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  • Aug 31 - Sep 6, 2006
  • Vol. 23, No. 16


  • A New Conscript

    It’s time Americans had a war of words over mandatory military service.
  • Blotter Fodder

    Shank You Very Muchnn08/25/06, 09:29, Aggravated Burglary, near 200 South Pueblo St.nn“The suspect kicked open the door of this address carrying a large stick. The victim confronted the suspect and was hit in the head by the suspect. The victim...
  • 5 Spot

    Race-car driver Milka Duno
  • The Missionary Position

    Shawn MurphyServed mission in Belo Horizonte, Brazil 2002-04Utah State University student/football playernnDid you ever find yourself in a sketchy situation?nThe town where we stayed was very similar to the one portrayed in City of God'a lot of favelas...
  • The Way It Is

    City Weekly asked Jeremy Goldsmith, of Johnny’s on Second, what question he’d like to ask visiting President Bush:nnWhy do I feel so worried about raising my daughter in the greatest country in the world? You’re causing all these people...
  • The Ocho

    Eight more local groups protesting during President George W. Bush’s appearance in Salt Lake City:nn8. Citizens Against Whatever the Hell Rocky Is for This Weeknn7. Drum Circles United Against War, Fascism & Rhythmnn6. The Chris Buttars Cartel Against...
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  • Newsquirks

    After a clerk reported a robbery at a 7-Eleven in Royal Oak, Mich., police spotted a man matching the robber’s description sitting in a pickup truck parked on the side of the road about a mile from the convenience store. The getaway vehicle had...
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  • Mad As a Bladder

    Early this morning after a night of drinking I woke up and really had to pee. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. But what happens if I don’t? Is there a long-term health risk if I regularly choose to hold it? If alcohol is thrown...

Eat & Drink

  • Wine
  • Curry Favor

    New faces'and some just in new places'on the Utah Indian restaurant menu.
  • Wine
  • Up the Creek

    One of my more enjoyable adventures at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market earlier this month was hanging out with the Redwood Creek Wines gang at their lodge just outside the Salt Palace. It was an outdoor café/wine bar filled with picnic tables, a place...


  • Music Picks

    Thursday 8.31PORTUGAL. THE MANnnMaybe it’s the name that pisses off critics. Not sure what else might incite such rage against an up-and-coming indie band. Bred in Alaska, the energetic foursome is slammed for rocking like an abbreviated Mars Volta....

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