Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Nov 13, 2003
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  • Nov 13-19, 2003
  • Vol. 20, No. 26


  • Dog Food

    Right up to the day of last week’s mayoral election, people asked me which candidate I planned to endorse. Some of them even said they wanted to know so they would know who to vote for. Anyone who has ever read City Weekly has to have known that...

Eat & Drink

  • Wine
  • Mojito Madness

    Although, according to booze experts, the mojito rum drink can be traced back a hundred years to the Havana nightclubs of pre-Castro Cuba (Ernest Hemingway is said to have consumed his share on that Caribbean island), I encountered my own first mojito...


  • Torqued

    A decade in, Salt Lake City’s Maladjusted still aren’t “hip” or “fashionable.”
  • Aggressive Perfectors

    Twenty-year thrash-metal mainstays Slayer stay the course of “evil.”


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