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Re: “Patrick Harmon Body Cam Video Released

He is tasered after being shot, and then the officer lies about him turning and threatening with a knife. Why do that? Because the officers knew that to just shoot someone three times in the back would be a questionable shooting. Running away from a missing bike-taillight stop should not be grounds for being shot to death. These officers were thinking of making it look like they tasered him first and then fired only after being threatened. As it turned out, the body camera shows the real truth. But they didn't have to worry, the system, once again, covered for them and called it justified, despite what the video shows.

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Posted by James Rogers Bush on 10/05/2017 at 10:26 AM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

To current student tired of the nonsense: I'm a current student as well and would like to know how you were able to obtain a meeting with Francine. It would be much appreciated to share your valued information since the rest of us have been trying to voice our concerns and have been ignored. It seems if you care about the integrity of your education, you are targeted, bullied and intimidated, then marked as a "trouble student". It sounds to me you have met and dealt with an entirely different person. Or maybe you are being put up to that comment by administation.

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Posted by actual slcc nursing student on 01/21/2015 at 4:29 PM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

I personally have had dealings with Francine and she was nothing but rude, a bully and threatening to me. I am A student being told that I am a "problem nursing student" because I dare question what I'm being told. Multiple promises were made and not followed through on.

It is wrong for anyone in her position to use threats or bully tactics to achieve her agenda.

We as students know how to deal with change. We know how to "go with the flow". The problem is the huge lack of communication, the attitude that since we are students we have no right to have a voice and the very people we are to turn to for help have it out for us if we dare step out of line. Working with Francine is like trying to hug a pissed off porcupine....impossible.

The instructors that left SLCC were instructors who cared about their students, they cared about the learning environment and were willing to fight for us and stand for what was fair and right. It is a sad place to be indeed.....

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Posted by FED UP on 01/21/2015 at 8:49 PM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

As a former nursing student, recently graduated, I have to say, I am so happy to be out of that program. I personally emailed Francine 2 times last semester, and she never bothered to reply or address my concerns in any way. And, her decision to reprimand teachers at the end of the semester, placing them on administrative leave, delayed the posting of grades, and delayed transcripts sent to DOPL so that graduates could register for the state Board test. Her lack of preparation to make sure these grades were posted, was careless, and preventable. Calls to her office went unanswered. It's not just teachers Francine discarded. She had no respect for the students. The teachers leaving are ones who actually care. They are the ones who don't just see test scores. They are teaching the Art of Nursing. SLCC is worse off without them there.

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Posted by lancer31 on 01/21/2015 at 5:28 PM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

As a former graduate of SLCC I am sad to see these amazing instructors go. SLCC was a trusted, and a very highly recommended nursing program of hospitals and medical facilities in the valley. Its because of the years or experience and knowledge from these instructors, and their teaching skills that helped up pass the licensing exam, that it even became that way. Honestly, I'm embarrassed at this point to affiliate myself with this school. Hopefully they can work something out before what's left of their reputation is ruined.

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Posted by JBn26 on 01/21/2015 at 4:24 PM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

This article failed to point out that there are still faculty members at the college that are suffering under the regime of Francine Weiss. My guess, not speaking to reporters because they know their jobs are on the line.

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Posted by Eye Witness on 01/21/2015 at 8:57 PM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

My experience in the nursing program the past semester has not been good and I feel this semester is only going to get worse. As positive as I have tried to be, we are treated as if we are children. Ever since Francine has taken over, the program has gone downhill. There is confusion, lack of communication, and disrespect exhibited by Francine and many of her new faculty. The new faculty cannot teach and simply do not care to put forth any effort into providing a positive experience in the classroom Francine never answers her emails, she does not care about our concerns and she uses intimidation and threats in an attempt to quiet students. My hope is that she does not run off the quality teachers we have left. At this time, I fear for the quality of the program and whether or not nursing students will be prepared to take the state boards, myself included.

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Posted by Tired and worn out nursing student on 01/21/2015 at 8:38 PM

Re: “Monday Meal: Simple Slow-Cooker Corned Beef & Cabbage

^That's so rude ^ he didn't say it was his own, just the one he uses. And I, for one, appreciate the effort since I came across this page, as you probably did, in search of a recipe for corned beef and cabbage. A simple 'thank you' would suffice!

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Posted by damselindistress on 03/16/2015 at 10:49 PM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

It's heartbreaking to see the frustration and fear in my peers on the daily. In fear, I truly mean that we are afraid to speak our concerns (even when it is truthful and valid) since it will be labeled as unprofessional, uninspiring, and uncooperative. To have a mandatory orientation telling us (the students) to "be flexible", "this is the life lesson that we should learn now", "think before you speak anything negative since it will not help the situation" is not what an educational institution should be advising us. I thought a school was supposed to applaud us for speaking our minds honestly and factually. To "Current Student Tired of the Nonsense", I'm happy that you are having a positive experience and I wish that it will remain that way for you. For the rest of us that have been struggling, harassed, and left without direction I applaud us for making it this far.

