Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Sep 20, 2001
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  • Sep 20-26, 2001
  • Vol. 18, No. 19


  • Delighting in Decibels

    Great music is a plus, but a good concert hall makes all the difference.
  • Pretty, Great Gerrymandering

    It’s been a helluva week for everyone, including the staff here at SmartBomb. The World Trade Center/Pentagon plane bombings have brought people together in some wonderful ways. Unfortunately, partisanship, hatred and bigotry continue on as though...
  • Can I Call A Friend?

    I don’t know a damned thing about terrorists. It seems like I should, but I don’t. I don’t know a damned thing about terrorists, even though I’ve been terrorized by them what seems like a dozen times a year since my first introduction...
  • Noises Off

    The Emily Company looks forward after a rough first season.
  • Made Men

    Salt Lake City’s Choice of Reign move up to the majors.
  • Leaps and Bounds

    There will always be tutus and toe shoes. Graceful ballerinas will unfailingly land—with a flawlessly executed tour jété—into the outstretched arms of Prince Charming. Tuxedoed gentlemen will escort matrons in sequins into the...


  • The Money Shot

    Money Mark Nishita wants to put some bump in your rump.

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