Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Dec 5, 2002
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  • Dec 5-11, 2002
  • Vol. 19, No. 30


  • Fulton Files

    Fulton’s Quarter Column of Plaza-Free Rants
  • Radio Clash

    The secret and sometimes ugly history of how alternative-rock radio took root in Utah.
  • A Sense of Place

    Journalists are gypsies by nature. To get good stories, we have to be peripatetic, willing to go anywhere, talk to anyone. Too often, we serve hard time in far-flung places, straining our personal relationships and eating rotten, unfamiliar food. We do...

Eat & Drink

  • Wine
  • Quiz and Sip

    Recently, I saw a television ad for a special 20th anniversary edition of the game Trivial Pursuit. As with most TV commercials, this one annoyed me. For some reason Trivial Pursuit has always annoyed me. I loathe the idea of having to play Trivial Pursuit...


  • Music Picks

    ONE MAN ARMY “There’s a lot of kids nowadays who don’t know about the Clash, or Stiff Little Fingers, or the Toy Dolls,” says One Man Army singer-guitarist Jack Dalrymple of the old-school/new-school punk divide. “They’re...


  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Digital Overload

    Most kids just don’t grasp the idea of a life goal. For them, long-term planning is figuring out where they’re going to sit on the bus after school. But Howie Day, he had everything figured out by kindergarten. When his teacher asked the class...

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