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  • Jun 5-11, 2008
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  • 5 Spot | Brandie Balken, organizer of SLC’s 2008 Dyke March
  • 5 Spot | Brandie Balken, organizer of SLC’s 2008 Dyke March

    Brandie Balken is a longtime local activist heading up this year’s Dyke March which starts at 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 7, at City Creek Park at the corner of State Street and North Temple. After a rally, participants will march down State Street...
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  • The Ocho | Utah Pride Festival 2008
  • The Ocho | Utah Pride Festival 2008

    Eight yet-to-be-confirmed performers and features at this weekend’s Utah Pride Festival 2008: 8. Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., sitting in on keyboards with classic rock band Johnny Sack & the Teabags. 7. Bears & Spares, Utah’s hairiest bowling...
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  • Staff Box
  • Staffbox | Weird drink concoctions'what’s yours?

    Ben Rosch: Take shot of Bailey’s. With Bailey’s in your mouth, take shot of lime juice. Mix rapidly in mouth by shaking head vigorously. Swallow before it congeals totally. A disgusting shot called a “cement mixer.” Steve Matney:...
  • Ask a Mexican | Racism, Dog Cruelty & Interracial Marriage

    Dear Mexican: First, it was the Native Americans, then it was the blacks, then the Japanese. For a while, Muslims. Now, I fear that American prejudice will soon overwhelm Mexicans. It’s one thing to get called a dirty Jap or border hopper, but tell...
  • Lake Effect | Apocalypse Postponed
  • Lake Effect | Apocalypse Postponed

    Salt Lake City’s “mutual commitment” registry (which is what we’ve agreed to call it because homophobic idiots are people, too, and they’re very sensitive and it makes them cry when they hear the phrase “domestic partnership”)...
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  • News Quirks
  • Newsquirks | Emissions Follies

    Curses, Foiled Again A New Jersey grand jury indicted Ishak Boutros, 31, for trying to cash a forged scratch-off lottery ticket. Prosecutors said Boutros tried numerous times to scan the bogus ticket at the gas station where he worked and at a nearby...

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  • Dining | Cocktails: M-m-m-my Mojito

    Now that City Weekly honcho John Saltas has turned me into a chelada-swiller, the outlook for summer looks very bright indeed. For anyone who has managed to miss out on the whole chelada thing and the Chelada Party at Port O’ Call, a chelada is...



  • Free Will Astrology | June 5-11
  • Free Will Astrology | June 5-11

    ARIES (March 21-April 19) Since authoring the book Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success, Penelope Trunk has written a blog that offers further advice. Recently she wrote about a subject I’d love for you to think about: mentors. You’re...
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