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  • Cali's a Cornucopia

    Thanks for Frances Moody’s article “Buying Local for Dummies” [Dining Guide, Oct. 25, City Weekly]. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long enough to mention other sources of locally grown and produced items.
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  • Include All Voices in Debates

    With a Democrat and Republican Congress at a 10 percent approval rating, the exclusion of three candidates from political debate is a disservice to those concerned with real solutions to urgent problems.
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  • Saying "Yes" to Jim Matheson

    Mia Love is all about the negatives and the “no’s.” “No” to student loans for Utah college students. How does this help the educational process in Utah?
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  • Romney's Miracle

    Mitt Romney is his own worst enemy. He has chronic foot-in-mouth disease. Regardless, all Utah Mormons will vote for him. That’s a given.
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  • Join the Tar-Sands Fight

    Kudos to City Weekly and Eric Peterson for the article on the proposal to strip mine tar sands in the pristine Tavaputs plateau west of the Book Cliffs.

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