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  • Jun 8-14, 2006
  • Vol. 23, No. 4


  • Divining Downtown

    We know the LDS Church has plans for downtown SLC, we just haven’t seen them.
  • Rough Ryder

    06/03/06, 03:35, Fleeing/Traffic Accident with Injury, 600 S. 1200 East“The officer observed a motorcyclist engaged in exhibition driving on Foothill Drive and again at 500 S. 1200 East. When he attempted a traffic stop, the cyclist fled northbound...
  • The Ocho

    Eight ways to summer ...
  • 5 Spot

    Brian M. Barnard is a 1969 graduate of Loyola of Los Angeles Law School. Since 1976, his private practice has emphasized civil-rights cases. He has sued nearly every major institution in Utah.nnHow do you view the proposed flag amendment? nnAmong other...
  • The Way It Is

    AlaCart2Go’s Ross Harrington, on 200 South, gives the thumbs down to police leaving squad cars at the station at the end of the day'an idea was floated during Salt Lake City’s budget talks:Let the cops take their cars home. The more the...
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  • Newsquirks

    Police in Broken Arrow, Okla., arrested James Otis Denham, 49, after he tried to sell a Rembrandt etching at a bar. The rightful owner’s name was still on a document authenticating the 1630 etching, titled “The Raising of Lazarus” and...
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  • Pole Position

    I’d like the Straight Dope on one of the great controversies: Who was first to reach the north pole? I lean towards Robert Peary because of Frederick Cook’s background, but is it that simple? 'Richard, via e-mailNot unless you’ll...

Eat & Drink

  • Wine
  • Sips of Summer

    Utah doesn’t have much in the way of sandy beaches. But we do have a lot of back yards here. And as lovely as Utah summers can be, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t turn yours into the tropics. All it takes, along with some cold beer...


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    Danielson, Blame Sally, Del McCoury, Man Man ...

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