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  • Taint Talkin’ ’Bout Love

    Funniest editorial headline ever: “The Nasty Taint of Porn” (Deseret Morning News, July 10, 2007). Sure, the D-News editorial board meant “taint” in the traditional dictionary sense of “bad and offensive” bringing “dishonor...
  • Baby Steps

    It was disconcerting to land in Atlanta this past Saturday, arriving from Greece, only to learn that there had been a car bombing at the Glasgow, Scotland, airport that same day. We left Greece a couple of hours before that bombing. I wasn’t worried...
  • 5 Spot

    Catching up with Super Dell ... sort of.
  • Cuckoo for Kokopelli

    In recent decades, the mischievous, flute-playing trickster has become something of a pop icon. His image has been silk-screened on more T-shirts than Jim Morrison’s; gift shops throughout the Southwest sell coffee mugs, coasters and bumper stickers...
  • Lion in Zion

    Utah beer lovers have a ferocious thirst for the Czech Republic’s Lev.
  • Freewill

    ARIES (March 21-April 19) ttAmong the Yanyuwa Aboriginal people who live along the coast of Australia’s Northern Territory, the word for “fat” is nalu-ngiliny. It doesn’t merely refer to the greasy stuff that grows naturally under...
  • Hot Spots

    It’s time to take to the streets, storm the Bastille, or at least get really, vocally angry. Do I count you in?nnNo one could blame us for an utter and very public meltdown. We could pin it on the scorching temperature, which at this midmorning...
  • The Missionary Position

    Keith Moore ttNovelist and poet tServed mission in eastern Canada, 1950-52What was the most sanctimonious moment of your mission? tPicture it: missionary conference, April 19, 1952, a Toronto rec hall, all the elders and lady missionaries occupying several...
  • Mystery Train

    Draper residents say plans for a meandering TRAX line are way off track.
  • The Way It Is

    Your last day on Earth, with a paralegal
  • Hits & Misses

    HIT: People’s MarketnttFarmers Market is wonderful, but the food is gone the next day. Then it’s a whole week before city dwellers get a tasty tomato again. That’s one reason the new People’s Market in Jordan Park is such a welcome...
  • The Ocho

    Eight new rules for local skate parks and skateboarders, from the desk of Sandy Mayor Tom Dolan
  • Down to Business

    Who knew the private sector would push a plan for mandatory health insurance in Utah?
  • Letters

    Never Give Up ttThe “over-achieving carcass-recovery robot” [“It’s in the Water,” Lake Effect, July 5, City Weekly] just pulled the body of my 24-year-old niece from Harding Lake in Alaska. Authorities had given up the search...
  • Down, Boy!

    Journey into Mitt’s soul through Seamus, the family dog.
  • Syndicated Columns
  • Newsquirks

    Curses, Foiled Again ttPolice summoned by a neighbor who suspected a burglary in an upstairs apartment in Hilton Head Island, S.C., arrested Isaac Talavera Jr., 25, whose getaway was slowed by having to call his mother to come pick him up and drive him...
  • Syndicated Columns
  • Crushable Lightweights

    I’ve come across several references recently to the alleged fact that the introduction of federal automobile fuel efficiency standards in the United States has increased the number of automobile deaths. The only sources cited are “free-market”...

Eat & Drink

  • Wine
  • Z Right Stuff

    Dinner at Mr. Z’s and a romantic movie earn two thumbs up.
  • Wine
  • Spirited Guides

    In the throes of a long, hot Utah summer, my thoughts tend to drift to the gentler climes of France and Italy. And so it happens that I finally got around to reading two terrific wine books that I picked up this winter when it was considerably cooler:...


  • Free to Be

    Novices and experts get down at the SLC International Jazz Festival.
  • Method and Madness

    Juliette Lewis finally sheds her Hollywood past to become a rock star.
  • Thunderdome CD Revue

    New releases from Spoon, Interpol and Juliette & The Licks debated.
  • Music Picks

    Founders Title, Rasputina, Boat, Lyle Lovett ...


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