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  • Oct 5-11, 2006
  • Vol. 23, No. 21


  • Got Habeas?

    A war fought in defense of freedom is instead compromising it.
  • Blotter Fodder

    Crime fighting can be tough: long hours chasing after two-bit thugs, standoffs against dangerous, gun-toting felons. Sometimes, however, it’s too easy'as evidenced by this week’s crop of clueless crooks. Meet the burglar who returns to the...
  • 5 Spot

    Random Questions, Surprising Answers
  • The Missionary Position

    Tim GoldhartUniversity of Utah studentWisconsin Milwaukee Mission 2002-2004nnWhat was your first impression of Wisconsin?nI was really hungry and hoped I could grab something to eat at the airport. But, of course, the bus drove way under the speed limit,...
  • The Way It Is 10.05.06

    City Weekly asked Avenues Bakery & Bistro co-owner Kathie Chadbourne whether the recent Dine-O-Round generated new clientele and what can be done to cultivate local businesses:The Dine-O-Round brings curiousity and excitement for people who aren’t...
  • The Ocho

    Eight more shocking Utah poll results besides finding that incumbents are leading in all local political races for November:nn8. I support President Bush in everything he does. Or at least the stuff I know about. Not a big reader, really. (62 percent)nn7....
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  • Newsquirks

    Police responding to a robbery alarm at an Orlando, Fla., bank had no trouble identifying Kenneth Ray Brooks as their suspect after witnesses said they saw his pants shoot fire. Besides his obvious discomfort, officers noticed that both his hands were...
  • Syndicated Columns
  • Choose Your Weapons

    I went to lunch with some friends on Sunday. There’s one girl who thinks she knows everything and is always peppering us with stories and factoids to show off. Sunday she throws this nugget out: In domestic killings, the No. 1 weapon used is not...

Eat & Drink


  • Sunday Night Fever

    Australia’s Architecture in Helsinki: Your new ultimate dance soundtrack.
  • Spaceland

    Local alt-rock trio Our Time In Space go Euro in Hollywood.
  • Music Picks

    Thursday 10.5nnRANCIDnIt started with a mix tape. Somewhere between Dead Kennedys and The Queers, one hopped-up Operation Ivy track sparked my continued love affair with Tim Armstrong’s street-smart snarl. While the ska-punk group disbanded long...


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