Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Sep 19, 2002
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  • Sep 19-25, 2002
  • Vol. 19, No. 19


  • Mars Attacks!

    Plan-B Theatre Company re-creates a classic radio drama.
  • Legalizing Dope … er, uh, Hemp

    Here’s some news that is bound to make some people extremely happy—perhaps even goofy: Nevadans will vote on Nov. 5 whether to legalize marijuana. No, it’s absolutely true. Here at SmartBomb, we would never joke about a thing like dope...
  • Down With Laketown

    Salt Lake City hip-hop labels support big-name acts, but can’t seem to find any locals to sign.
  • Legacy of What?

    Ever get the idea that state government is run something like the Titanic or the Exxon Valdez, careening between icebergs and sandbars, guided by the self-righteous or the non compus mentis?There are examples aplenty that would reinforce that notion,...
  • Strung Along

    A symphony audition: Thirty years of practice, 15 minutes of terror.
  • SLC Garage!

    Salt Lake bands mix up the sexiest elements of garage rock to make a wholly original sonic stew.
  • Footloose

    Dissecting Salt Lake’s peculiar success on the dance floor
  • Salt Lake Top 50

    You sent ’em; we listened. Not every local CD released within the past year is included here, just the 50 that stood out in the stacks that local artists submitted to City Weekly, neatly arranged A-Z. Each of these discs had a special something,...
  • Film & TV
  • Alma Muddle

    Stealing Harvard finds an ex-Kid in the Hall needing to go back to comedy school.


  • Sermon on the Wax

    Caffeinated and unfiltered, Mixmaster Mike is preaching the good word of turntablism.
  • Roseland Rawk

    The Street get their kicks at Portland’s MusicFestNW.

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