Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | May 17, 2001
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  • May 17-23, 2001
  • Vol. 18, No. 1


  • Hiding Behind a Pussy

    It’s always good to know people who own handguns. That way, if you ever need someone shot, you know whom to call. That’s why, here at Smartbomb, we try to stay on good terms with Janalee Tobias, the original Pistol Packin’ Mama. Although...
  • Clean Cuts

    In Utah, censors abound. But where’s the balance between too much and not enough?
  • Insidious Pop Culture

    Duane Cardall could use a chelada. I don’t know Duane. I just know his name from the television, and I can’t tell you if he’s a weather wonk or a sports entertainment groupie or a news babe. So, imagine my surprise when I saw him launching...
  • Film & TV
  • Surely You Joust

    A Knight’s Tale promises to secure jousting as the next endlessly-sponsored sports craze.
  • Film & TV
  • Taster’s Choice

    Delightful French comedy The Taste of Others poignantly illustrates the failure of quick judgment.


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