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  • Jun 22-28, 2006
  • Vol. 23, No. 6


  • Anneurysms

    Hate Ann Coulter? The true outrage is how she exposes our political discourse for the void it is.
  • Pedantic Policing

    06/12/06, 15:14, Expectorating on the sidewalk/Resisting, Pioneer Park“The officer observed [the 21-year-old male suspect] exit the restroom and then spit on the sidewalk. When confronted by the officer, the [suspect] became agitated and would...
  • The Way It Is

    Street musicians Who, on mandolin, and Frog, washboard (pictured here playing with Scarecrow) think Salt Lake City is a little bit of all right:“Finally it’s legal for us to exist,” said Dan “Who” Elliott. “Every...
  • 5 Spot

    Steve Almond has written two story collections My Life in Heavy Metal and The Evil B.B. Chow as well as the nonfiction book Candyfreak. He lives and rocks in Arlington, Mass. Almond is one of the Writers@Work visiting authors who will read on Friday,...
  • The Missionary Position

    Val Mansfield: Prepress printing manager. Served the Finland Helsinki Mission, 1976-78nnWere you ever invited to engage in un-missionary-like activities?nnIn my first city in Finland, I was not yet understanding much of the conversation. We were on a...
  • The Ocho

    Orrin Hatch to the rescue!
  • Film & TV
  • Pitch Session

    A satirical behind-the-scenes look at the origin of a [expletive] dumb comedy like Click.
  • Syndicated Columns
  • Newsquirks

    A bank-robbery attempt in Kumagaya, Japan, ended when the 58-year-old would-be robber asked a teller how to go about it. The teller alerted another employee, who escorted the man from the bank. “He left quietly when asked to,” a police official...
  • Syndicated Columns
  • Don’t Eat the Acid

    I enjoy spreading lots of vinegar on my salads and other foods. I really think this makes my food taste so much better. My wife keeps pestering me to stop using so much vinegar, contending that the acetic acid will hurt my digestive system. So for the...

Eat & Drink

  • Wine
  • Sweet Little 15

    Bambara proves a great spot for an anniversary celebration.
  • Wine
  • Fear Not the Sommelier

    Restaurant wine lists can be incredibly weighty and complex (Monsoon Thai Bistro, for example) or straightforward and simple (like Trio’s). But regardless of the size and depth of the wine list, ordering wine in a restaurant can be awkward or even...


  • Music Picks

    Salt City Derby Girls, Obie Trice, Hillstomp, Glass Candy, Court & Spark ...

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