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  • Bake & Beg for Health Care

    I'm so proud of Rep. Jim Matheson and the other Blue Dog democrats. These brave politicians are saying "no" to health-care reform and standing up for those institutions and people that make America great...
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  • A True Blue Rebel

    In your “Utah’s Alternative Pioneers” story from the July 23 issue, you did right by including Big Bill Haywood, but how could you forget Joe Hill?
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  • Filed Under Snappy Retorts

    Bill Frost: Great job on the Daisy of Love distillation [“Daisy Chain,” April 23, City Weekly]. Totally agree. You made me chuckle, almost as much as DOL. Didn’t miss an episode!
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  • Go Web, Young Man

    I have managed to eke out a living as a filmmaker for about 30 years now, so I know something about the demise of art houses and independent film ...
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Eat & Drink

  • Go Fish
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  • Go Fish

    Summertime is ceviche time. The classic South American blend of diced or sliced raw fish and fresh citrus juice tossed with flavorful flourishes ranks right up there with...
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