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  • Liquor License Quotas
  • Liquor License Quotas

    Liquor Crunch: License quotas may undermine Salt Lake City's alcohol normalization.
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  • Healthy Lunch

    Traditionally, the National School Lunch Program has served as a dumping ground for USDA's surplus meat and dairy commodities.
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  • A Quirkier Quirk

    Instead of "Rules is Rules" above the story of the frustrated man who couldn't provide a thumbprint for bank ID at a Florida Bank of America branch due to having no hands...
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  • Still Fighting the Power

    Katharine Biele’s article “Power Mad: How Sen. Bob Bennett Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nuclear Power Plants” [Oct. 8, City Weekly] contains an important factual error...

Eat & Drink

  • Chilly Chickens
  • Wine
  • Chilly Chickens

    The term "air chilled" refers to the method used to cool the chickens after slaughter to stop growth of bacteria. Apparently, air chilling has been a preferred method in Western Europe for almost half a century.
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  • Club Vegas & Lucky 13
  • Club Vegas & Lucky 13

    Club Vegas: More Than ThisClub Vegas has long been known as a “heavy metal bar,” according to owner Dusty Ash, but he’s ready to break the mold. In addition to live music on weekend
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