Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | May 16, 2002
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  • May 16-22, 2002
  • Vol. 19, No. 1


  • Feng Shui, Dude

    Feng Shui, DudeA feng shui (pronounced fung schway) consultant came through the City Weekly offices recently to tune up our chi. Some City Weekly staffers, apparently, were feeling there was a little too much sha in the place.Heck, here in the SmartBomb...
  • Extreme Adjectives

    Mayor Rocky Anderson has a propensity to use extreme adjectives. People want the reassurance that we live in a “great” city, that we have “fantastic” opportunities for the future or that his dog Sebastian is “super”...


  • 100 Percent Fun

    Starmy is Dead Ready to put the happy and sexy back into rock & roll.
  • F-Bomb Rock

    Guitar-geeks The Fucking Champs are more than just a great name.

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