with Mormons ...
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  • Pit Bulls Bred to Kill

    Just because you put it in your paper doesn’t make it true. Really, all dogs are individuals [Five Spot, Sept. 19, City Weekly]?
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  • Artys Suggestions

    It’s always fun to see the Artys roll around and see the great community you folks at City Weekly are showcasing [Artys 2013, Sept. 12].
  • Revenge of the Dead
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  • Revenge of the Dead

    A 51-year-old hunter who shot an elk outside Vernal, Utah, was trying to roll the 600-to-700-pound animal over when one of its antlers punctured his neck behind the jaw.
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  • JayBird's Jason Kimball
  • JayBird's Jason Kimball

    JayBird's Jason Kimball talks about the old-school tunes he jams on his Bluetooth headphones.
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