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  • Oct 24-30, 2019
  • Vol. 36, No. 22
  • Down the Underreported Rabbit Hole

Inside the year’s Top 10 censored stories.

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  • Beware the Sex Ed
  • Hits & Misses
  • Beware the Sex Ed

    Yet another example of Utahns who freak when it comes to sex ed. A look at how the LDS church doesn't really want you to identify as LGBTQ. Plus, the city's homeless numbers and fixes aren't adding up.
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  • Citizen Revolt: Oct. 24
  • Citizen Revolt
  • Citizen Revolt: Oct. 24

    Hear from the state's leading economists on the country's debt crisis. Make a statement in the name of climate activism. Plus, learn ways to create a healthy understanding of sexuality.
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Eat & Drink


  • Into the Mystic
  • Into the Mystic

    You can soak in some happy tunes in Monroe before you soak in the hot springs.
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