Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Oct 18, 2001
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  • Oct 18-24, 2001
  • Vol. 18, No. 23


  • UFOs & Olympic Rings

    The controversy surrounding a proposal to temporarily install giant, lighted Olympic rings on the foothills east of downtown Salt Lake City continues to rage, with both sides offering proposals and counter-proposals in one of the most meaningless debates...
  • Pot Shots

    Marijuana: Dangerous Narcotic or Soothing Herb?
  • Let’s Make a Deal

    For some people, life sure would be a lot simpler around here if not for that goll-darned U.S. Constitution. Not long ago, a Utah state senator intoned that the Constitution was in the way of abolishing liquor advertising in Utah. Hot on his heals, the...
  • Film & TV
  • Dream Weaver

    David Lynch once again puts his freaked-out fantasies on display in the mesmerizing Mulholland Drive.


  • A Farewell to Amps

    The Murder City Devils are saying goodbye the only way they know how.

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