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  • Staffbox | McCain in the Membrane

    Would John McCain be better off if he had not selected Sarah Palin? Who would have been your choice for VP on that ticket?nJeremiah Smith: Even though Palin had a temporary effect, I think everyone would have seen McCain as the puppet he is before the election was over in any case. nnBrandon Burt: Is the question “Could any possible choice of running mate make you consider voting for McCain?...
  • Election Issue 2008 | Cage Match: Why not make this McCain-Obama thing a real fight?

    The presidential campaign has offered its own share of low blows, pot shots and cheap jabs between candidates on issues ranging from the economy to energy. But City Weekly was curious what the experts would say about a real contest, mano a mano, between the candidates. City Weekly polled some mixed-martial-arts fighters and fighters-in-training at promoter Mike Stidham’s Ultimate Combat Trai...
  • Election Issue 2008 | The Underdog Issue

    nThe underdogs, the cage-fight and Kahlúa drinkers for Nader. Utah elections are typically snoozefests. We go through the motions, but everybody usually knows the winner before the first vote is cast. In a state accustomed to electing leaders by acclamation, the outcome is ordained. Add in widespread gerrymandering that cuts the state into dog-legged “safe” districts for incumbe...
  • Lake Effect | Grave Matters

    In today’s pre-fab world of factory-made costumes and punch-’n’-go jack-o’-lantern templates, it’s easy to forget the true meaning of Halloween. nTo the ancient Celts, of course, Samhain was a very special time—it was the time when the entire village would judge you based on the amount of thought and creativity you put into your costume and Halloween decorations...
  • Mullen | Sub-30s, Save Us: If 18-to-29ers don't put Obama over the top, I'll buy you a beer.

    Lauren Buchman is 26. She works in a Salt Lake City advertising firm. She helped me write this column. I talked to her recently, just after she had visited western Colorado on behalf of the Barack Obama campaign. nLike tens of thousands of others under the age of 30, Buchman had volunteered to visit a battleground state in hopes of getting out the vote for Obama. The John McCain camp has a similar...
  • Election Issue 2008 | Would Utahns Elect a Black President?

    For a state that boasts the inventors of the Obama sock monkey, Chris Buttars’ 19th-century racial sensitivities and a gaffe by Salt Lake County Council candidate Paul Pugmire, it isn’t a stretch to wonder how race might affect the presidential vote in Utah. It’s certainly talked about elsewhere—a Yahoo-Associated Press poll in September determined that 40 percent of Americ...
  • Hits & Misses | Health Insurance, Discrimination & Nuclear Waste

    Insurance CostsnUtah’s Legislature took the ax to health insurance for poor people on Medicaid this summer. A new study shows the picture isn’t much brighter for those lucky enough to have health insurance at their job. According to the Families USA study, Utah health-insurance-premium costs have increased at five times the rate of income growth since 2000. The average worker now pays...
  • Election Issue 2008 | Every Underdog Has His (or Her) Day

    nnnBILL DEW (vs. incumbent U.S. Rep. Jim Matheson)nRepublican running for 2nd Congressional District (rural southern and eastern Utah, east Salt Lake County, north Utah County and Wasatch County).nAge: 56nOccupation: HomebuildernVita: First official public office sought after raising children and 30 years in home constructionnBillDew.comnnUtah’s GOP has found that if there’s a conten...
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  • Pissed Off

    Warning: Savage Love is an adult sex advice column. The contents of this article may be offensive to some people. And Utahns.n nMy boyfriend recently moved in with me—the first straight guy I’ve ever shared an apartment with. I’m very clean and take great pride in my apartment. However, since he moved in, I’ve tried to be mindful of the fact that there will be certain ...
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  • Freewill Astrology | Oct. 30-Nov. 5

    nARIES (March 21-April 19)nWhat perplexing defeat was inflicted on you once upon a time—a defeat that you still can’t figure out how to rise above? What painful memory continues to lurk at the edges of your awareness, taunting you with its implication that you’ll never be whole? This is the time and this is the place, Aries, to solve a riddle like that so that you can move on to ...
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  • Newsquirks | Unwoven Web

    Curses, Foiled AgainnResponding to an early morning call that two suspicious men were emptying a clothing store in downtown Springfield, Mass., police had no trouble linking two suspects to the theft of “tens of thousands” of dollars worth of merchandise. Sgt. John Delaney said officers nabbed the two a short distance from the store wearing some of the stolen clothing with price tags s...
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  • Ask a Mexican | Mexican Homophobia & Proposition 8

    Dear Mexican: I know you’ve been asked variations of this before but I’m going to ask you again anyway. I’m a gay white guy, and I’ve had three relationships with Mexican men in the last seven years. Each lasted from three to six months. This past relationship actually lasted a year and culminated with us moving in together for a month before it ended badly. Mexican: I&rsqu...
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  • The Straight Dope | Fetalmania!

    At a forum last August at his megachurch in California, preacher Rick Warren asked presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama when human life begins. McCain replied, “At conception,” a response that went over well with the pro-life audience. Obama said, “Answering that question with specificity is above my pay grade,” which many thought was evasive or flip and whi...

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  • Wine
  • Wine: A Gnarly Ménage

    Wine needn’t be serious or stuffy to be enjoyable. Nope—that was your father’s wine. There’s no reason why our wines can’t be playful, sexy, fun and irreverent. That’s certainly the approach of two California wineries with tongue planted firmly in cheek: Gnarly Head and Folie à Deux. nI remember first bumping into Folie à Deux—a French term m...
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  • What's On Your iPod?: SLC Councilman Luke J. Garrott

    Salt Lake City Councilman Luke Garrott took office in January. At the time, he scored a seat representing District 4 based on his qualifications as a respected University of Utah political-science professor with a burning passion for soccer, preserving historic neighborhoods and planned, sustainable development. These days, however, he could easily run on the platform, “Luke Garrott—Yo...
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  • Arts & Entertainment
  • The Essentials | City Weekly's Entertainment Picks Oct. 30-Nov 5

    nVISUAL ARTSnBy Cara DespainnA comic reminder of familiar faces from the past, and a little shadow of death: Kayo Gallery’s show this month—featuring new work by GENTRY BLACKBURN, TESSA LINDSEY AND AMY ABSHIER-REYES—presents three very different approaches to portraiture. nI pity the fool who has forgotten such television faves as Bull & Judge Harry T. Stone; Dorothy & Ro...

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