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Posted by Another Real SLCC Nursing Student on 01/21/2015 at 8:05 PM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

I am happy to see that there are at least two "students" who have had a positive experience in the SLCC nursing program. I think that most students in the program are not opposed to change. What the majority of the nursing students are opposed to is the poor leadership and mismanagement of the program. We are opposed to being told that we should not speak out or voice concerns or risk being called disrespectful and threatened to have it placed in our student files. We are opposed to being told by the Provost of the college that we have to attend mandatory meetings, being pulled out of class and then scolded. We are opposed to the faculty who cared about our learning is constantly being blamed for the poor decisions being made by administration. We are opposed to being bullied and threatened. We are opposed to having new faculty in the classroom who read from a powerpoint instead of actually teach. At least act like you want to be there. I'm glad that some feel excited for the future of the program. Personally, I fear the poor reputation that the program now had among the community. What was once a program that was respected is now turning into a circus. For the sake of future nursing students, I hope something changes soon.

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Posted by Nursing student 2015 on 01/22/2015 at 7:28 AM

Re: “Patrick Harmon Body Cam Video Released

He was wrong for trying to flee. But why not just taze him? He should not have been killed over this. And again the authorities calling this JUSTIFIED? I don't see him threatening the Police with a knife.

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Posted by Donald McKeever on 10/05/2017 at 7:50 AM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

What about the students that have no idea what is actually going on and where it truly started?... i happen to be one of them.
With all my studies, full time work, and raising a child- the last thing i concern myself with is 'he said, she said, nonsense'. But because it's been brought up time and time again by the associate Dean and the Dean of health sciences, i believe it's only fair to inform us about what's actually going. Instead they interrupted class three times last semester (once with the Dean of the college) to assure us that 'We have no need to worry. The program is just fine. There is no risk to us concerning SLCC's potential loss of accreditation.'
News flash folks, I wasn't worried, but now after all the need of assurance, I am.
With your ambiguity, falsified smile, and ridiculous mandatory orientation (which btw, seeing as I'm in my 3rd semester yet still required to orient to the program, is proof itself that things are not as they should be...) I'm at a loss for the professionalism of this program. I hoped that our concerns, questions, and clarification of scheduling would be addressed during this mandatory meeting so I ventured out on the early morning snow filled roads only to be bombarded with unoriginal motivational quotes, juvenile lectures about gossiping, and vague threats that if we speak up about our dissatisfaction, we're at risk for being labeled 'problem students'. So there we sat unable to ask what the hell this is all about, afraid to voice our disappointment for the unfulfilled promise that we'd know our schedule before last semester's end, and annoyed that the Dean wasted our time, once again, to inform us she's got it all under control. (You're the Dean! I would hope you have things under control!) But obviously you don't.
No doubt, I will see you again next week, Francine, interrupting our class, with more half-wits at your side, addressing this article because you're concerned about your reputation (which is really a waste of time at this point), and not because you're now willing to give us true insight on what all this conflict is actually about. You'll express your willingness to hear our concerns, but only after we're reminded what we learned about gossip in junior high, and right before you abruptly end our encounter so you don't actually have to follow through... cause at the end of the day i have studying to do, my child to care for, and work to attend so the likelihood of me giving enough shits to make an appointment to speak with you and be labeled a problem child is pretty slim.

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Posted by in the dark on 01/22/2015 at 10:06 AM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

Although my name was not included in the article, I am one of the faculty who resigned. Teaching at SLCC was my dream job. After earning a Master's degree in nursing education i spent over a year trying to get a position as Nursing Faculty. The day I got the job was truly one of the happiest of my life. I was thrilled to give back to the profession which has given me so much. I love to teach, and the opportunity to share my 30 plus years of experience and expertise with the next generation of nurses was a dream come true. I woke every day looking forward with anticipation of what the day would bring. I loved the hands on teaching in both the clinical and lab settings where I could share specific skills which had taken me years to perfect. But all of this came to a screeching halt when Ms. Weiss took over as interim associate dean. Day by day I saw the program I loved deteriorating. I saw a double standard emerging where faculty/staff were disciplined for supposed violations of policies yet Francine was in direct violation of not only SLCC policies, but the ACEN policies as well. (ACEN is the nursing accreditation body which provides the accreditation for the SLCC nursing program). I do not arbitrarily make these claims of false accusations against faculty/staff, or misconduct regarding Ms. Weiss. Documentation for these claims was meticulously gathered and provided to upper administration, including specific incidents, but was brushed under the rug.

