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Best of Utah: Body and Mind 2024 

Readers choose their best health care providers, medical institutions, fitness guides and more.

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  • Cover art by Dung Hoang

Help for the body and Mind
There are many things we may never agree on: politics, religion and whether or not anchovies belong on a pizza.

But guess what? We all have one thing in common: our bodies, and the many moving parts therein. Depending on the care and feeding of our earth suits, they may or may not hold up.

Face it: Most of us have not been that kind to our bods. As kids, on bikes and skates, we gambled, and we often lost. Our antics gave way to broken wrists, stitches, chipped teeth and sprained ankles. We also became petri dishes for every wandering virus, allergy and childhood disease that came our way.

As adults, a few of us are still gambling on bikes and skates. Others have slowed their roll and now plant themselves in front of a screen for hours on end. We stay up late, get addled by morning coffee and gulp a soda in the PM. We raise blisters running a 5K once a year and fall asleep by the pool on a summer's day having forgotten the sunscreen. Ah, feel the burn!

Speaking of smoke, some of us still inhale—weed, vape, ciggies or even stogies. We worry, fume and argue with voices in our head. We then medicate with brewskis, shots and the occasional night of ayahuasca enlightenment.

And, there's our crazy relationship with food, the quest for the perfect, proper foods often counterbalanced by binging on drive-thru gut bombs and decadent sugar infusions.

So, it stands to reason, our bodies would like some help, as would our minds. On that point, we can all agree.

Help is on its way in the form of the 2024 Best of Utah Body and Mind issue that we hope will serve as a resource for your health care needs.

After polling City Weekly readers in early 2024, we counted the ballots, all 7,000 of them, and learned who our readers considered to be Utah's best doctors, dentists, chiropractors, naturopaths, aestheticians, fitness instructors and more.

Now in our seventh year, this special issue pays tribute to nearly 150 top practitioners, instructors, places, products and services. Don't sleep on the runners-up—they're fabulous, too. A handful of staff picks rounds out the issue.

We can happily report that the vital signs of Utah's health and wellness industry—both conventional and complementary, along with fitness and beauty—appear steady and stable.

Congratulations to the 2024 winners!

Jerre Wroble
Body & Mind editor

Contributors: Katharine Biele, Carolyn Campbell, Aimee L. Cook, Thomas Crone, Babs De Lay, Erin Moore, Connor Sanders, and Kass Wood
Proofreaders: Erin Moore and Kass Wood



Odyssey House of Utah won for Best Addiction Recovery, Best Mental Health Treatment Center and - Best Wellness Podcast. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Odyssey House of Utah won for Best Addiction Recovery, Best Mental Health Treatment Center and Best Wellness Podcast.

Best Addiction Recovery
Odyssey House of Utah
Offering a host of intense program options, Odyssey House has served thousands of Utahns at various stages in their recovery processes, while also serving as a clearinghouse of information for family members. With in-house treatment options as well as outpatient/evening options, Odyssey works with all clients/patients to attain the best options for long-term success, which includes working with families on insurance and payment plans, lessening the financial stresses often associated with therapy and recovery efforts.
344 E. 100 South, SLC, 801-322-3322,

2. Fit To Recover
3. Utah Natural Medicine

Best Allergist
Andrew Smith MD, MS
The dry, often polluted, air along the Wasatch Front can be tricky to deal with. Luckily, Andrew Smith and his team are available to help with a variety of issues including asthma, seasonal allergies, food and medication reactions, hives and swelling. Dr. Smith is ever in search of best practices that can be brought to his patients. They've responded with great reviews, which reinforce and augment the professional awards he's received for his craft.
Allergy Associates of Utah, 6095 S. Fashion Blvd., Ste. 100, Murray, 801-263-8700; 7478 S. Campus View Drive, Ste. 200, West Jordan, 801-282-8700;

2. Jan Bernhisel-Broadbent MD, Granger Medical Clinic
3. Libby A. Kelly MD, Intermountain Holladay Allergy

Best Arch Support/Orthotics
Perfect Feet
Plenty of athletes visit Perfect Feet in search of relief from chronic sports injuries. But visits also come from folks who aren't pounding out the miles on local trails; service industry workers, for example, often suffer from some of the same ailments, particularly the dreaded plantar fasciitis. Be it that issue or flat feet, sore ankles or any number of other stressors to the human experience, Perfect Feet will work with every customer for the best possible outcome. 5728 S. 1475 East, South Ogden, 801-479-4910,

2. The Good Feet Store
3. Ace Orthotics

Best Assisted Living/Memory Care
Meadow Peak Rehabilitation
Founded in 1990 and oft cited as the finest facility of its sort in the state, Meadow Peak is part of the nonprofit Mission Health Service system in Utah and Wyoming. Their diverse range of strengths includes "skilled nursing, rehabilitation, assisted living, memory care, and care for the intellectually disabled." Meadow Peak aims to provide long-term care with an understanding that costs are a factor; thus, they offer pricing options to make the care as affordable as possible.
6084 S. Summit Vista Blvd., Taylorsville, 385-255-1105,

2. Sunrise of Sandy
3. Sagewood at Daybreak

Best Cardiologist
Jared Miller MD
Patient reviews of Dr. Miller skew positive. "He is an excellent doctor and really cares for his patients." "Amazing care, good humor." "He's the best!" His reputation as a good listener with excellent bedside manner is augmented by a resume that's top-notch, having studied and trained at several of the nation's elite schools and clinics: Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Washington University in St. Louis. His expertise includes treating heart failure, coronary artery disease and chronic high blood pressure, among other conditions.
Intermountain Heart Institute Heart Rhythm Specialists, 5169 S. Cottonwood St., Bldg. 2, Ste. 510, Murray, 801-507-3513,

2. Brigham Smith MD, University of Utah Hospital
3. Scott Hacking MD, St. Mark's Outpatient Therapy

Best Colonoscopy
Granite Peaks Gastroenterology
With clinics in Sandy and Lehi, Granite Peaks Gastroenterology is home to a variety of services and tracks of care including colonoscopies, an important test for the over-40 set. The care providers at Granite Peaks work with patients in advance, coaching them through the necessary steps before the procedure, while giving expert care throughout the process, including the short, essential recovery time at their well-appointed facilities.
Multiple locations,

2. Gut Whisperer
3. Peter C. Fenton MD

The Dental Spa took top spot for Best Dental Practice and Best Dental Implant Clinic. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy photo
  • The Dental Spa took top spot for Best Dental Practice and Best Dental Implant Clinic.

Best Dental Implant Clinic
The Dental Spa
You'll note a run of successes for the good folks at The Dental Spa in this issue, with the clinic drawing rave reviews for a variety of services, including dental implants. As these are some of the trickier components of the trade, it seems that patients are pleased—as they are with what's provided at the spa. Raves for this particular service include: "Latest guided implant technology in the valley." "Best dental practice I've ever been to," and this concise winner: "Because awesome!"
620 E. 2100 South, SLC, 801-466-6645,

2. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of Utah
3. Total Care Dental & Wellness, American Fork

Best Dental Practice
The Dental Spa
It's a cliché to suggest that patients are "psyched" about going to the dentist, the years of gags about that extending as far back as the profession itself. But, gee whiz, the reviews about The Dental Spa do seem to indicate that folks really don't mind their visits to this clinic. With their array of dental and spa services, it's "a dental experience unlike any other." Boasting 21 years in business and nearly a half-million patient visits, this award seems well-earned.
620 E. 2100 South, SLC, 801-466-6645,

2. Kaleidoscope Kids Dentistry
3. Warr Dental

Best Dentist/Best General Dentist
Kirkland Graham DDS
A graduate of the University of Kansas City dental program, Dr. Kirkland Graham doesn't receive positive feedback from patients so much as he receives rave reviews. From the comfort and convenience of the practice (aka the spa) to the actual day-of procedure, patients find that their time at The Dental Spa includes services beyond the usual dental visit, including coaching and education, allowing patients to maintain the best possible dental health between exams.
The Dental Spa, 620 E. 2100 South, SLC, 801-466-6645,

2. Michelle Jorgensen DDS, Total Care Dental & Wellness, American Fork
3. Brigham Stoker DDS, Salt Lake City Dental Center

Best Dermatologist
Christopher M. Hull MD
His University of Utah Health web page notes that Dr. Hull's "main clinical focus is general dermatology and medical dermatology including autoimmune blistering diseases," though his work covers all the basics of the field, with board certification from American Board of Dermatology and the National Board of Medical Examiners. Those bona fides are joined by patient reviews that praise Dr. Hull's excellent listening skills and empathy.
University of Utah Health Dermatology, multiple locations, christopher-m-hull

2. Wendy Matis MD, Matis Dermatology
3. Stephanie E. Frisch MD, Intermountain Memorial Clinic—Dermatology

Best Dermatology Practice
Swinyer-Woseth Dermatology
Specializing in a wide range of cosmetic skin care (everything from Botox to laser hair removal to acne scar mitigation), Swinyer-Woseth's team includes board-certified dermatologists and licensed cosmetic service providers, as well as support staff who've been known to provide superior patient care. Be it a single session's treatment or an ongoing course of treatment, Swinyer-Woseth's practice emphasizes individualized treatment options, quick bookings and friendly encounters with all team members.
1548 E. 4500 South, Millcreek, Ste. 202; 4040 W. Daybreak Pkwy., Ste. 200, South Jordan; 801-266-8841,

2. Bahr Dermatology, Bountiful
3. Smart Skin Dermatology, Lehi

Best Doctor of Internal Medicine
Megan Engelen DO
Skilled at working with elders, Dr. Engelen is known for a well-rounded approach to supporting her patients' health and is lauded for people skills and skilled diagnoses. As an example of that feedback: "she listens thoroughly and has been diligent regarding my health concerns. She has been thorough and holistic when prescribing care." This board-certified internist is an alum of the Kansas City University College of Osteopathic Medicine.
Holy Cross Senior Care of Salt Lake, 82 S. 1100 East, Ste. 403, SLC, 801-505-5299,

2. Lauren W. Wood MD, Intermountain Cottonwood Medical Clinic-Family Medicine
3. Nedda Hendler MD, Avenues Specialty Clinic

Pinyon Physical Therapy won for Best Dry Needling. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Pinyon Physical Therapy won for Best Dry Needling.

