Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Jan 31, 2002
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  • Jan 31 - Feb 6, 2002
  • Vol. 18, No. 38


  • Stein to Light Cauldron?

    Through some investigation, but mostly deductive logic, the crack team here at SmartBomb has determined, we believe, who is the mystery guest that will light the 130-foot high cauldron to open the 2002 Winter Games. The answer to the big Olympic mystery...
  • Road to Ruin

    Leavitt’s Legacy obsession bulldozes taxpayers and wetlands
  • Apocalypse Now

    A few years ago, Sports Illustrated mentioned us in their popular little snippet, “Sign of the Apocalypse,” because we were being sued by the United States Olympic Committee for misuse of the Olympic rings. Actually, we never used the rings...
  • Film & TV
  • The Dread Zone

    The Mothman Prophecies chills with atmosphere rather than cheap scares.


  • Mo’ Rock

    Slender, Magstatic and company Choose The Rock on Singles Ward soundtrack.
  • Gag Me With a Tune

    Straight outta Orem: Utah’s own Used get a taste of major-label ink.

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