Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Sep 21, 2000
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  • Sep 21-27, 2000
  • Vol. 17, No. 19


  • What’s A Mother To Do?

    Boy, sometimes you just can’t win for losin’. Poor old Mitt Romney got a royal butt-chewing from some of the members of the International Olympic Committee when he arrived in Sydney for the Summer Olympics. G’day to you too, mate. Some...
  • Provo’s Belching

    Provo is bracing for a fight. A beer fight. With the Winter Olympics coming to town in just over 500 days, Provoans are having a hard time deciding how to play host to those beer-drinking residents of the world who actually care about the 2002 ice sheet...
  • Film & TV
  • Reality TV

    Nurse Betty does a reverse Truman Show, starring one woman who can’t wake up from the soaps.


  • Open and Shut

    Druha Trava’s view of Utah from the road will not be what the Czech band expected.

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