Best Dry Needling
Pinyon Physical Therapy
Owner/practitioner Sarah McNurlin, PT, DPT, cert. MDT, gets raves from patients, thanks to a reputation for taking time with them (and only them), a noticeable contrast from clinics in which multiple patients are overseen by clinic assistants during their therapy sessions. Here the focus is on individual care, one patient at a time. Care options include dry needling, manual therapy, strengthening and education for patient self-care. The office is conveniently located as part of the Trolley Healing Hub in Trolley Corners.
515 S. 700 East, Ste. 2D, SLC, 385-202-6198,

2. Flow Acupuncture
3. Converge Physical Therapy

Best Ear, Nose & Throat Physician
Jordan Schramm MD
Specializing in care for youth and adolescents, Dr. Schramm cares for a range of issues, "from tonsils and ear infections to advanced issues like cochlear implants and congenital neck masses." An alum of the med school of the University of Rochester, Dr. Schramm is part of a large team of ENT pros at Peak's state-of-the-art facilities in Utah County.
Peak ENT Associates, multiple locations, 801-357-7499,

2. Richard Orlandi MD, University of Utah Hospital
3. Eric Slattery MD, ENT Center of Utah

Best Endodontist
Ryan Facer DDS
Part of a team of dental pros at multiple locations in greater Salt Lake, Dr. Facer is known by patients for a solid, kind demeanor and notable skills in root canals, in particular. The University of Iowa grad (2003) also received his bachelor's degree in medical biology from the University of Utah in 1999. Dr. Facer's LinkedIn cites an interest and knowledge base including "best in class root canals, peer-to-peer education and revolutionary patient care."
Greater Endodontics; locations in Murray, Riverton and Tooele;

2. Brady Olsen DMD, Wasatch Endodontics
3. Jeff Kochevar DDS, MSD, Kochevar Endodontics

Best Experiential Therapist
Aimee Hadfield LCSW, CET3
Known and praised for creative approaches to therapy, Aimee Hadfield states that, in her practice, "rather than simply talking about your problems, we'll create moments where you actively engage in activities and exercises." Hadfield works with individuals, couples and families, tailoring each session with unique experiences to each person and situation. A licensed clinical social worker and a certified experiential therapist, Hadfield has established the co-working Hearten House, where she blends "experiential therapy, trauma-informed care, trauma-focused treatment, and the power of role theory."
Hearten House, 314 W. 300 South, Ste. 222, SLC, 435-932-0078,

2. Caroline Pegram LCSW, Topaz Healing
3. Christian Snuffer MS, CMHC, Attunement Psychotherapy & Psychedelic Healing

Best Family Medicine Physician
Michael D. Jones MD
Part of a half-dozen strong group of board-certified MDs at Jordan River Family Medicine, Michael Jones is an Ohioan who studied at Kent State and Ohio State University College of Medicine prior to his move to Utah in 1999. Over the past quarter-century, Dr. Jones has developed a well-earned reputation for being a quality listener, working with patients on holistic outcomes to their health concerns.
Jordan River Family Medicine, 1868 W. 9800 South, Ste. 100, South Jordan, 801-433-2873,

2. James T. Peterson MD, Foothill Family Clinic
3. Jessica Wilkinson MD, Foothill Family Clinic

Best Family Practice Clinic
Foothill Family Clinic
Discover the patient-centered excellence of Foothill Family Clinic across its three convenient locations. Dive into a wealth of valuable resources designed to enhance your well-being and vitality. The committed team delivers exceptional health care services, complemented by onsite lab and radiology facilities, as well as modern telehealth options including video appointments. Experience a holistic approach to your health, ensuring convenience and quality every step of the way.
Multiple locations,

2. U of U Health Madsen Health Center
3. U of U Health Sugar House Health Center

Best Gastroenterologist
Jason C. Wills MD
With multiple hospital system affiliations and a wide-ranging CV, Dr. Wills is a board-certified gastroenterologist who says that he relishes working with patients to "search out the problem and help patients feel better with advice or medicine or a procedure. I enjoy giving patients my best, honest opinion and helping them find their way through the process of their illness."
Utah Gastroenterology, St. Mark's Hospital, 1187 E. 3900 South, SLC, 801-263-3041,

2. R. Kyle Barnett MD, Granite Peaks Gastroenterology
3. Umaprasanna S. Karnam MD, Gut Whisperer

Best General Surgeon
Angelo G. Chachas MD
A board-certified general surgeon affiliated with St. Marks Hospital, Dr. Chachas is well-versed in a host of surgical procedures, though his specialties include diseases of the breast, thyroid and digestive system—including disorders of the gallbladder, colon and abdominal wall. A graduate of the University of Utah School of Medicine, Dr. Chachas is hailed for solid, thorough explanations of treatment options, with an office that's staffed by courteous, time-conscious associates.
MountainStar General Surgery, 1250 E. 3900 South, Ste. 460, SLC, 801-262-3564;

2. Caleb Hopwood MD, University of Utah Sugar House Health Center
3. Toby Enniss MD, FACS, MBA, University of Utah Hospital Emergency Room

Best Geriatric Physician
Rebecca H. Moore MD
Reviews from Dr. Moore's patients note her superhuman ability to clearly explain medical conditions. "She's kind, attentive, thorough, and doesn't throw medicine at the problem," said one person who'd brought their parents to Dr. Moore to help with their dementia. Another was amazed as Dr. Moore discovered that their mother had been overtreated for diabetes for years and no longer needed insulin. "Great listener, respectful and pleasant as can be," reviewers said.
St. Mark's Senior Health Center, 1160 E. 3900 South, Ste. G200, SLC, 801-268-7766,

2. Tim Farrell MD, AGSF, University of Utah Hospital
. Alison Schlisman MD, Alpine Medical Group

The INN Between won first place for best - hospice care. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • The INN Between won first place for best hospice care.

Best Hospice Care
The INN Between
Providing end-of-life care for those experiencing homelessness is a noble mission, and The INN Between's relentlessness in the commitment to that mission earned them this recognition. Residents and family members praised the staff and volunteers for their kindness in providing care to some of the most vulnerable in our population. What could possibly be a greater asset to our city?
1216 E. 1300 South, SLC, 801-410-8314,

2. Huntsman Cancer Institute
3. Solstice Home Health, Hospice & Palliative Care

Best Hospital
University of Utah Hospital
(Cue the epic W.W.E. entrance music). You already know what it is. One of the most innovative and highly regarded hospitals in the region and maybe the world brought it once again in 2024. Patients pointed to doctors' excellent communication, commitment to evidence-based care and the wide range of expertise as the reasons why. Good luck reading reviews of this place without tearing up at the seemingly endless number of stories where a U of U doctor saved someone's life.
50 Medical Drive North, SLC, 801- 581-2121,

2. Intermountain Medical Center
3. Huntsman Cancer Institute

Best Independent Pharmacy
Jolley's Corner Pharmacy
Step into the welcoming world of Jolley's Corner Pharmacy, where inclusivity and community thrive. This independent pharmacy is not only committed to providing top-notch information, prescriptions, compounding and vitamins but also embraces diversity by hiring individuals with disabilities. While waiting for your prescription to be filled, enjoy shopping at the store's unique boutique and take pride in supporting a business that prioritizes inclusivity.
1676 E. 1300 South, SLC, 801-582-1999,

2. University Pharmacy
3. Apothecary Shoppe

Best In-Home Nursing Care
Solstice Home Health, Hospice & Palliative Care
No matter the day or hour, you can count on the Solstice staff to provide the care you need, reviewers said. One patient praised the care they received after breaking their pelvis in a fall. Patients championed the nurses' dedication to their wellbeing from managing medications to navigating Medicaid. "Not only are they making my mom comfortable," one reviewer said, "but they always leave her feeling in a happier mood."
1250 E. 3900 South, Ste. 301, SLC, 801-485-1035,

2. The Lactation Collection
3. Pointe Meadows Health and Rehabilitation

John Graham DDS, MD, with - Graham Orthodontics - was voted Best - Invisalign Provider. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • John Graham DDS, MD, with Graham Orthodontics was voted Best Invisalign Provider.

Best Invisalign Provider
Graham Orthodontics
As one of Utah's leading Invisalign providers, John Graham DDS, MD, is a sought-after educator and innovator in both the dental and orthodontic worlds alike. He also offers flexible options for adults as well as teens and pre-teens seeking orthodontic care with a personalized approach. He's, of course, a pro in the use of clear aligners like Invisalign. As both orthodontist and physician, he's constantly evaluating new technology and products to offer to his patients.
705 E. 900 South, SLC, 801-917-4746,

2. The Dental Spa
3. Michael Richards Orthodontics

Best Ketamine Clinic
Rising Health Specialty Clinic
Rising Health is a functional medicine clinic that strives to treat root causes of disease using bio-identical hormone treatment, weight loss medications, autoimmune and thyroid care, stem cell treatments, IV drips and more. Patients also praise the clinic as a fantastic environment for ketamine therapy, citing the doctors' impeccable bedside manners and genuine interest in the progress of patients. Technicians who expertly insert IVs (even for patients with small veins) are a big plus, too.
1660 E. Murray Holladay Road, Holladay, 801-419-0705,

2. Journease Ketamine Clinic
3. Ketamine Therapy SLC—
Therapeutic Alternatives

Hoopes Vision won for Best LASIK Center. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Hoopes Vision won for Best LASIK Center.

Best LASIK Center
Hoopes Vision
Serving generations of Utahns, Hoopes Vision notes that it's been busy adapting to the changes in the field for decades, as the clinic's "owned and used seven different treatment lasers, constantly upgrading our technology" since coming into business in 2000. The clinic offers standard LASIK surgery, as well as cataract surgery, corneal transplants and other related ocular services.
11820 S. State, Draper, 801-568-0200,

2. Monson Vision, Logan
3. University of Utah Moran Eye Center

Best Local Optical Shop
This new optical shop is not your mother's glasses shop (although she's welcome!). Rather, it's a hip store with an incredible selection of independent eyewear that you might only find in NYC, Tokyo or Berlin. Stephen Lundquist, OD, graduated from one of the best optometry programs in the country (UC Berkeley's School of Optometry), so you don't just get eye checkups from a well-trained expert— you get to put your groove on with really spectacular eyewear.
801 S. 800 East, SLC, 801-410-4281,

2. Wolcott Optical
3. Family Vision Care, North Ogden

Best Long-Hauler COVID Care
Bateman Horne Center
The Bateman Horne Center is dedicated to Improving lives impacted by myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), fibromyalgia, long COVID and related illnesses through clinical care, research, and education. While many aspects are still unknown about long COVID, BHC's years of clinical care and research experience can help inform health care professionals as they approach diagnosing and managing the care of those with symptoms of post-viral COVID-19.
24 S. 1100 East, Ste. 205, SLC, 801-359-7400,

2. Rising Health Specialty Clinic
3. Salt Lake Acupuncture Clinic

Best Mental Health Treatment Center
Odyssey House of Utah
In 1973, Odyssey House led the way in substance abuse treatment by opening the first residential center to help addicted parents and their children—not just in Utah but nationwide. Odyssey House now has several facilities and programs that focus on mental illness, offering both low-cost and free treatment for Salt Lake residents as well as in-network insurance plans. Go online for a free assessment or call them if you're looking for help now.
Multiple locations, 801-322-3222,

2. Huntsman Mental Health Institute (University Neuropsychiatric Institute)
3. Hearten House

Adrienne Brown CPM, LDEM - won Best Midwife. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Adrienne Brown CPM, LDEM won Best Midwife.

