Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Jan 6, 2005
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  • Jan 6-12, 2005
  • Vol. 21, No. 34


  • Veterans’ Daze

    Thousands of Iraqi veterans will come home to face serious psychological problems and a system that may not be ready to help them.
  • Blood of Multitudes

    When Job of the Bible saw his farm and livelihood ruined, his family killed, and his body covered with boils, he had but one request. “My desire is, that the Almighty would answer me, and that mine adversary had written a book,” he said.With...
  • New Legislator Tips

    Congratulations on your successful election bid for the Utah Legislature! If you are a Republican, congratulations on withstanding the rigors of running unopposed and please accept our compliments on how readily you have taken to suckling at the engorged...
  • Film & TV
  • Top 10 x 3

    Our critics show the love to the movies they loved in 2004.


  • Blood Brothers, Beep Beep, Eisley ...

    BLOOD BROTHERS Crimes **** Firmly welding the rough, splintered texture of Kill Me Tomorrow with The Centimeters’ disturbing, spastic dementia gets Blood Brothers high marks for brilliance and change-the-world potential and low marks for bromide....
  • Hoot Owls, Debi Graham Band, SXSW Showdown ...

    FRIDAY 1/7 HOOT OWLS, WINTERWOOD DUO Like the cowbell, the dobro is often sidelined in favor of more popular instruments. In the right hands, however, it turns black-and-white sound into Technicolor bluegrass. Take Hoot Owls, for example, a local quartet...

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