A great example of Ms Weiss's unethical behavior is her claim to be a M.D. Just go to the internet and type in "Francine Opfar M.D. (Opfar is one of her alias names) and see what comes up. Yes, this has been reported to DOPL more than once, as well as other complaints of unethical behavior which are still under investigation. Additionally her claims to have turned three other programs around are misleading. Under her leadership these programs were either shut down or placed on probation by the state of Utah. This is not sour grapes on my part, there is verifiable documentation available.

The fact that SLCC upper administration would continue to support a dishonest and unethical individual in a position which directly affects the livelihood of so many people (students and staff alike) brought me to the decision to resign. I have too much integrity to work in such an environment. I thought things couldn't get any worse after last semester, but from what I hear from the dedicated faculty who are still there, it is much worse. Test schedules are not accurate. Clinical schedules have many conflicts, even classroom assignments are correct. Additionally, now that I am working in the community with some of those clinical partners, they are getting fed up with the frequent changes in student schedules, orientations, and expectations.

I can only hope things turn around, for the sake of the nursing students. There is more at stake here than SLCC Nursing Department politics. These future nurses will be taking care of many of you who are reading the article and these comments. I hope for all our sake they can receive the high quality education they are entitled to.

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Posted by "Resigned" about SLCC on 01/24/2015 at 12:29 AM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

I am a current student in the SLCC nursing program and am appalled at the lack of organization, communication, integrity, and professionalism of the nursing administration, and ESPECIALLY of Francine Weiss. Let me give you a first hand example. In the middle of last semester Francine suspended our pathophysiology teacher in the middle of the class period and in front of the entire class. Our teacher was confused, crying, and the whole class had no idea what was going on. Francine would not answer any questions except that we would have a different teacher for our class, though she didn't know who. The way that she literally just told our teacher to leave was beyond unprofessional. Then all of the faculty were told that they were not allowed to talk about anything going on or else they themselves would receive at least a verbal warning, or be suspended themselves.

Second example, Francine came into our classroom (one of the MANY disruptions she caused) and reprimanded the whole class for not being respectful, which we were all very confused about because we had done nothing except witness what she had done. Then she sent around a blank paper along with our class roll, without us knowing. We all signed it, thinking it was a class roll. As it turns out, it was a paper that she later used to show we had each been given a verbal warning. This paper had NOTHING at the top and was completely blank. It was on a regular piece of notebook paper. She could have written anything on the top and the way that we were tricked into signing it was unprofessional, dishonest, and conniving.

Fast forward to this semester. She told us in orientation that she was sad to see some teachers "choose to retire." Really?? How about be publicly humiliated, suspended, fired, or forced to leave by her?! The day before spring classes, our teachers were being switched. The day after classes we were given new clinical orientation schedules and she told us that those were "subject to change." When I asked her where we could get the most current clinical schedule she said it was the instructors' job to email the schedules to us. Guess what? Under clinical instructor for one of my groups it says "TBA." Several classes and clinicals STILL don't have teachers, one of those being one of my clinical groups. Testing schedules? We got them a day after classes started and they are still "subject to change." She keeps saying that "in the real world things can change at any time." Obviously she needs to look at the real world because many, many of us are required to set our work schedules MONTHS in advance, like me with my job at an Intermountain Health Care hospital. Luckily my job is understanding because I've had to switch schedules and cancel my shift on short notice because of the complete absence of organization.

I can go on, but I'll now paraphrase and say that the administration, lack of communication, lack of organization, and lack of professionalism have us students more stressed out and confused than the actual nursing material! I am now embarrassed to be associated with SLCC's nursing program. I've had many people ask me if I'd recommend it and I tell them no, not as long as Francine is still there and the administration stays the same. I am so sad to see SO MANY incredible teachers with decades of experience be forced to leave. Most importantly, I want our student and faculty voices to be heard because most of us are scared to say anything out of fear that we'll be suspended or kicked out of the program by Francine, like she's done to so many others.Well, I'm done being silent. I speak for the vast majority when I say WE WANT OUR TEACHERS BACK AND FRANCINE FIRED.

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Posted by Current SLCC Nursing Student on 01/25/2015 at 10:02 PM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

The SLCC nursing program had such a great program up until now. Now, it is disorganized and there is no communication. We are constantly being told that we should not go anywhere with our concerns except Francine the associate dean. When I did try and talk to Francine with my concerns, she spoke in circles and blamed everyone else accept her own incompetence. She blames faculty, staff, previous staff and other students. She refuses to "look in the mirror" (As stated by Dominoes Pizza) and takes no responsibility for the mess the program is in now. To add insult to injury, one of her new teachers she hired has asked students to be "class reps". The class reps are being asked to basically tattletale on any teachers and students who are speaking out against the program or Francine. I thought I left elementary school more than a decade ago. The environment is not one that I am comfortable with and I sorely wish I could transfer. I miss the old faculty who actually cared for students and listened to concerns. What we are left with are teachers who don't seem to care or even know what they are doing. We have no test schedule, some sections are being treated differently giving them an unfair advantage by testing in the classroom. The stories of unethical behavior goes on and on. It's a never-ending nightmare and Francine and the friends she has hired are taking the lead in destroying the program.