Best Midwife
Adrienne Brown CPM, LDEM
Patients appreciate the clean yet cozy feel of the Wasatch Midwifery facilities. They say the staff makes it the best place to receive prenatal care, labor/delivery and postpartum care. Brown is skilled, educated, and calm. She brings a wealth of information. The Wasatch midwives quickly respond to questions and offer reassurance regarding the life-changing process of giving birth.
Wasatch Midwifery and Wellness, 6440 S. Wasatch Blvd., Ste. 140, Holladay, 385-237-1568,

2. Gloria Moore CPM, LDEM, Bearth Midwifery
3. Ashleigh Taylor CPM, LDEM, Birth Journey Midwifery

Best Midwifery/Birthing Center
Wasatch Midwifery and Wellness
Solely geared to excellence in natural birthing, Wasatch Midwifery is dedicated to providing maternity and holistic health care for mothers and offspring. The facility offers prenatal and postpartum care as well as a host of adjacent services (ultrasounds, genetic testing, placenta encapsulation, counseling). Testimonials come from folks who've benefited as patients, as well as family members impressed by the professionalism and care from the entire team, including those who may've begun the process with concerns about non-hospital births.
6440 S. Wasatch Blvd., Ste. 140, Holladay, 385-237-1568,

2. Bearth Midwifery
3. Birth Journey Midwifery

Dan Henry MD took top honors - for Best - Migraine - Help. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Dan Henry MD took top honors for Best Migraine Help.

Best Migraine Help
Dan Henry MD
As a founding partner at Foothill Family Clinic, Dr. Henry specializes in headache medicine with a special focus in child, adolescent and young adult patients. A renowned researcher, he's completed extensive clinical research for 25 years, publishing over 25 research articles and is a member of the American Headache Society. It's a known fact that diagnosing and treating migraine conditions is difficult, but Dr. Henry has a passion to find out what's happening, what's wrong and how to help.
2295 S. Foothill Drive, SLC, 801-486-3021,

2. Flow Acupuncture
3. Valenti Acupuncture

Best Neurologist
Diana Banks MD
When it comes to finding specialists, it can feel intimidating. How do you know you'll get someone who will listen the way your primary care provider does? If you're looking for a good neurologist, let us offer this shortcut. One reviewer found Dr. Diana Banks, "more knowledgeable and helpful than any other experience." Another wrote, "She saved my husband's life. Enough said."
Rocky Mountain MS Clinic, 359 E. Eighth Ave., Ste. 205, SLC; 370 E. Ninth Ave., Ste. 106, 111 and 208, SLC; 801-408-5700,

2. David R. Renner MD, U of U Health Clinical Neurosciences Center
3. Walter Reichert MD, U of U Health Neurosciences Center

Best Nurse Practitioner
Celeste Hicken FNP-BC
At Inspire Medical Spa, aesthetic medicine is the order of the day, and owner and nurse practitioner Celeste Hicken is an expert in treatments like Botox for migraines, plasma injections for joints and hair restoration and much more. But, as one reviewer puts it, what's most important is her honesty. "She won't try to sell you a treatment you don't need or one that won't give you the results you desire."
Inspire Medical Spa, 10420 Rubicon Road, Ste. B104, South Jordan, 385-443-1128,

2. Jessica Arbogast FNP, Martindale Clinic
3. Traci Andreason MSN, FNP-C, Rise Rejuvenation Center

Best Obstetrician-Gynecologist
Jason Johnson MD
Past patients of Dr. Jason Johnson praise his knowledge, easy conversational communication and how he stays up to date with current research and practices around childbirth. And while he's skilled at helping women during their child-bearing years, his practice also includes older women going through menopause. Dr. Johnson is one of these doctors who knows how to help women of any age or circumstance feel in control of their health and wellness.
Saint Mark's OB-GYN, 1140 E. 3900 South, Ste. 400, SLC, 801-268-6811, mountainstarmedicalgroup.comlocations/st-marks-obstetrics-and-gynecology-associates

2. Hannele Laine MD, Avenues Women's Center
3. Rebecca Ponder MD, Intermountain Medical Center

Anna Beck MD was voted Best Oncologist. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Anna Beck MD was voted Best Oncologist.

Best Oncologist
Anna Beck MD
Oncology is about more than just treating cancer—at least it is for Anna Beck. Her specialties also include palliative care and hospice care, and she works to make caring for patients accessible at home. Not only is she director of Supportive Oncology and Survivorship at Huntsman Cancer Institute, she's also the hospice medical director at Community Nursing Services. One patient appreciated her smart diet, exercise and supplement information as additions to her standard care. Huntsman Cancer Institute, 1950 E. Circle of Hope Drive, SLC, , 801-213-4269, anna-c-beck

2. Paul J. Shami MD, Huntsman Cancer Institute
3. Christopher Nevala-Plagemann MD, Huntsman Cancer Institute/ U of U Sugar House Health Center

Best Optometrist
Stephen Lundquist OD
Not only does Stephen Lundquist own and operate what may be the most stylish shop for prescription glasses in the valley (his clients love the selection), but he really understands vision. One past client says that he "provides incredible care and takes time to explain the changes in my vision" while another names their time with Dr. Lundquist as the "best eye appointment I've had."
Vis., 801 S. 800 East, SLC, 801-410-4281,

2. Ross Chatwin OD, Sugar House Vision Clinic
3. William Catt OD, Standard Optical Eye Care in Sugar House

Best Oral Surgeon
Adam McCormick DDS, FACS
Got wisdom teeth needing extraction? Have TMJ issues? Need sleep apnea treated? How about cosmetic surgery? Oral and maxillofacial work is a broad specialty, so it's impressive that Dr. McCormick not only knows how to tackle the many problems our mouths face but can give patients such a positive experience that one patient gave him the high title of "best doctor I know!"
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of Utah, multiple locations, 801-779-0506,

2. Jason Chandler DMD, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of Utah
3. Michelle Jorgensen DDS, Total Care Dental & Wellness, American Fork

Michael Richards DDS - won for Best Orthodontist. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Michael Richards DDSwon for Best Orthodontist.

Best Orthodontist
Michael Richards DDS
Check out this favorite local orthodontic clinic on Instagram of all places to get a sense of the great vibes that have earned Dr. Michael Richards the top spot here. Who would have thought braces, Invisalign and the skills and techniques required to improve one's smile could look so fun? It looks fun because at Dr. Richards' offices, it is!
Michael Richards Orthodontics, 2455 E. Parleys Way, SLC, 801-581-9300; 2889 W. 12600 South, Riverton, 801-446-4645;

2. John Graham DDS MD, Graham Orthodontics
3. Bryan Horsley DMD MS, Horsley Orthodontics

Best Orthopedic Rehab
University Orthopaedic Center
People love the University of Utah for many reasons, but the University Orthopaedic Center should be one of them. As the only full-service specialty center of its kind in the Intermountain West, patients can find help with joint reconstruction, sports medicine, pediatric orthopaedics, spinal disorders, trauma, physical therapy and musculoskeletal oncology. And they have specialists for hands, feet, ankles, shoulders and elbows, too.
590 Wakara Way, SLC, 801-587-7109,

2. Pinyon Physical Therapy
3. U of U Health Redwood Health Center

Best Orthopedic Surgeon
Drew H. Van Boerum MD
"Smart, engaging, great listener and diagnostician," says one patient about Dr. Van Boerum. Whether you need help with a broken ankle or bone spur removal, Dr. Van Boerum is the foot and ankle surgeon who can put you back together again. One patient says he even lengthened the tendon in both legs after a spur removal. Dr. Van Boerum earned his MD at the University of Utah and brings over 26 years of experience in the medical field.
The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH), 5848 S. Fashion Blvd., Ste. 110, Murray, 801-314-4008,

2. Daniel Gibbs MD, Heiden Orthopedics
3. Joy L. English MD, RMSK, University Orthopaedic Center

‘Doctor Tony’ Chiro Clinic won for Best Pain Clinic and Best Spine Center. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • ‘Doctor Tony’ Chiro Clinic won for Best Pain Clinic and Best Spine Center.

Best Pain Clinic
Doctor Tony Chiro Clinic
With 127 perfect five stars reviews on Google, "Dr. Tony" Simone's chiropractic clinic has become the place where patients receive the "royal treatment." As one reviewer said, "Dr. Tony is the best. My pain was a 10, and now, I barely feel pain!" With his office conveniently located in the 9th & 9th neighborhood, Dr. Tony's memberships and punch cards make multiple visits affordable. Walk-ins are welcome, too, so you can try Dr. Tony out, fuss-free.
951 E. 900 South, Ste. 105, SLC, 801-419-1612,

2. Pinyon Physical Therapy
3. Converge Physical Therapy

Tyler Hanks DMD, MPH, was voted Best Pediactric Dentist. - COURTESY PHOTO
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  • Tyler Hanks DMD, MPH, was voted Best Pediactric Dentist.

Best Pediatric Dentist
Tyler Hanks DMD, MPH
Dr. Hanks puts the "health" in health professional. He became a pediatric dental assistant in 2010. Later, he completed two years of post-dental school training at a children's hospital. Every detail of his dream office is there to help with a child's mental, physical, and oral health. There are bright colors, child-size furniture, play spaces, private exam rooms, and even a basketball room to make dental visits a positive experience.
Happy Tooth Pediatric Dentistry, 2453 E. 3300 South, Ste. 101, Millcreek, 801-410-0165,

2. Debbie Graham DDS, East Bench Pediatric Dentistry
3. Bradley Walker DMD, PC, Walker
Pediatric Dentistry

Best Pediatrician
Suzanne Holbrook MD
When it comes to taking care of kids, Salt Lakers have a lot of good to say about Dr. Suzanne Holbrook: "Fantastic pediatrician! Compassionate, knowledgeable and so great with kids," says one review. The board-certified pediatrician blends her pediatric practice with a passion for holistic, functional medicine that, as she says, gets "to the core cause of illness without many of the side effects of traditional Western medicine treatments."
Sunnyside Pediatrics, 24 S. 1100 East, Ste. 301, SLC, 801-521-2640,

2. Kathy O'Mara MD, Wasatch Pediatrics
3. Diane Liu MD, MBA, University of Utah Pediatrics

Best Physical Therapist
Sarah McNurlin PT, DPT, cert MDT
Got pain? Got muscles? Most people do, and most people don't want to spend thousands of dollars to fix something they don't exactly have a clue about. That's when you need a good physical therapist who looks at diffused pain and gives you the tools to help yourself. Sarah McNurlin is not only highly skilled in dry needling, but her personal approach and education makes clients feel like she cares and wants to get them long-term results.
Pinyon Physical Therapy, 515 S. 700 East, Ste. 2D, SLC, 385-202-6198,

2. Susan McLaughlin, Align Integration and Movement
3. Samantha Dawson Tandy, Live Embodied: Pelvic Physical Therapy

Best Physical Therapy Clinic
Pinyon Physical Therapy
In a city full of active people, good physical therapy is essential. At Pinyon, patients learn to maintain their performance, recover from injuries and manage pain, all while regaining the physical lifestyles they want. Here, patients are treated one-on-one by their PT doctor, not handed off to clinic staff. Among their offerings, Pinyon provides running analyses and dry needling services.
515 S. 700 East, Ste. 2D, SLC, 385-202-6198,

2. Reborn Pelvic Health & Wellness
3. Converge Physical Therapy

Best Physician Assistant
Madeline Grainger PA-C, MPAS
Martindale Clinic at Odyssey House offers both family medicine and addiction family medicine, and patients here love working with Madeline Grainger. They say she is "intensely dedicated to a very difficult, underserved, marginalized patient population," and "cares deeply for her patients and provides judgment-free care for a population that faces so much stigma." She's got the skills, having earned a master's degree in physician assistant studies at the U of U School of Medicine in 2020.
Martindale Clinic, 743 E. 300 South, SLC, 801-428-3500,

2. Daniel Rawlings PA-C, Allergy Associates of Utah
3. Whitney Schroeder PA-C, Heiden Orthopedics, Tooele

Best Plastic Surgeon— Cosmetic/Reconstruction
Bethany Powers MD
See the power of Bethany Powers in action on her Instagram posts—her work is truly emPowering. Puns aside, Dr. Powers' solid surgical skills and expertise in cosmetic or reconstructive head and neck plastic surgery are evident in her before and after photos. She graduated from the Medical College of Wisconsin in 2016, specializing in otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery. While no longer with WardMD, she says she is credentialed through St. Mark's Hospital. We await news of her new practice location.
IG @drbethanypowers

2. Cori Agarwal MD, University of Utah Health Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specialists
3. Eric W. Cerrati MD, FACS

Readers voted Jason Dickerson DPM Utah’s Best Podiatrist. - COURTESY PHOTO
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  • Readers voted Jason Dickerson DPM Utah’s Best Podiatrist.

