Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Apr 19, 2001
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  • Apr 19-25, 2001
  • Vol. 17, No. 49


  • It’s a Smutty World, After All

    Oh man, this is just going to drive Porn Czar Paula Houston crazy—not to mention Utah’s self-appointed morality ombudsman, Gayle Ruzicka. Yahoo Inc., the Internet search engine and web directory has gone into the pornography business. According...
  • The Good Fight

    Professional lobbyists can grease legislative wheels, but everyday citizens find the going tough on Capitol Hill
  • Mixed Metaphors

    Last week I started to write an editorial—if these are truly editorials, that is—about some of the differences between Salt Lake City and Cancun, Mexico. I was only part way through when Chris Smart laid the current issue of Brill’s...
  • Film & TV
  • Love and Mullets

    David Spade brings his trademark cynicism to the trailer park and beyond in Joe Dirt.
  • TV & Games
  • Turn It On

    Who participates in TV Turnoff Week with so much quality programming available?


  • Conspiracy Theory

    The International Noise Conspiracy rocks their Marxist message to the people.

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