Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Feb 14, 2002
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  • Feb 14-20, 2002
  • Vol. 18, No. 40


  • Salt Lake “Needs” Rocky

    Salt Lake “Needs” RockyFalse modesty has never been a fault of our mayor. When you’re good, you’re good—even if you do have to say so yourself. That might be among the choices for Rocky Anderson’s headstone epitaph....
  • Consumer Games

    Forget citius, altus, fortius. It’s cash, check, or charge.
  • Outside the Fence

    On the morning of Feb. 8, only 12 hours before the Winter Olympic Games were to open in Salt Lake City, a small herd of eight mule deer wandered through the Avenues residential district pensively, seeming a little lost. The deer may have been frightened...
  • A Royal Salút

    Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey, hey, Lat-vi-a. Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey, hey, Lat-vi-a. I can’t remember who first performed that song (my trusty aide Rick says it was Johnny Cash; Rick seldom eats with utensils, though, so he could be wrong),...
  • The Street Parade

    So here it is. Salt Lake City’s 2002 Winter Games. Right in our own backyard. At arm’s length. Parked right on top of our face. And boy, does it feel good.Why does it feel good? Because, contrary to popular belief, this isn’t some international...
  • Inside the Fence

    On top of each seat at the Opening Ceremonies, a bag of gifts awaited the occupant. Inside the bag, the Salt Lake Organizing Committee had provided its most valued of Olympic guests with a package of tissues, two individual “hand warmers,”...


  • Movie Listings

    When you least expect it, expect it. That seems to be the career plan of The Supersuckers, one of America’s most incendiary live rock & roll bands, who also like to throw country & western curveballs from time to time. Must’ve Been...
  • Ramblin’ Man

    Robert Earl Keen: One of the last true highwaymen.
  • The Love Groove

    Gerald Music choose to roll with soul rather than rock with the flock.

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