Best Podiatrist
Jason Dickerson DPM
When it comes to foot care, Dr. Dickerson doesn't just know feet—some might say he performs miracles. Patients share stories of surprisingly swift recoveries from foot injuries, sports injuries, ankle sprains and fractures, flat feet, bunions and hammertoes—even after total reconstructive surgeries. Beat feet to see this board-certified foot and ankle surgeon who earned his medical degree from California College of Podiatric Medicine in San Francisco.
Heiden Orthopedics, multiple clinic locations, 435-849-8599,

2. Annemarie A. Edwards DPM, Intermountain Medical Center
3. Jesse Riley DPM, Summit Foot and Ankle

Best Prenatal Care
Wasatch Midwifery and Wellness
If you're pregnant and in need of real compassion bundled with expertise, this group is for you. Doctors often are overworked or simply don't focus holistically when it's most important. These practitioners will help you before, during, and even after a pregnancy. Some women who experienced loss found a loving support group. This is a center that can turn a potentially scary experience into pure joy. It's the standard here.
6440 S. Wasatch Blvd., Ste. 140, Holladay, 385-237-1568,

2. Keri L. Gibson MD, U of U Redwood Health Center
3. Bearth Midwifery

Best Psychiatrist
Susan Wiet MD, PLLC
It's hard to find a review from one of Dr. Wiet's patients without them mentioning that they referred friends, family and colleagues to her after their treatment. Patients applauded Dr. Wiet's holistic approach to counseling, with an emphasis on healing the body and mind together. She doesn't, as one reviewer put it, "just throw a bunch of pills" at you. Dr. Wiet has special expertise in treatment of trauma-addiction, dual diagnosis and complex psychiatric disorders.
Sovegna, 850 E. 300 South, Ste. 1, SLC, 385-429-9808,

2. Daniel Inouye MD, Utah Psychiatric Clinic
3. Matthew H. Weingard MD, MPH, Primary Children's Hospital Outpatient Services

Aimee Hadfield LCSW, CET3, got - the nod for Best Psychotherapist/ Counselor. - COURTESY PHOTO
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  • Aimee Hadfield LCSW, CET3, got the nod for Best Psychotherapist/ Counselor.

Best Psychotherapist/ Counselor
Aimee Hadfield LCSW, CET3
Aimee Hadfield is known for her innovative experiential methods, and that manifests at Hearten House, the "multi-modal hub for healing" she founded for patients receiving counseling. There is a ton of space in the office dedicated to just hanging out before and after sessions. There are art supplies, books, snacks and even a cozy corner with a sofa, a soft rug and lots of plush friends. As one voter said, "If you are ready to stop 'talking' and start 'doing,' definitely see Aimee."
Hearten House, 314 W. 300 South, SLC, 435-392-0078,

2. Caroline Pegram LCSW, Topaz Healing
3. Athena Metos LMFT, Introspect Psychotherapy

Best Pulmonologist
Lara Hardman MD
"I wish Dr. Hardman could be my doctor for everything. She cares for her patients and wants the best for them, always," says one review of the great Dr. Hardman. It's hard to improve on that endorsement. Specializing not only in pulmonology but sleep medicine and critical care, Dr. Hardman brings over 25 years of experience in the medical field after graduating with an MD from Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis in 1994.
Intermountain Memorial Clinic-Pulmonary, 2000 S. 900 East, SLC, 801-646-7510,

2. Estelle Harris MD, University of Utah Hospital
3. Robert Farney MD, FCCP, U of U Sleep-Wake Center

Best Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Kayla Jessop RDN, CDN, CEDS-C
Kayla Jessop is an "anti-diet" registered dietitian and eating disorder specialist who provides one-on-one nutrition counseling and meal support. She's never going to tell you to deprive yourself or ban certain foods from your life, but instead her mission is to help you recognize diet culture and help you rediscover your body's inner wisdom about how to truly nourish yourself. She and her team accept in-person patients in North Ogden, Bountiful, SLC and American Fork, and virtually in many other places.
Kayla Jessop Nutrition Co., multiple locations, 801-210-1416,

2. Hayden James RDN, CSSD, CDCES, Satiate Nutrition
3. Davin Lau MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS, Fit To Recover

Best Registered Nurse
Ashley Denam RN
Ashley Denam is an aesthetic injector that specializes in pre/post-operative care. She's a big part of the warm and welcoming environment that Rise's patients appreciate so much. One reviewer said they really enjoy just chatting with Denam and the other staff members in addition to her top-notch ability to answer questions about different treatment options. Reviewers said they felt like they were in a safe, judgment-free zone when working with Ashley Denam.
Rise Rejuvenation Center, 5888 S. 900 East, Ste. 201, Murray, 801-707-2666,

2. Jennifer Conover RN
3. Anne Bowden FNP, Rising Health Specialty Clinic

Utah’s Best - Retirement - Community - went to - Summit - Vista. - COURTESY PHOTO
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  • Utah’s Best Retirement Communitywent to Summit Vista.

Best Retirement Community
Summit Vista
"It's not easy to find a place you know will be where you spend the rest of your life," a Summit Vista resident wrote. "But, we were fortunate to have found a place that offered so much more than the typical 'retirement home.'" With plentiful first-class amenities, delicious food and community-building activities, Summit Vista is highly recommended by residents and their families. Residents love the onsite bank, pool and gym, and regular checkups by Summit Vista staff.
3390 W. Signal Peak Drive, Taylorsville, 385-255-7721,

2. South Jordan View Retirement Community
3. Canyon Home Care & Hospice Murray

Sacred Circle Healthcare - Ibapah Clinic - voted Best Rural Medical Clinic. - COURTESY PHOTO
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  • Sacred Circle Healthcare Ibapah Clinic voted Best Rural Medical Clinic.

Best Rural Utah Medical Center
Sacred Circle Healthcare Ibapah Clinic
"Welcome to Complete Care Regardless of Circumstance." That's how you're greeted at this medical center. While four of five of Sacred Circle's clinics are based in Salt Lake and West Valley, their remote Ibapah Clinic operates in western Tooele County near the Nevada border, offering primary and dental care and physical and behavioral therapy. Ibapah is the headquarters for the Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Reservation, which launched Sacred Circle in 2012. They preserve their heritage of protecting and caring for families and extend that tradition to those who are most in need, where no one is turned away.
195 Tribal Center Road, Ibapah, 801-359-2256,

2. Wayne Community Health Center
Utah Navajo Health System Inc.

Best Spine Center
Doctor Tony Chiro Clinic
Another win for chiropractor "Doctor Tony" Simone, who is famous not just for his pain-relieving reputation, but as a trusted spine healer. A graduate of Life University in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Simone offers a concierge approach to treating patients with his affordable membership and punch card plans. Take it from this reviewer: "My lumbar spine was not in alignment and was giving me grief, Dr. Tony fixed me right up!"
951 E. 900 South, Ste. 105, SLC, 801-419-1612,

2. Salt Lake Chiropractic
3. Pinyon Physical Therapy

Best Sports Medicine Clinic
University Orthopaedic Center
University Orthopaedic Center does it again thanks to the duo of David J. Petron MD, a primary care orthopaedic/sports medicine specialist, and physical therapist Scott Behjani DPT, OCS, who both strive to get local athletes back on their feet. These experts know how to keep active people on their game, whether they're lifelong sports enthusiasts or just youngsters at the school-age level.
590 Wakara Way, SLC, 801-587-7109,

2. Pinyon Physical Therapy
3. Heiden Orthopedics

Best Urgent Care
U of U Health Sugar House Urgent Care
When you're down with a sudden or mysterious ailment, the last thing you want is to be stuck at reception with too much time to worry and stress. At this urgent care center, according to one voter, "every single person ... desk staff, nurses, PAs, doctors ... literally every single one I've interacted with there has been extremely compassionate and skilled." That's what you need when things feel uncertain.
1280 E. Stringham Ave., SLC, 801-581-2000,

2. Draper Clinic
3. CopperView Medical Center

Best Urologist
Blake D. Hamilton MD
He has numerous five-star reviews but patients are light on the details. No surprise there. But when something's going wrong with your "plumbing," Dr. Hamilton is one person you can share those details with. As a fellowship-trained endourologist, he is experienced in the minimally invasive surgery of urologic diseases. He's credited with bringing his expertise with laparoscopic renal and adrenal surgery to Utah. He's also a pro at managing complex kidney stone disease.
University of Utah Urology Center, 50 Medical Drive North, SLC, 801-213-2700,

2. Pete Caputo MD, Granger Medical Clinic, Summit Urology
3. Stephen J. Summers MD, University of Utah Hospital Urology

Planned Parenthood—Salt Lake Health Center won for Best Women’s - Health Clinic. - COURTESY PHOTO
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  • Planned Parenthood—Salt Lake Health Center won for Best Women’s Health Clinic.

Best Women's Health Clinic
Planned Parenthood— Salt Lake Health Center
Not so fast. Planned Parenthood still offers the best health care for women in any circumstance. Their doors are open as the courts have blocked cruel abortion bans passed by the Legislature, and abortions are still legal up to 18 weeks. But that's not all. PP provides high-quality, inclusive and comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care no matter your income, insurance, gender identity, sexual orientation, race or immigration status. While the long-standing PP location on 900 East garnered the votes for this award, women can receive care at any of the other seven clinics in Utah, from Logan to St. George.
654 S. 900 East, SLC, 801-322-5571,

2. Flow Acupuncture
3. Avenues Women's Center

STAFF PICK: Best Bariatric Surgery
Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians
Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians have performed weight loss surgeries since 1979. They pride themselves on individualized bariatric care. Their hospital processes and procedures have been fine-tuned for the best patient outcomes over the years. RMAP also has a robust online and in-person support network for patients because long-term weight loss success is directly related to a patient's aftercare involvement.
1521 E. 3900 South, SLC, 801-268-3800,

The CW staff selected - Utah Natural Medicine - (operated by naturopathic - physicians Matthew and - Rachel Burnett) as Best - Men’s Health Clinic. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • The CW staff selected Utah Natural Medicine (operated by naturopathic physicians Matthew and Rachel Burnett) as Best Men’s Health Clinic.

