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  • Oct 14-20, 2010
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  • Choice Words

    Boyd K. Packer, the LDS Church’s president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, stated at General Conference that homosexuality is a choice that can be overcome. I can’t believe Packer
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  • You, Sir, Are A Dinosaur

    Boyd K. Packer, you are living in the past. The world is changing, and you don’t like it. There are changes in the world I don’t like, either. The difference between you and me is that I k
  • Letters
  • Is Journalism Dead?

    I wonder how much money or massive intimidation it took for what used to be Salt Lake City’s independent daily newspaper to decide to side with one of the two men running for governor.
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  • Drinking-Class Hero
  • News Quirks
  • Drinking-Class Hero

    Anticipating a boost in space tourism, Australian researchers are hurrying to launch the world’s first beer to be certified for consumption in zero gravity.
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  • Slayer
  • Slayer

    No More Scares: Age and evolution have metal gods Slayer on the road to classic rock.
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