Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | May 8, 2003
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  • May 8-14, 2003
  • Vol. 20, No. 0


  • Fulton Files

    Sex Really Freaks Us Out, Doesn’t It?
  • Fragged

    How the Trib scandal mixed ethics with newsroom politics—and brought down the editor.
  • The Big Chill

    It may come as a surprise to those cynical about the newspaper business to learn that we who buy ink by the barrel have no interest in stories that are later proven to be full of holes—or cut from whole cloth. Credibility, like virginity, is hard...


  • Swamp Thang

    Bayou blues rockers Swamp Boogie wanna sop up your gravy, baby.
  • Ozmosis

    The band’s new direction produces a breakthrough album.
  • Johnny Be Good

    Obscurity can’t hide the quality of Long Island rockers Johnny Society.


  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Artistic Momentum

    Alot of mothers would like their children to grow up to be mainstream professionals. The problem is, some kids just aren’t interested in dissecting cadavers, defending criminals or being corporate headhunters. They just want to paint.Artist Nathan...

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