STAFF PICK: Best Men's Health Clinic
Utah Natural Medicine
If you're seeking dietary and lifestyle advice to help your body perform at its best, look no further than Utah Natural Medicine, which one reviewer called his "one-stop shop" for all of his care needs. The clinic is owned and operated by Matthew Burnett and his wife, Rachel, both skilled naturopathic physicians who specialize in hormone replacement therapy and personalized care that looks for and treats the root cause of acute and chronic health conditions. If you've lost your mojo, they can help you find it again.
242 S. 400 East, SLC, 801-363-8824,

STAFF PICK: Best Neuropsychologist
Julien Smith PhD
Dr. Smith's years of experience providing top-of-the-line services to families with complex issues sets her apart as the best neuropsychologist in the state. She has dedicated her life to understanding the child's brain, with decades of working with kids at Primary Children's Hospital and in private practice. She's been a clinical associate professor in clinical psychology at the University of Utah throughout that time as well—a true legend in her field.
Wasatch Pediatric Neuropsychology, 231 East 400 South, Ste.335, SLC; 224 S. Main, Ste. 105, Centerville; 801-363-1189,

STAFF PICK: Best Ophthalmologist /Eye Surgeon
Nick Mamalis MD
Not seeing things clearly? As a specialist in comprehensive ophthalmology, including cataract and other anterior ocular surgeries at the John A. Moran Eye Center, Dr. Mamalis will tell you what he sees. Or at least, that's what one fond reviewer said about their time with the doctor: "He is efficient, knowledgeable, kind. He listens and gives feedback. He tells you what he sees."
Moran Eye Center, multiple locations,

STAFF PICK: Best Periodontist
Rob Wood DMD, MS
If you, like Cardi B, recently got a bag and are looking to fix your teeth, Dr. Rob Wood is the person for you. Patients testified of his unmatched skills with periodontal therapy, removing shattered implants, gum grafting and more. The ability to communicate with Dr. Wood was a big point of praise from reviewers. Dr. Wood is, according to one patient, "knowledgeable but not condescending, patient, and seems committed to your comfort and peace of mind."
Utah Implants and Periodontics, 77 S. 700 East, Ste. 260, SLC, 801-322-5032,

STAFF PICK: Best Rheumatologist
Catherine J. Bakewell MD
We'll say it: arthritis is a beast. Luckily, Salt Lake has doctors like Catherine Bakewell who will help tame that beast. After earning her MD at the University of Washington School of Medicine in 2004, she has since made her way to Utah and is now board certified in rheumatology and seeing patients at the Intermountain Salt Lake Clinic. She'll even inspire you to do the work to enhance your health and keep your pain at bay. As one patient puts it, "She is a force for wellness!"
Intermountain Salt Lake Clinic, 389 S. 900 East, SLC, 385-282-2850, doctors.i

Honors for Best for Transgender Health Care went to the University - of Utah. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Honors for Best for Transgender Health Care went to the University of Utah.

STAFF PICK: Best Transgender Health Care
The University of Utah Transgender Health Program
The U's Transgender Health Program offers extensive resources for adults and teens from all walks of life. There's hormone therapy, gender-affirming surgery, voice therapy, counseling and pelvic floor rehabilitation, just to name a few. One patient said the care they received was more than gender affirming. "Parts of my soul and my younger self did a lot of healing because of the way people showed up and cared for me," they wrote.
University of Utah, 50 Medical Drive North, SLC, 801- 581-2121,

STAFF PICK: Best Wellness Podcast
Odyssey House Journals
Recovery is not an easy road, but there is a path to wellness. That may well start by listening to personal stories from addicts and treatment experts. Randall Carlisle of TV news fame conducts these intimate and insightful interviews in a one-of-a-kind podcast. It's a raw and honest journey of trauma, trust and hope. Hear from those who grew up with addicts and became victims of anger and stress, or those who made the journey to recovery to share with others.



Flow Acupuncture won Best Acupuncture Clinic. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Flow Acupuncture won Best Acupuncture Clinic.

Best Acupuncture Clinic
Flow Acupuncture
Home to top-tier acupuncturists, all dedicated to your holistic well-being, you will step into an oasis of comfort coupled with the perfect blend of professional expertise and an inviting ambiance. The beautiful, serene space has been thoughtfully designed to provide the ultimate cozy atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation. Elevate your health journey at Flow Acupuncture, where each visit enriches your life with calm, care, and exceptional value.
1204 E. South Temple, SLC, 385-242-0649,

2. Wasatch Community Acupuncture
3. SLC Qi Community Acupuncture

Best Acupuncturist/Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Amanda Valenti LAc, MSTCM
According to her clients, Dr. Valenti is "very personable and listens to your concerns." "Her kind presence is medicine in and of itself. She has so much knowledge to share to help in your healing journey." She and her fellow practitioners have created a comfortable space in Sugar House where they offer acupuncture, cupping, bodywork, microneedling and holistic wellness plans using herbal medicines. While she's not taking new patients, she offers a top-notch team of acupuncturists who await you.
Valenti Acupuncture, 1760 S. 1100 East, Ste 3., SLC, 435-315-2616,

2. Mallory Berge LAc, MSTOM, Flow Acupuncture
3. Rebecca Conde MAcOM, Earth Center Acupuncture

Best Ayurveda Practitioner
Josh Williams
Ayurveda is a system within natural medicine that originated in India more than 3,000 years ago. It's based on the idea that disease is caused by an imbalance or stress in a person's consciousness. Josh Williams is one of the diversely talented staff at Flow Acupuncture who wants to get to the root of your "dis-ease" and offer paths to recovery and wellness. "Josh is simply the best herbalist—he's a straight up wizard!" says a satisfied client.
Flow Acupuncture, 1204 E. South Temple, SLC, 385-242-0649,

2. Meghan Hays, Meghan Hays Ayurveda
3. No third place

Best Birth Photographer
Nicole Hamic
Utah certified doula and birth photographer/videographer Hamic specializes in out-of-hospital births, capturing intimate family photos, birth photos and postpartum photos. Concerned that it might feel like an intrusion? "Hiring me is hiring someone to be your wingwoman/friend/creative guide," she writes on her website. She's been present for 200+ births and is trained in hypnobirthing, hypnobabies and spinning babies as well. One client remarked: "She captures in her photos the raw, in-between moments and moments of power that take your breath away!"

2. Lauren Radcliffe, La Luna Birth Photography and Films
3. Danielle Wilstead, Wild Oak Birth

Katie Schiffgen, The Local Co-Op, was voted Best Breathwork Facilitator. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Katie Schiffgen, The Local Co-Op, was voted Best Breathwork Facilitator.

Best Breathwork Facilitator
Katie Schiffgen, The Local Co-Op
Locals love Katy Schiffgen's breathwork classes. Her monthly practice, "Frequency," held the first Saturday of each month at 7 p.m. (though, in April and May, it'll be the second Saturday), is a favorite among yogis. Schiffgen's breathwork classes are "100% experiential. [Attendees] breathe the same type of breath for almost an hour straight which takes [them] into an altered state of consciousness," according to her website. She also teaches a combined yoga, breathwork and sound bath called "Embodiment."
1991 S. 1100 East, SLC, 801-502-5435,

2. Katy Sampson, Salt Lake Power Yoga
3. Kacie Pinder, 7 Sacred Spaces

Best Childbirth Education
Birthsmarter Salt Lake City
Birthsmarter offers an extensive selection of interactive classes presented through several media. This education program is built on three pillars: physiology, societal context and personal circumstances. The opportunity to select from many classes enables parents to think critically and improvise, applying relevant courses to their situations. They can join a New Parent Survival Group and hop into other meetups to find the folks who will cheer them on.

2. Shauntea
3. Stephanie Platner, Compassionate Doula Care

Best Chiropractor
Brett Grant DC
Brett Grant's Facebook page highlights local athletes he is working with. They're well aware that chiropractic treatments help them to heal and excel—and Dr. Brett's care extends beyond mere technique. Offering ozone and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections in addition to expert adjustments, Dr. Brett helps clients find relief from injuries, back and neck pain as well as migraines—without drugs or surgery. He is a supportive guide who combines skill with empathy, creating a yin and yang of balanced healing.
Regenerative Health and Wellness, 2189 E. 3300 South, SLC, 385-308-0333,

2. Anthony Simone DC, Doctor Tony Chiro Clinic
3. Angela Canada DC, Canada Chiropractic

Best Doula
Beth Hardy
Beth Hardy is a birth and postpartum doula and childbirth educator. Because she is passionate about helping parents learn their options, emphasize their strengths, and rock their birth, she founded Heart Tones Birth Services in 2015. Heart Tones now includes several doulas eager to support new parents and assist them during the pregnancy and birth processes. They'll happily answer typical new parent questions about soothing techniques, sleep routines and breastfeeding.
Heart Tones Birth Services,

2. Destiny S. Lake, Shauntea
3. Ashley Finley, Sacred Sister Doula

Synchronicities won for Best Halotherapy (Salt Cave). - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Synchronicities won for Best Halotherapy (Salt Cave).

Best Halotherapy (Salt Cave)
Synchronicities-Light Energy Gift Emporium
Halotherapy, or salt therapy, involves breathing in air with tiny salt particles to improve respiratory health. Additional benefits include anti-inflammatory, detoxing, relaxation, rejuvenation, anti-anxiety, and anti-stress. At Synchronicities, halotherapy is offered in a unique setting where the floors, walls, ceiling and benches have been created using the healing energies of 10,000 pounds of Himalayan salt bricks. A variety of sessions and classes—some kid-friendly—are available.
9419 S. Union Square, Ste. A, Sandy, 801-748-3543,

2. Evolve Wellness Collective
3. Hot House Infrared

Best Herbalist
Josh Williams
As a traditionally trained clinical herbalist, Josh is also a teacher, formulator and author. He is passionate about plants having an arcane spirit as well as their own wisdom and power. It is from this belief and dedicated study he practices herbalism, combining ancient as well as contemporary knowledge. Josh creates custom formulations for most clients after thoughtful attention to their stories and concerns. Maybe that's why he continues to ace this category!
Flow Acupuncture, 1204 E. South Temple, SLC, 385-242-0649,

2. Rebecca Conde, Earth Center Acupuncture
3. Dave Card, Dave's Health & Nutrition

Best Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Utah Body & Soul
Once you research the science behind this therapy, you'll want to book an appointment. And Utah Body & Soul is the place. They use a hard-shell chamber to saturate your bloodstream with up to six times the amount of oxygen it normally has available to it. The extra oxygen helps cells perform at an optimal level to promote healing. The therapy is FDA-approved, and users report life-changing results thanks to caring, knowledgeable providers.
6440 S. Wasatch Blvd., Ste. 320, Holladay, 801-987-8786,

2. Provo Health
3. Rising Health Specialty Clinic

Winner of Best Hypnotherapist: Joesephine Lawrence CHt - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Winner of Best Hypnotherapist: Joesephine Lawrence CHt

