Salt Lake City Weekly | Issue Archives | Mar 1, 2001
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  • Mar 1-7, 2001
  • Vol. 17, No. 42


  • Boys Will Be Boys

    Like mortar fire, reporters the world over are lobbing in embarrassing questions about Utah’s new Porn Czar. News organizations are focusing on the identity of our so-called “pornography ombudsman” and how she will measure her authority...
  • Farewell Gutenberg

    If everything went well last night at the press, you should have no trouble reading this. We are now in our second week of printing City Weekly at a new facility, one as modern as any in the country. Many of you have already commented on the marked improvement...
  • Film & TV
  • Wicked Games

    One Day in September is a timely reminder of the tragic massacre at the 1972 Olympics in Munich.


  • Avant-Rock Stars

    Erosion brings the art-punk noise with a new CD and no van.

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