Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Mar 20, 2003
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  • Mar 20-26, 2003
  • Vol. 19, No. 45


  • Fulton Files

    Smart and Smarter, Shots at Laptops
  • Safe from Harm

    How a new support program is changing the world’s oldest profession.
  • Grave New World

    As this is being written, we are 17 hours into the 48-hour war ultimatum delivered Monday in President Bush’s pop-up screen announcement to Iraq. By the time most of you read this, the 48-hours will have elapsed. We won’t be at war if Saddam...

Eat & Drink

  • Wine
  • Fleming’s Flight

    As I mentioned a few weeks ago, one of the best ways to get acquainted with wine is via wine flights. Usually, a wine “flight” consists of small samples of wine of the same varietal. Say, three to five small pours (1- or 2-oz. each) of Chardonnay....


  • Music Picks

    THA LIKS The hip-hop artists formerly known as Tha Alkaholics haven’t released a new album since 2001’s party-hearty X.O. Experience (Loud), but rest assured they’re in it for the long haul. “In 10 years, Tha Liks will still be...


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