Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Jan 30, 2003
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  • Jan 30 - Feb 5, 2003
  • Vol. 19, No. 38


  • Fulton Files

    Busty Lawsuits, and Making the World Safe for SUVs.
  • Powerball Wizard?

    Utah entrepeneurs hope to unlock the secret of cheap hydrogen energy. Will anyone buy it?
  • Time for a Walk

    I’m bummed enough that I need to take a walk. Holly Mullen is to blame. If you don’t know, Holly writes for The Salt Lake Tribune. Not long ago Tribune Editor Jay Shelledy and company decided—again—that it was time to do something...

Eat & Drink

  • Wine
  • Gimme Some Air!

    In tackling the topic of whether or not to decant wine, the question that begs to be asked is, I think, “Would Kant decant?” Unfortunately, my memories of reading Critique of Pure Reason are hazy and the only Immanuel Kant I can muster is...


  • Music Picks

    RIDDLIN’ KIDS, ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS Quashing (a fancy word only used in print language, you may notice) rumors that the venue was just going take up residence on a rambling flatbed truck, all-ages joint The Junction has found yet another new...


  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Emo’s Core

    By his own count, it’s been almost 12 years since veteran comedian Emo Philips has performed in Salt Lake City.“Let me check the restraining order again to be sure,” he explains in his singsong voice, reminiscent of Peter Brady at the...

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