Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Jan 20, 2005
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  • Jan 20-26, 2005
  • Vol. 21, No. 36


  • The Real Thing

    Film Festivals and the Documentary Boom
  • Legislating Banality

    It matters little that this week marked the beginning of the 56th general session of the Utah Legislature. Even if it marked the 156th general session, chances are good that not much will have changed. We’d still have a 45-day session full of loads...
  • Unnatural Disasters

    The photos are devastating. Day by day, headlines recount the casualties from the Asian tsunami. When I last looked, the number was at 152,000. People from around the globe log onto Web-sites to find ways to aid the victims and contribute to rescue efforts....
  • Film & TV
  • Are We There Yet?, Zachary Beaver ...

    NEW THIS WEEKInformation is correct at press time. Film release schedules are subject to change.Are We There Yet? (Zero Stars)Not just a swamp of artificial sentimental claptrap, but a morass of ethnic and gender stereotypes, crotch injuries and inappropriately...


  • Early Day Miners, Snocore, Cake ...

    THURSDAY 1/20 • Jägerdance 2005 (Velvet Room); Crystal Method, The Exies (Blender Sessions @ Harry O’s, Park City). FRIDAY 1/21 EARLY DAY MINERS Daniel Burton’s personal ad might go something like this: “I don’t like my...
  • Marianne Faithfull, Sage Francis, Black Keys ...

    NEW THIS WEEK Information is correct at press time. Film release schedules are subject to change. Assisted Living **.5 Meld a surprisingly affecting central relationship with an unnecessarily fussy structure, and you’ve got Elliot Greenebaum’s...

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