Best Hypnotherapist
Joesephine Lawrence CHt
As a licensed hypnotherapist, reiki master and NLP practitioner, Joesephine Lawrence has a deep love for helping people address subconscious blockages and gain self-discovery and self-improvement. Her clients report she is "wise, patient and superbly skilled at her work." And others tout her intuitiveness and knowledge. As a bonus, she is affordable!
Hypnoclarity, 1007 E. 900 South, SLC, 801-215-9262,

2. Dorie Olds, School of Creation
3. Cody Mitchell, Waving Tree

Best Integrative Medicine Practice
Cameron Wellness and Spa
Dr. Todd Cameron is a naturopathic physician and co-founder of Cameron Wellness and Spa. With more than 25 years of alternative medicine experience, he's seen it all. While respecting conventional medicine, his approach and goal is finding natural solutions. Each patient gets a treatment plan for their specific well-being. Clients find the staff and services amazing and report Dr. Cameron "experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate."
3378 S. 2300 East, Millcreek, 801-528-7617,

2. Flow Acupuncture
3.Utah Natural Medicine

Best Kinesiology Practitioner
Bre Dumke Helfrich MSc, PhD
Is there a silver lining from surviving a serious mountaineering accident? Bre Dumke Helfrich says, "Yes!" Her recovery path led her to a career of connecting to her client's pain, frustration and injuries. With impressive credentials that would fill this page, Dumke Helfrich thrives on working with clients who are motivated and want to work through chronic pain or injuries. Her clients write "she uses her amazing clinical reasoning skills to assess and treat movement issues effectively."
Movement Design Lab, 244 W. 300 North, Ste. 103, SLC, 801-831-4391,

2. Kory Branham DC, Premier Wellness
3.Jim Quist MS, LAT, ATC, SLOPE Recovery

Lyn Christian, - ICF MCC, - was voted - Best Life - Coach. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Lyn Christian, ICF MCC, was voted Best Life Coach.

Best Life Coach
Lyn Christian ICF MCC
Lyn Christian is a compassionate life coach who's been guiding individuals toward their goals with extraordinary precision since 1998. As an ICF-certified professional, Christian blends the art of personalized intuition with the science of proven coaching methodologies. Clients praise Christian's approach for its ability to create genuine transformation, bridging the gap between where they are and where they want to be, professionally and personally.

2. Anne Dorsey, Milk + Honey Wellness With Anne Dorsey
3. Bailey Nielson, Solstice Holistic Healing

Best Massage School
Healing Mountain Massage School
For more than 20 years, Healing Mountain has been offering massage therapy certification, spa therapy certification and a refreshing approach to holistic health. They also teach Japanese full-body massage, Thai massage and Asian bodywork, deep tissue, reflexology, chair massage, reiki energy healing, craniosacral and other modalities. Graduates are well-prepared to be licensed as massage therapists in holistic professions. This accredited school offers financial assistance and classes during the day and evening.
363 S. 500 East, Ste. 210, SLC, 800-407-3251; 1636 S. State, Orem, 800-864-0012;

2. Myotherapy Massage College
3. Rocksteady Full Bodywork Apprenticeship

Bryan Lindquist LMT, won for Best Massage Therapist and Best Reike Practitioner. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Bryan Lindquist LMT, won for Best Massage Therapist and Best Reike Practitioner.

Best Massage Therapist
Bryan Lindquist LMT
With two decades of advanced massage therapy skills under his belt, a successful private practice, Bryan Lindquist now serves as a LMT at the Huntsman Cancer Institute where he is a rare specialist in oncology massage and participates in clinical studies that look at the positive effects of massage in cancer treatments and recovery. "He takes people's back pain seriously and makes the most out of every appointment I've had from him," one reviewer said.

2. Evita Chatterley LMT, Euphoria Massage & Wellness, Orem
3. Christina Jaros LMT, Wicked Wellness

Best Natural Health Store
Dave's Health & Nutrition
Dave is a local legend for those seeking better nutrition options not sold by big box stores. He worked for several health food stores, but in 1995, he launched his own business to help people help themselves in simple, low-cost ways. What's unique about Dave's store is that he has nutrition consultants (as well as Dave himself) to provide you with the best information about products and regimens.
880 E. 3900 South, Millcreek, 801-268-3000,

2. Natural Grocers
3. Spro
uts Farmers Market

Best Natural IV Drip Therapy
FIKA Infusion + Wellness
Open daily, Fika boasts four locations (Park City, Woods Cross, Millcreek and American Fork) with comfortable massage and lounge chairs. The spaces are clean and peaceful, with a gentle ambiance. They also offer mobile visits. You have a vast assortment of IV infusion vitamins and blends from which to choose. The service is professional, kind and courteous. They offer memberships and membership pricing plus enjoy complimentary drinks. One satisfied customer says, "I even get to choose my '90s R&B playlist."
Multiple locations, 801-866-2201,

2. Rising Health Specialty Clinic
3. Cameron Wellness and Spa

Best Naturopath
Todd Cameron ND
Dr. Cameron began his career in medicine in his 20s as an EMT, followed by a BSN in Nursing from the University of Utah. He then moved to Portland, Oregon, to get a doctorate in naturopathic medicine from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. He eventually returned to Utah as a resident at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden, helping to build professional bridges with other medical professions. He founded Cameron clinic with his wife, Jennie, in 1996.
Cameron Wellness & Spa, 3378 S. 2300 East, Millcreek, 801-528-7617,

2. Rachel Burnett ND, MSAc, Utah Natural Medicine
3. Shawn Postma ND, Rising Health Specialty Clinic

Sinéad Urwin MA won for Best Nutrition Health Coach. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Sinéad Urwin MA won for Best Nutrition Health Coach.

Best Nutrition Health Coach
Sinéad Urwin MA
Your path to vibrant living begins with Sinéad Urwin helping design a nutritional program that not only enhances your well-being but also melds seamlessly with your daily routines. This model isn't one-size-fits-all—it's about tailoring diet, exercise and rest to your unique needs and preferences. With a master's degree in holistic wellness, she's a functional medicine nutritionist with Rising Health. If you're looking for a personal advocate to live an energized life, Urwin is your coach.
1336 S. 1100 East, SLC, 646-853-5477,

2. Lindsay LaPaugh, LVL Holistics
3. Savannah Lavenstein, Evergreen Healing

Best Psychic
Cherella Forester
Cheryl Forester, also known as Cherella, studied tarot with a teacher whose 15 years of experience helped Forester develop an intuitive approach to readings, including practical magic and manifestation. Today, her unique approach to the soul's language can be accessed via her expertise in various insightful fields, including astrology, numerology and palmistry. Clients rely on her accuracy in soul path readings, yearly forecasts and workshops.
IG @cherella7,

2. Noelle Jenkins, Tea & Tarot, IG @flowersoulgoddess
3. Jennafer Martin, Readings & More By Jennafer

Best Reiki Practitioner
Bryan Lindquist
Bryan Lindquist graduated from Myotherapy College of Massage and has dedicated his career to mastering orthopedic, structural and energy work. Not only does his private practice thrive, but he works as an LMT at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. Reiki is one of his finely-honed tools in his healing tool belt, and he excels in this light-touch technique that's become mainstream. His clients say, "He knows exactly what you need and is very compassionate and intuitive."

2. Laura Blakely, Mindful Movement
3. Daniel Fisher, Floatwithin

Best Sound Bath and Best Yoga Instructor went to Karen Tao. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Best Sound Bath and Best Yoga Instructor went to Karen Tao.

Best Sound Bath
Karen Tao
To the uninitiated, a sound bath sounds like a soak in the tub with your favorite tunes wafting in the background. Tao's version is an immersive meditative experience where you lie on the floor or ground (often under blanket) and close your eyes while Tao plays the resonant sounds of singing bowls, all helping to release emotions and align energy centers. A certified meditation instructor and sound healing practitioner, Tao offers a weekly donation-based sound bath that patrons describe as the "most relaxing and rejuvenating thing available!"

2. Terra Firma Healing Arts
3. ISound Institute

Best Supplement Shop
Dave's Health & Nutrition
Popular supplements—like B12, minerals like calcium and iron, and herbs like echinacea—can easily be found, but does the product have fillers? Binders? Flavorings? Dave and his staff sell only the best and purest products and can counsel you on how supplements might interact with prescribed medicines and even chemotherapy. One review noted: "These people know their stuff! Best selection, one on ones with Dave are great!"
880 E. 3900 South, Millcreek, 801-268-3000,

2. Millcreek Nutrition
3. Rising Health

Best Weight-Loss Clinic
Rising Health Specialty Clinic
Clients report "hands down the best results-driven clinic. They will balance your hormones to keep weight off." Another client commented how they know what's at the root of weight issues. Rising Health offers a medical weight-loss solution completely absent of fads, shakes or empty promises. Based on science, medications and bio-identical hormone therapy, their personalized treatments satisfy their patients. Also reported, "They care about the overall health of the patient, not just weight."
1660 E. Murray-Holladay Road, Holladay, 801-419-0705,

2. Cameron Wellness and Spa
3. Trolley Healing Hub

Best Wellness Center
Flow Acupuncture
Melissa Zappa DAc, LAc founded this clinic in 2015, which has brought together a team of Salt Lake's top-notch acupuncturists. They offer acupuncture, massage, herbs, physical therapy, PT and group classes all under one roof in a beautiful healing environment. Although Zappa isn't currently taking patients (she's coordinating a wellness-education program at Huntsman Cancer Institute), members of her staff are available to consult with you. The website lists classes and events offered each month.
1204 E. South Temple, SLC, 385-242-0649,

2. Cameron Wellness and Spa
3. Trolley Healing Hub



Best Acne Treatment
Skin Spa Utah
Acne is a common skin condition where hair follicles under the skin become clogged and break out into pimples on your face, and even on your back and shoulders. Sometimes, for clear skin, only an expert can get you through it. Skin Spa Utah has been helping people for 23 years to rave reviews. One said, "They treated me for acne and now are helping with my aging skin!"
6298 S. 900 East, Ste. C, Murray, 801-792-7994,

2. Always Smooth Waxing Studio
3. Sego Lily Spa

Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare - won for Best - Aesthetician - School. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare won for Best Aesthetician School.

Best Aesthetician School
Skinworks School of Advanced Skincare
Skinworks offers three programs—basic, master and comprehensive aesthetics. Students master skincare skills including facials, waxing, eyelash extensions, nail care, collagen induction therapy and more. For those who want to schedule services performed by students, the cost is minimal, with several reviews noting, "I got a 5-star quality spa service at a fraction of the price." And it's not just for women, as one gentleman said, "It smells great in this place, and Brek gave me the nose wax of a lifetime!"
2121 Nowell Circle, South Salt Lake, 801-530-0001,

2. NIMA Institute and Spa
3. Skin Science Institute of Laser & Esthetics

Best Aesthetician
Kimee Hummel
With 23 years of advanced skin revision experience and offering the best modalities, Kimee Hummel was destined to win this category. Said one voter: "She is the most knowledgeable, skilled and professional aesthetician. From the moment you meet her, you know you are in the best hands. ... She helped me, a cancer survivor, feel beautiful after years and years of treatments that have taken a toll on my skin, body, and soul."
Skin Spa Utah, 6298 S. 900 East, Ste. C, Murray, 801-792-7994,

2. Milly Aponte, Always Smooth Waxing Studio
3. Jasper Peterson, Wax Me Too Orem

The Kura Door - took first place - for Best Day Spa. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • The Kura Door took first place for Best Day Spa.

