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  • Mullen | Do-over Day: This vote, this year, was a big deal.

    Nineteen-year-old Cole Hartley didn’t know what to make of me, this random person wrapped in rain gear who jumped him as he exited the West Jordan Public Library on Election Day. nHe was peeling off the back of his “I Voted” sticker and about to slap it on his chest when I asked him if he wanted to discuss his vote. n“Not really,” he said. I told him he didn’t n...
  • The Ocho | Eight reasons Utah had its highest voter turnout in state history on Tuesday

    n n8. Free hot dogs and kettle corn at select polling locations. n7. That liberal Tracy Aviary, whoever she is, had to be stopped. n6. Dancing With the Stars wasn’t on. It was either vote or cry. n5. Needed something to Twitter about between 10 and 10:05 a.m. n4. Office polls showed Attorney General candidate Jean Welch Hill would make a total AGILF. n3. Not ready for another elderly w...
  • Hits & Misses | Neighbor Bailout Grant, Utah Political Smears & Felons with Guns

    Helping HandsnWith Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. cheerleading, Utah businesses and aid agencies are reaching out to help residents who have lost jobs or homes to the economic crisis. United Way of Utah recently announced the Neighbor-to-Neighbor program hoping to quickly raise $5 million to help families in crisis. Seeded with money from the LDS Church, the initiative will provide community grants to hel...
  • The Way It Is | Larry Eggett of Retro Rose antique store

    nA recently published research study found a strong correlation between teen pregnancy and teens who watched TV shows with strong sexual dialogue and content. The study found teens who consistently watched shows with sexual dialogue were twice as likely to become pregnant as those who didn’t. City Weekly asked Larry Eggett of the downtown Retro Rose antique store, what, if anything, should b...
  • Deep End | Onward, Ever Onward: The spirit moves Romney straight on to 2012.

    My good friend and former missionary companion, Willard “Mitt” Romney, got the jump on everyone for the 2012 presidential election. The polls were barely closed when Mitt bounded up onto the stage at Gallivan Plaza to toss his hat into the ring. Just a few of the local news outlets covered the occasion, but in the days to come, the footage will get a lot of play on the national network...
  • 5 Spot | Jessica Gerstle, director of the film The Accidental Advocate

    nWhen a bike accident paralyzed ophthalmologist Claude Gerstle from the neck down, he and his daughter Jessica, a Dateline NBC journalist, began delving into the highly politicized science of stem-cell research. Jessica then directed the film The Accidental Advocate, to be shown Thursday, Nov. 6, 7 p.m. at The Leonardo, 209 E. 500 South. Special guests include Jessica Gerstle and U of U’s g...
  • Staffbox | Obama's First Order

    Today, you have a new president. First order of business for the new guy?nDerek Carlisle: Stand in front of the U.S. Presidential Seal and say something intelligent. Oh, God, my eyes are already swelling. nnTed Scheffler: Get some sleep and shut the hell up! You’ve been sleep-deprived and yakking for way too long. nnJesse James Burnitt: Get out of Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else our gree...
  • Lake Effect | We Swing Both Ways

    nIf you’ve ever had the experience of reading a blog and not being able to figure out whether its author is a babe or a dude—and if you find that kind of information valuable—you’ll love When you enter the URL of your favorite blog, the analyzer uses its highly sophisticated, space-age atomic whiz-bang algorithm to determine the sex of a blog’s aut...
  • Film & TV
  • True TV | Praise Be: 50 Cent, Survivorman, Yeti, Blush, Cha$e, Estate of Panic, Moral Orel

    50 Cent: The Money & the PowernThursday, Nov. 6 (MTV)nSeries Debut: Thought the Rich Douchebag Hires a Dozen Delusional Idiots reality-TV show had run its course? Ha! Says MTV, rapper/entrepreneur/bullet-hole spokesmodel 50 Cent “will share the lessons he learned as a street hustler and how those lessons allowed him to become the massive success he is today.” You know, through cha...
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  • Freewill Astrology | Nov. 6-12

    nARIES (March 21-April 19)nUranus is on the opposite side of the sun from Saturn right now. To traditional astrologers, that’s a stressful aspect. It bespeaks a titanic clash between the forces of progress and the inertia of the past. But there are mitigating factors. The expansive planet Jupiter is trine to Saturn and sextile to Uranus, suggesting that unexpected grace may provide beauty an...
  • The Straight Dope | Owned!
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  • The Straight Dope | Owned!

    Some time ago, I heard an African-American author talk on NPR about a fact that had inspired him to write his book: During the 1800s, some slave owners in the U.S. were black. Simply put, blacks owned blacks. Afterward, a historian said she’d never heard of any such phenomenon and dismissed the idea as ridiculous. Who’s right? —Raina S., via e-mail nnSlave ownership by blacks cer...
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  • Newsquirks | Cold Butts or Hot Nuts

    Curses, Foiled AgainnA robber approached a 36-year-old man in Warren, Mich., and demanded money. After getting $50, the robber tried to flee, but the victim tackled him, put him in a chokehold and demanded his money back. Police Detective Michael Torey said the robber was so scared that he gave the victim his $50 plus another $30.nnReady for LovenA man in a wheelchair entered a 7-Eleven store in D...
  • Ask a Mexican | The Canadian Version
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  • Ask a Mexican | The Canadian Version

    Dear Readers: So your presidential candidate lost (congratulations; McBama! Our condolences, O’Cain. Damned early deadlines …), and you can’t bear the thought of living under his reign for the next cuatro years. Fear not: The other side of America’s bullshit sandwich will save you! The Mexican hereby turns this column over to his Canadian fans—but first, a comment ab...
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  • Wine: Gone to the Dawgs

    This summer, the folks at Log Haven restaurant ran a special promotion called the “Dog Days of Summer.” The idea (Jerre Wroble blogged about it) was that customers could bring their dogs to dinner at the restaurant, which featured special dog-themed drinks and dishes. It was there that I discovered a wine which has become one of my favorites: Rosenblum Château La Paws. Since then...
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  • Record Shop Roundup: The Heavy Metal Shop
  • Record Shop Roundup: The Heavy Metal Shop

    Remember when record shopping was fun? City Weekly sure does—we do it every week! We’ll even show you how stopping into a locally owned and operated music store can be as easy as—but much more fulfilling than—a robotic mouse click on iTunes. This month, we turn our ears towards one downtown fixture (a bona fide institution) for the latest on new releases and thoughts on Sal...
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  • Tour Diary: Salt Lake City's Subrosa take Europe by storm, and chocolate.
  • Tour Diary: Salt Lake City's Subrosa take Europe by storm, and chocolate.

    nnnnSalt Lake City dark-rock (don't call it goth) band Subrosa toured Europe in October, supporting their Swedish label debut Strega. The following is is singer-guitarist Rebecca Vernon's best recollection.n nTouring Europe has been my dream for years, and we finally did it: Subrosa toured for nine solid hellish-amazing days in Europe last month, making it through customs, six country borders...
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  • Arts & Entertainment
  • The Essentials | City Weekly's Entertainment Picks Nov. 6-12

    nClick image for larger viewnnnVISUAL ARTSnBy Brian StakernDuring this election year, citizens have been motivated to think about America: what it means to them and what kind of country they want it to be, subjects about which we might otherwise be complacent or find overly sentimental or even out of our control. nSo it’s timely that the Utah Museum of Fine Arts’ Young Benefactors unve...

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