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  • News | Raise the Bar: Two tavern owners push Salt Lake City to allow true neighborhood bars.

    nWhen Brian Morris heard developers were readying a section at Salt Lake City’s north end for condos and city fathers were designating the Marmalade area a “district,” he thought the city’s newly minted “gayborhood” should have its own bar. nA beer bar at 300 West and 700 North had been in business intermittently for 40 years, but closed in 2003. Morris and his ...
  • Hits & Misses | Worst Person in the World, Utah Deportation & Hispanics in College

    Bad PRnAs if gays launching an international boycott of our pretty, great, elevated state weren’t enough of a headache, Sen. Chris Buttars, R-West Jordan, picked now to launch himself from our own little dirty secret to the international sneering face of the Beehive State. Buttars’ roundly ridiculed plan to force stores to say “Merry Christmas” landed him on national TV as ...
  • The Way It Is | Alicia Noland, barista for Rimini Coffee

    nThe Legislature is planning on revamping its ethics committee for next session with a mandate to direct ethics legislation and to staff it equally with Republicans and Democrats. Critics say, however, that an independent committee—not filled with legislators—is what’s really needed. City Weekly asked Alicia Noland, a barista for Rimini Coffee, if she thought an independent commi...
  • Deep End | A Fuzzy Fable: The Christmas Sweater, and a manger, too.

    Local creative genius Richard Paul Evans, who for many years has cornered the market on heartwarming Christmas books (The Christmas Box, The Christmas Casserole, The Christmas Sofa, et cetera), is now being challenged by another author with Utah connections—talk-show host and Mormon convert Glenn Beck. Everyone surely knows by now that Mr. Beck has penned an instant Christmas classic entitle...
  • 5 Spot | SLC comic Christopher Stephenson

    nSalt Lake “uncensored” comic Christopher Stephenson, 24, is making his first live recording Sunday, Dec. 14 at 10 p.m. at all-ages venue Mo’s Neighborhood Grill (358 S. West Temple). Everyone who attends the free show can sign up to receive a copy of his CD in early January.n nnWhat’s the Uncensored Comedy Movement of SLC?nA local group of comics that chooses to do un...
  • Staffbox | Tribune & Deseret News Christmas Gifts

    What Christmas gift, or wish, would you send to your favorite Salt Lake Tribune or Deseret News employee?n n nJamie Gadette: To the Trib’s Heather May and Rosemary Winters: “Good for one martini night with Jamie and Brandon” certificates. n nHolly Mullen: I wish every employee at every newspaper a nice Christmas bonus (though I know that’s a pipe dream) because they help ke...
  • Lake Effect | It’s an Outrage!

    nA Dec. 9 Doug Robinson piece in the Deseret News tells the story of how a group of teenagers, working together, were able to create change in their Utah County community. nThe group got the Utah County Board of Health to ban smoking from all county parks, starting next month. nIt’s an inspiring story of community activism—that is, if you’re not a smoker. And the teens came up w...
  • Feature | Shopaholic: Once buried in debt, these shopping addicts are digging themselves out.

     nCaitlin never had enough money to cover even basic repairs on her old beater car. She took the bus to work, often showing up late and armed with excuses for her boss and co-workers. “I didn’t know what to tell them,” the 27-year-old West Valley City woman says. “I probably said that my car broke down and it would take a week or two before I got it fixed, and that&rsq...
  • Mullen | Give, Oh, Give: If you're giving anything at all, you're doing the right thing.

    Last week, I was driving through a Salt Lake City neighborhood, trying to wrap my brain around the reality of being relatively new to this country, of knowing only a short string of English words, of trying to feed and clothe a family of nine on $900 a month and of desperately needing a box of diapers for a baby and two toddlers. nMy stepdaughter was on the cell phone, giving directions to the hom...
  • The Ocho | BCS B.S.

    nnnEight arguments for abolishing the controversial college football Bowl Championship Series selection system:n8. The top-ranked Oklahoma Sooners and Florida Gators are actually bowling leagues. n7. BYU’s prayers and positive thoughts aren’t factored by BCS computers. n6. The Chick-fil-A Bowl could be replaced with something more dignified, like the El Pollo Loco Bowl. n5. More fans s...
  • The Straight Dope | Eat Your Molybdenum
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  • The Straight Dope | Eat Your Molybdenum

    I heard it’s possible to live for an extended period of time, not just short-term, on nothing but potatoes and milk. Is there any truth to this? If I could really get all the nutrients I need from just potatoes and milk, it sure would make my grocery shopping easier. —Joshua B., Olney, Maryland n nExcellent question, Josh. With hard times coming, we’re all going to have to e...
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  • Newsquirks | If the Briefs Don’t Fit, You Must Acquit

    Curses, Foiled AgainnAfter New Hampshire state police stopped a vehicle going 69 mph in a 45-mph zone, the driver identified himself as Jonathan Brackett. When asked, however, he spelled it “Jothan.” Trooper Chris Storm eventually learned the driver was Paul Sans, 26, who was wanted for burglary. A drug-trafficking charge was added when passenger Alicia Kelley, 20, voluntarily produced...
  • Ask a Mexican | Al Pacino Obsession & Mexican-American War Agreement
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  • Ask a Mexican | Al Pacino Obsession & Mexican-American War Agreement

    Dear Mexican: Many times, as I cross the border into the United States, I see bald cholos buying images (posters, blankets, baby bibs) of Al Pacino in Scarface. Where does such an obsession for this ugly Cuban come from? Is Tony Montana replacing la Virgencita de Guadalupe in cholos’ living rooms across America? —Proud to be an Illegal Alien n nDear Wab: Author Ken Tucker recently...
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  • Freewill Astrology | Dec. 11-17
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  • Freewill Astrology | Dec. 11-17

    nARIES (March 21-April 19)nIt’s an ideal time for you to throw a party for all the people you’ve ever been and all the different selves who live within you now. Invite the teenager who once seethed with frustrated potential and the four-year-old who loved nothing more than to play. Include the hopeful complainer who stands in the shadows and dares you to ask for more, as well as the br...
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  • Wine: Verdejo Value

    I realize that winter is upon us, and I should be yakking about Port or hearty Burgundies or something along those lines. Single malt Scotch to sip by the fire, perhaps. But I’m not quite ready to let go of fall and warmer weather just yet. Especially since I’ve been sampling some very appealing—both in price and taste—Verdejo wines of late. These, by rights, are ideal warm...
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  • Arts & Entertainment
  • The Essentials | City Weekly's Entertainment Picks Dec. 11-17

    nVISUAL ARTnBy Brian StakernThe 337 Project is on the move. After the Neighborhood House day-care facility opened its art-painted-on-garage-doors exhibit, the Project’s next vehicle is an actual truck. The ART TRUCK, a full-length trailer truck, something like a bookmobile for art, will convey art exhibits all around the valley: to schools, events, neighborhood areas, and some places you mig...

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