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  • Sep 23-29, 2010
  • Vol. 27, No. 19


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  • Blind Faith

    In his well-written article, Jim Catano makes some valid points about how we demonized Japanese-Americans following the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
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  • The Law Is in Steed’s Hands

    I am glad to see that some light is finally getting shined on the questionable actions and practices of “Super Trooper,” Utah Highway Patrol Cpl. Lisa Steed.
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  • Utah Beer Fest Fixes

    Thank you for throwing the first Utah Beer Fest. The city could not ask for a better event to support our local brewers and drinkers.
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  • Dick Heads of the Week

    Australian researchers said female marine snails living off the Perth coast are growing male sex organs on their heads. The condition, called imposex, results from exposure to the chemical...
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  • Rant Control
  • Legalize Immigration

    Some Utah Republican legislators are calling for a fix to immigration issues that centers largely on documenting immigrant workers on the state level...

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