Best Day Spa
The Kura Door
Escape the pace of city life and embrace tranquility within the walls of The Kura Door Holistic Japanese Spa. Here, ancient Eastern wellness meets natural beauty for an experience that replenishes the spirit, mind and body. Nestled in the heart of our bustling city, residents and wellness enthusiasts are invited to indulge in traditions that harness the benevolence of nature and the finesse of Japanese beauty rituals—the path to true radiance and well-being.
1136 E. Third Ave., SLC, 801-364-2400,

2. Basalt Day Spa
3. Skin Spa Utah

Best Eyebrow Specialist
Storie Myers
Storie Myers is a detail-oriented and meticulous brow artist whose studio is in a calm space with ambient music. She responds to questions and explains the process before numbing clients and working her magic. Myers has a great eye, and her work looks very natural. She ensures clients are always comfortable. When they get ready to leave, Myers encourages them to reach out with any further questions.
Studio Storie Microblading, 1842 S. Main, South Salt Lake,

2. The BrowHive
3. Kimee Hummel, Skin Spa Utah

Best Eyelash Extensions
Euphoric Esthetics
Lesly Vasquez specializes in working with your natural beauty to tailor your eyelashes for maximum effect. From classic to glam (and everything in between), this lash artist can customize your lashes with a variety of volumes, colors, lengths and curls. Go from "girl" to "guurrrrrll!" in just one visit. In the words of Saweetie, "There's nothing wrong with treating yourself to a new set of lashes and big checks. If you work for it, you deserve it!"
IG @ euphoric_esthetics,

2. Pineapple Express Aesthetics
3. K Artistry

Best Facial
Kimee Hummel
You may think you've had a facial, but have you had one of Kimee Hummel's facials? If not, make an appointment and see why she is No. 1. "Kimee is the best when it comes to facials! The atmosphere and ambiance are so restful and peaceful. The facial itself is amazing!" said one voter. "She lets you know what she's doing, so you know what to expect and/or what will come next!" said a happy customer. And another said: "I was literally glowing!"
Skin Spa Utah, 6298 S. 900 South, Ste. C, Murray, 801-792-7994,

2. Always Smooth Waxing Studio
3. Hillary Larsen, House of Aloe Skincare Studio

Best Hair Restoration
Rise Rejuvenation Center
Call for a free 15-minute virtual discovery call to talk about your issue. Traci Andreason and her staff will then help you unleash your radiant self. "The facility is stunning, and the entire staff is extremely knowledgeable!" Customers appreciate that the staff doesn't try and upsell products and services. Plus, they love how they can get private, intimate treatments that actually work to restore hair. You can also purchase Nutrafol products here for hair thinning/hair loss.
5888 S. 900 East, Ste. 201, Murray, 801-707-2666,

2. Beauty Lab + Laser
3. Inspire Medical Spa

Landis Lifestyle Salon won Best Hair Salon. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Landis Lifestyle Salon won Best Hair Salon.

Best Hair Salon
Landis Lifestyle Salon
Matthew Landis founded his namesake salons in 2005 around the Aveda product line. The founder has moved on, but the Marmalade and Sugar House salons remain Aveda Pure Privilege locations, offering botanical hair and scalp therapy, Aveda men's services, signature spa services and more. It's a wonderful splurge for when you want that exceptional cut, color and style. "First time in 20 years that I do not complain about my cuts or color after leaving a salon," says one coiffed customer.
569 N. 300 West, Ste. A, SLC, 801-364-3354; 1298 S. 900 East, SLC, 801-485-5506;

2. Soulstice Day Spa & Salon
3. Amber René Salon & Spa

Best Injections and Fillers
Beauty Lab + Laser
There are so many injectable brands for use in health and beauty these days. It's not just as simple as choosing between Botox or fillers. The experts at BL+L know just what you need to achieve the results you want. And they know how to deliver the filler/ injection in the most pain-free manner possible. One client says, "I loved them, and I love my treatments!"
5496 S. 900 East, SLC, 801-281-3223; 13222 S. Tree Sparrow Drive, R-150, Riverton, 385-346-0343;

2. Modern SLC Injections & Aesthetics
3. Rise Rejuvenation Center

Best Laser Hair Removal
Beauty Lab + Laser
This is what happens when two best friends—Andrea Robinson and Heather Gay of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City—decide to build a cosmetic medical practice the likes of which has never been seen in Utah, "with all the best and no BS!" You decide on the area you want them to work on to remove hair, and you'll get results your very first treatment. No more shaving, waxing or tweezing! BLL offers two different technologies to provide safe treatments for various skin types.
5496 S. 900 East, SLC, 801-281-3223; 13222 S. Tree Sparrow Drive, R-150, Riverton, 385-346-0343;

2. Haus of Aesthetics
3. Daphne Garcia, @daphnegarcia_medicalaesthetics

Best Makeup Consultant
Kenya Wetsel
In the realm of beauty and style, Kenya Wetsel could well be a makeup consultant to the stars, well, at least to anyone who wants to look like one! Wetsel's artistic touch also comes into play in her role as a lash artist and CoolSculpting specialist at Amara's Med Spa Salon. Fair pricing and a fun atmosphere make a visit to Wetsel most enjoyable.
Amara Med Spa Salon & Boutique, 1627 N. State, Orem, 801-226-2300,

2. Kylee Jo Lewis, Ulta Beauty
3. Smooth Lake City Electrology

Lori Lane Sartain with Crow Nail Studio ‘nailed it’ for Best Manicures/Pedicures. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Lori Lane Sartain with Crow Nail Studio ‘nailed it’ for Best Manicures/Pedicures.

Best Manicures/Pedicures
Lori Lane Sartain
Sartain has been doing nails for 17+ years, specializing in structured manicures, builder gel and abstract nail art. Her experience and excellent reviews make booking an appointment an easy decision. But before you have those nails painted, you must first avail yourself one of her great manicures/pedicures. Soak and relax your hooves as she gently removes those ugly cuticles. Her fans declare that she's the "most talented nail savant available in Salt Lake."
Crow Nail Studio, 1370 S. 2100 East, SLC, 801-870-2686,

2. Alia Mathias, Wicked West Nails
3. Nailed by Mercedes

Best Medical Spa
Cameron Wellness and Spa
In addition to operating a naturopathic clinic that treats patients with holistic and nontoxic therapies, Todd and Jennie Cameron also operate a spa offering nonsurgical cosmetic treatments. Here you can fight the sands of time using therapies like microneedling with PRP, Xeomin (similar to Botox) to reduce lines and wrinkles, PRP hair restoration, IPL photofacial, laser skin tightening and more. Treatments such as acupuncture, constitutional hydrotherapy and other detox procedures are also available.
3378 S. 2300 East, SLC, 801-528-7617,

2. Haus of Aesthetics
3. Beauty Lab + Laser

Best Permanent Makeup/Cosmetics Education
Ero Edge
When you're ready to make things "permanent," talk to the beauty gurus here. There's no cost for a skin care, cosmetic tattoo or injection phone consultation. They offer a large selection of tattoos for brows, lips, eyes and freckles. They also do skincare, injections, fillers, teeth gems, even tattoo removal. For professionals, they host online and in-person classes to educate about new products and techniques in permanent cosmetics.
274 E. 900 South, SLC, 801-252-5221,

2. Lilikoi Artistry
3. Bisou Beauty

Best Tattoo Removal
Removery Tattoo Removal & Fading
Misspelled tat? Need to rid yourself of your ex's name on your arm before your wedding? Book a consult immediately! Located by the old Pep Boys in Sugar House, the tattoo removal crew is ready to help you bid farewell to those inked tales of the past. Their services are overseen by medical director, Joshua Weitz MD, and performed by providers clinically trained in the most up-to-date methods.
2120 S. 700 East, Ste. J, SLC, 866-916-2953,

2. Daphne Garcia, @daphnegarcia_medicalaesthetics
3. Haus of Aesthetics

Always Smooth  Waxing Studio was voted Best - Waxing Salon. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Always Smooth Waxing Studio was voted Best Waxing Salon.

Best Waxing Salon
Always Smooth Waxing Studio
This Latina-owned salon wins again this year. Using soy-based products that are 100% botanical—no chemicals and no sugar—they commit to giving you a "75% painless experience." The products used by ASWS don't stick to the skin as much, making the experience much smoother and nicer. Milly Aponte and her staff do it all, from face waxing and brow design/shaping to manscaping, pits and parts! One client said, "They are the best waxing salon—they have their own custom wax formula. Easiest Brazilian I've had in my life!"
5665 S. Redwood Road, Ste. 4, Taylorsville; 2981 E. 3300 South, SLC; 385-507-7030;

2. Poet and Moon-The Waxing Room
3. Wax Me Too Orem

STAFF PICK: Best CoolSculpting
Elase Medical Spas
CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical way to eliminate stubborn fat and enhance your body contour virtually anywhere on your body, from the fat under your jaw/chin, back and bra to love handles, belly fat, etc. The pros at this spa deliver precisely targeted low temperatures to your fat cells, which then freeze, become crystallized and die. Clients reviews are positive, like this one: "They're attentive to ensure the treatments are top notch and effective."
Multiple locations,

STAFF PICK: Best Natural Makeup Retailer
MM Skincare + Acne Clinic
MM stands for Malorie Miles, a master aesthetician of almost a decade who decided during her educational journey to focus on acne treatments. An acne survivor herself, she developed her own skin care products and an acne clinic. She went through numerous treatments herself and knows each individual needs their own specialized treatment. Her natural makeup products work "wonderfully," say her fans. Book a free consultation to find your healing path today.
166 E. 5900 South, B-108, Murray, 435-621-1950,

The staff recognized Headcovers by Joni for ‘Best Wigs for Chemo Patients.’ - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • The staff recognized Headcovers by Joni for ‘Best Wigs for Chemo Patients.’

STAFF PICK: Best Wigs for Chemo Patients
Headcovers by Joni
Great looks are always available at Headcovers by Joni. Her shop has a fantastic inventory, including toppers, wigs—synthetic and human hair—and scarves and accessories. She shows cancer patients how to tie scarves and display different looks for various seasons. Men's wigs and hairpieces are also among her specialties, along with washing, styling, and reconditioning wigs. If you don't want your scalp to show, Joni can help you.
2286 E. 3300 South, SLC, 801-467-5665,



Best Aerial Silks Classes
Awaken Studios
Who knows who invented the art of aerial dancing using fabrics, but it's caught on big time, from Burning Man to Cirque du Soleil to ... Awaken Studios! People hang on very strong fabric ropes made of silk from the ceiling. The ropes still have give and flexibility. The effect is breathtaking, and wouldn't you know ... it's quite a physical workout! Those wanting to learn the ropes say: "Best aerial teachers around, very knowledgeable and kind. The vibe is top notch!"
6168 S. 1300 East, Murray, 801-906-1911,

2. Onyx Pole and Aerial Fitness Studio
3. Aeris Aerial Arts

Bar Method earned top - honors for Best - Barre Fitness - Studio. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Bar Method earned top honors for Best Barre Fitness Studio.

