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  • Mar 16-22, 2006
  • Vol. 22, No. 44


  • Extremist Makeover

    Utah’s dowdy moralists are no match for our queer eyes.
  • The Ocho

    Eight future healines regarding the 2001 sale of the Salt Lake Tribune to MediaNews and the McCarthey family’s battle to win it back:nn8. “Trib owner Dean Singleton declares ‘Get over it! No take-sies back-sies!’” (2007)nn7....
  • Bombs and Democracy

    Confused by Iranian nukes? Isn’t everyone? Here’s a handy cheat sheet.
  • 5 Spot

    The Salt Lake City Public Library’s Chip Ward
  • The Way It Is

    Rare-book dealer Ken Sanders laments the fading of a once-thriving community of freaks and artists at 900 East and 900 South.“Phillips Gallery got their start there. The original Cosmic Aeroplane was there. There have been so many places. …...
  • My Brother’s Keeper

    03/06/06, 16:09, Aggravated Assault/DV, near 1200 S. Montgomery Ave.Police reported that an 18-year-old male suspect became upset with his 20-year-old sister, when she “moved his shoes.” A shoving match ensued, and the siblings scuffled...
  • Syndicated Columns
  • The Iceman Cometh

    When I’m reading novels of, say, the antebellum south and there’s a guy who goes around on a cart selling blocks of ice, how the heck did he get it? I mean, they didn’t have the fridge to rely on. Did they go way up north and cut blocks...
  • Syndicated Columns
  • Newsquirks

    Reacting to an increase in the number of reports of herds of elephants destroying African villages for no apparent reason, some scientists said that they believe the attacks might be payback for years of abuse. “They are certainly intelligent enough...

Eat & Drink

  • Wine
  • Sip of the Irish

    I don’t really need St. Patrick’s Day as an excuse to indulge in a spot of Irish whiskey. It’s just as good the other 364 days of the year as it is on St. Patrick’s Day. I find, however, that the older I get, the more I tend to...


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    Lyrics Born, Salty Frogs, Benji Candelario, Beth Orton ...

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