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Posted by Mouse on 01/24/2015 at 3:03 PM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

Debbe, I'm really glad to see that you feel the need to speak on behalf of administration. But what you fail to see is the student experience is very negative overall. This semester has been the worst. There is no consistency or communication. Even our lab schedules have not been right. With all the new people Francine has given you, you would think that things would be more organized in the lab. Don't get me wrong. I love the instructors who have provided me with the best lab experience I can get. But this semester has been a nightmare with scheduling and a general lack of communication. Also, I find your obvious distaste for the teachers who have left and the teachers who remain very disturbing. I'm not sure why you felt the need to comment on those teachers who students love and respect. You are now adding to the negativity that administration claims they want to avoid.

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Posted by LeeWay on 01/25/2015 at 7:15 PM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

I went to this program years ago, and like any program had it's areas it excelled in and areas that needed help. But it in no way was it the array of ridiculous bull that it is now. I frequently have students from SLCC as students and I fear for the students going through this program. I loved many of the instructors that are gone and am infuriated at what's occurring, but we need to realize these untrained students are the ones really suffering. These are the people we'll be working with or even better having taking care of us. They are lost and are not being taught basic nursing knowledge. It's terrifying! Thank god I did not have this new dean there when I went to this school. I warn everyone I know going into nursing to stay clear from this circus that calls itself a school. And I personally want to thank the instructors that have since left (Russ, Jenny, Julie, Kim, Jane, Claudia, Louise and all others) for teaching me and making me a better nurse!

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Posted by westjordanrn on 01/22/2015 at 2:35 PM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

I graduated from SLCC's nursing program in December 2007. At that time our pass rate for the NCLEX exam was over 90% and was higher that the U of U or BYU. It was a time where you could be proud to say you were a graduate from this school and its nursing program. They had just built a world class lab at their South Jordan campus prior to my graduation and they had some of the best instructors in the state for the years I attended. Every one of them is on this list of instructors that has left. At the time I was in school as a full time student I was also working full time and was the parent of three children. It was the most busy, hectic, and challenging my life has ever been before and since then. My success as a student who graduated with high honors and as a nurse who has been successful in my profession since that time all goes back to these instructors and the lessons about nursing and life in general that they taught me. I think about them and those lessions all the time. As I provide care to my patients, as I precept new nurses in my work place, and as I go about my everyday challenges in life. It's sad to see how low a program can fall in such a short time. Sad to see such good teachers bullied out by the politics of administrators. Sad to now have to admit/explain that my school is not the same as it used to be.
Thank you Jennie, Georgia, Kim, Jane, Claudia, Diane, Barbara, and all the rest for making me the nurse and the man I am today. Don't forget one of the first lessons you taught us, "Those with the least amount of power are the ones with the most to lose". Don't stop trying to create positive change in the profession that you all love. Now that you're out from under their thumb, the administration are the one with the most to lose. The students already lost when they lost you. :(

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Posted by SLCC NURSING GRAD on 01/23/2015 at 1:45 PM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

I graduated a year ago and have very fond memories of most of the professors that have left. They are amazing instructors who cared about the students. I encouraged my daughter to attend and she is now entering her second semester. I was appalled to receive a phone call from her that they were called in again to a meeting( the third one) and told to stop talking, complaining and that they were instructed to no longer participate with former SLCC FB page. Nursing school if tough. It's stressful. Starting a semester with no idea of when you lab class is and you get a phone call at 6 AM to be there at 8 AM is ridiculous and unacceptable. FB has been a way for them to get info when not many people have any. Yes, it is also a place to vent where you can feel heard. Administration is the top of the line and they assume no responsibility and blame professors. I worry for my daughter and all the other soon to be nurses. We were taught to be respectful to fellow nurses and that is not what is happening at SLCC.

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Posted by Former student on 01/21/2015 at 10:41 PM

Re: “Nursing a Grudge

Sad to lose so many great teachers and the one person who held the entire department together, LeeAnn. LeeAnn knew how the program ran and how to make everything run smoothly. Sending thanks to LeeAnn for all she did. Sending love to Jennie and Jane. Missing Russell, Kim, Georgia, Judy and everyone else who left or were fired or were forced to retire.

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Posted by Sad bystander on 01/26/2015 at 2:42 PM

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