Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Jul 5, 2001
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  • Jul 5-11, 2001
  • Vol. 18, No. 8


  • Rave Bans and Smutty Spam

    Utah’s answer to Don Quixote, Paula Houston, is getting pretty serious about her crusade to stamp out pornography here in Zion. Now the porn czar is tilting at spam (that’s spam not sperm). That’s right, the porn czar is going after...
  • Radio Head

    Tom Barberi’s 30 Years of Delusional Brilliance
  • Flat Earth Society

    There’s good news and bad news to report today. The good news is that it’s nearly noon and Paula Houston still hasn’t asked me out for a little kiddie porn and popcorn. The bad news is that America’s sex education curriculum is...
  • Film & TV
  • Auteur Pops

    Spielberg and Kubrick mix and clash to fascinating effect as the filmmaking fathers of A.I.
  • TV & Games
  • Rock Survivor

    Liver damage, groupies, drama and merch: VH1’s Bands on the Run nears the end!


  • Space Invader

    Kool Keith is the world’s oddest and most innovative hip-hop artist -- just ask him.

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