Best Barre Fitness Studio
The Bar Method
Experience holistic transformation at The Bar Method. This studio integrates mental and physical strength, balance, flexibility, and posture in every finely tuned class. Tailored to enhance your well-being, their workouts surpass the barre, shaping a stronger, more graceful you. Join a welcoming community that's passionate about your progress. Unleash your full potential with The Bar Method.
1057 E. 2100 South, SLC, 801-485-4227,

2. Barre3
3. Barre Forte, Kaysville

Best Beginner Yoga Classes
Salt Lake Power Yoga
Turn up the heat at Salt Lake Power Yoga. These yoga sessions offer a transformative experience that goes beyond just exercise. With a focus on balance, strength, and mindful breathing, classes cater to all levels. Discover the power of Baptiste yoga as you cultivate resilience, find inner peace, and ignite a deeper connection with yourself. Join SLPY for stress relief, weight management, healing, and enhanced concentration. Embrace the flow and watch your spirit soar in our empowering space.
250 E. 300 South, Ste. 2, SLC, 801-468-9642,

2. Bouldering Project
3. Awaken Studios

Best Bootcamp
The Thunder Method
Coach Natalie, as her clients call her, is the CEO and founder of the Thunder Method, formerly known as Thunder Fitness Training. With almost two decades of experience in coaching high energy fitness classes, kinesiology, exercise physiology and even professional business management (she has a master's degree in business), she now offers you personal training in your own home—virtually. Check out the reviews: "She's your own "Peloton-like" trainer!" "Loved how she really takes you out of your comfort zone and challenges you."
Online only,

2. Rise4
3. Fit To Recover

Best Boutique Studio
Seek Studio
Seek is one of few functional fitness-focused studios that offer strength training, cycling and yoga classes under one roof. They don't just train your body but help to transform your mind by helping you deal with everyday stress. They say they're about "transforming how you feel every damned day" and offering a variety of stability, strength, mobility, endurance and recovery practices to optimize how you feel. Some call it a gym, others a sanctuary.
1790 S. 1100 East, Ste. 201, SLC, 385-355-4636,

2. Torrent Cycle
3. Peak 45

Rumble Boxing - was voted Best Boxing Club. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Rumble Boxing was voted Best Boxing Club.

Best Boxing Club
Rumble Boxing
Voters named Rumble Boxing as the best club because of their offerings that go beyond just hitting the heavy bag. Classes at Rumble are "10-round, 45-minute fights" with time evenly divided between boxing and resistance training. Club members praise the fun, motivational atmosphere of the classes and upbeat attitude of the instructors. This is a great place to work out, train your fighting form and find community, whether you intend to enter the ring someday or not. Watch for a new Rumble to open in Murray.
4505 W. Partridge Hill Lane, Riverton, 385-399-0553,

2. Rebel House
3. Brickyard Boxing & Conditioning

Best Circuit Training
Seek Studio
You may remember circuit training from your last gym membership. You know, first 10 pushups, then 10 sit ups, 10 chin-ups and lunges, rest, repeat. You may not have lasted long due to boredom, laziness or the fact you didn't like the gym. But, at Seek, "The vibes are immaculate" said one patron. It goes without saying that the classes will be as hard as you want them to be to get to your personal goal.
1790 S. 1100 East, Ste. 2, SLC, 385-355-4636,

2. Salt Lake City CrossFit
3. Rise4

Best Community Swimming Pool
Steiner Aquatic Center
You might not remember that "Steiner" (as locals call it) was one of the official training venues for the 2002 Olympics. The facility opened in 1990 for a mere $2.1 million. Financed by an unusual partnership of private, city and school district funds, the center offers a 50-meter outdoor pool and a 25-meter indoor pool. It's part of the SLC Sports Complex and open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. except Saturdays (6 a.m.-9 p.m.) and Sundays (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.).
645 Guardsman Way, SLC, 385-468-1925,

2. South Davis Recreation Center
3. LifeCentre Athletic Club

Best CrossFit Gym
Salt Lake City CrossFit
With 15+ years in business, Salt Lake City CrossFit can promise you results in a gym culture that patrons say is always "fun and amazing with the best coaching." There are 14 daily classes where you can just drop in, or you can sign up for a membership. Their most popular group class is known as WOD (workout of the day). Call for a consultation and make new friends in a controlled and safe environment, no matter your fitness level.
619 S. 600 West, SLC, 801-503-7600,

2. CrossFit Sandy
3. West Haven CrossFit

Best Fitness Influencer (Social Media)
Dillion Chase,

Thirteen years after an initial round of yoga teacher training, Dillion "Dillicious" Chase is now a co-owner at Salt Lake Power Yoga. Over the years, he's built a following through his in-studio work, livestreams and social media sessions. His bio hints at his earned confidence, noting "I have tapped into a way of life that is truly special." In doing so, he's gifting his SLC students the lessons that he's learned, as "I find myself left with no choice other than to curate, qualify and share my discoveries however I can."
Salt Lake Power Yoga, 250 E. 300 South, Ste. 200, SLC, 801-468-9642,

2. Dan Cooney, Torrent Cycle
3. Kevin Carrington, Awaken Studios

Best Fitness/ Aerobics Class Instructor
Dan Cooney
Cooney and his husband/partner Michael Barney founded Torrent Cycle in 2018. They met in NYC and realized they shared a love of fitness. Mike had Utah connections, so they made the move and opened Torrent Cycle right during COVID. They pivoted and leased out their 45 bikes and offered online classes (they still offer classes online). One patron says, "Dan is the most genuine, inspiring, heart-of-gold fitness instructor ever!"
Torrent Cycle, 1074 E. 2100 South, SLC, 801-876-5425; 252 E. 300 South, 385-270-5132;

2. Alison Dorenbosch, Peak 45
3. Madison Jane Snarr, Seek Studio

Best Gymnastics Training (Kids)
The Little Gym of Salt Lake City
With nearly 400 locations in 31 countries (three in the Salt Lake area: Foothill, Draper and Cottonwood Heights), TLG has been teaching social and physical skills to kids 4 months up to 12 years old for decades. Classes for the youngest patrons enhance motor skills and balance while their parents get a refreshing workout with them. Dance programs are offered for kiddos 3-12 years old and there is a slew of gymnastics opportunities for them to tackle new challenges.
Multiple locations,

2. Elite Gymnastics Academy
3. Gymnastics Training Center

Best High-Intensity Interval Training
Torrent Cycle
Interval training is where you alternate between two physical activities, typically requiring different rates of speed and degrees of effort. Sound like fun? It can be if you're at Torrent Cycle. The staff gets rave reviews from both beginners and hard-core cyclists alike, with social media posts like "Super hard workouts and positive vibes!" "Killer workouts every time!"
1074 E. 2100 South, SLC, 801-876-5425; 252 E. 300 South, SLC, 385-270-5132;

2. Seek Studio
3. Mcycle Studios, Indoor Cycling Studio

Best Hot Yoga winner for 2024: YogaSix - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Best Hot Yoga winner for 2024: YogaSix

Best Hot Yoga
YogaSix offers a range of classes, from invigorating hot yoga to serene mindfulness sessions, including beginner-friendly options and dynamic sculpt classes. Certified instructors excel in the YogaSix method, offering six-core classes, ensuring a consistent yet creative journey in each session. Find your perfect class, tailored to meet and support your wellness ambitions.
Multiple locations,

2. Bikram Yoga
3. Mountain Yoga Sandy

Best Kickboxing
Brickyard Boxing & Conditioning
If you want a little more kick to go with your punch, look no farther than the back-to-back Best Kickboxing champs Brickyard Boxing and Conditioning. Voters praised Coaches Mike, Christian, Kaili, and Jamahl for the great balance of instruction and fitness in the classes. One said they're "constantly craving" their next workout. Brickyard also offers a course called "Rock Steady" specifically designed to help folks manage the symptoms of Parkinson's disease. The first class is free!
1227 E. 3300 South, SLC, 801-558-2558,

2. SLC Muay Thai
3. The Pit SLC

Best Kids' Fitness Programs
Girls on the Run Utah
The pay-what-you-can model and a volunteer coaching staff have helped Girls on the Run become a success story. Their lessons "are designed to build self-worth and help participants feel greater confidence in who they are." The approach has worked across the U.S., with a positive impact on Utah youth. Says one voters, "Girls on the run changed my life as a kid by introducing me to running and teaching me how to advocate for myself as a child."
332 E. 500 South, SLC, 801-477-0464,

2. Gracie Barra Sandy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
3. Rise Up School of Dance

Best Martial Arts Instructor
Professor Duayne Bowers
Students say that what sets Duayne Bowers apart is his desire to challenge and inspire martial artists of every age group. From youngsters to old fogies, Bowers has high expectations for class members and will hold you accountable on your technique. But above all, he prioritizes safety, which seems important in a sport where you, essentially, are trying to rip off and/or break your opponents' limbs. Voters also praised Bowers' welcoming air, clear teaching style and passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Gracie Barra Sandy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 8912 S. 700 East, Sandy, 801-432-8307, graciebarra.comsandy-ut

2. Alexis Whitney, SLC Muay Thai
3. Lei Shao Long, Shao Long Academy of Chinese Martial Arts

Best Martial Arts School
Gracie Barra Sandy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Wait, the Best Martial Arts Instructor works at the Best Martial Arts School? Well, that tracks. You can't really talk about Gracie Barra Sandy without mentioning the instructors. They excel at promoting an environment where students collaborate to master their craft, voters said. Folks also say it's really clean there. That proves valuable when your face is pinned to the mat as you struggle to escape a submission.
8912 S. 700 East, Sandy, 801-432-8307,

2. SLC Muay Thai
3. Shao Long Academy of Chinese Martial Arts

Best Personal Trainer
Meredith Clark
In her classes at Torrent Cycle and Rumble Boxing, students say one thing sticks out about Meredith Clark: "Energy, energy, energy!" She's a personal trainer who will have your back, and she helps people achieve change in their lives that lasts beyond the session. If you want to see why she won this award for yourself, you'd better get on her waitlist.
Fitness With Meredith, IG: @fitnesswithmeredith

2. Jenna Hansen, Awaken Studios
3. Elijah Bowers, Salt Lake City CrossFit

Peak 45 was - voted the Best Pilates Studio. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Peak 45 was voted the Best Pilates Studio.

Best Pilates Studio
Peak 45
A transformative workout experience! This boutique studio specializes in high-intensity, low-impact workouts crafted to empower and energize. With intimate classes and dedicated instructors, they offer a personalized approach that challenges and supports you. Train on the innovative Megaformer machine; it engages your core constantly and adapts to each movement, ensuring peak tension and maximum muscle engagement.
Multiple locations,

2. Awaken Studios
3. The Point Pilates

Best Pole Fitness Studio
The Salt Mine SLC
It's no secret that pole dancing is one of the best workouts that you can get. And thanks to The Salt Mine, you can be coached and guided in all the moves while building your core. It's worth mentioning that this is the most LGBTQIA+ friendly dance, pole and aerials studio in Utah. They also offer striptease workshops, adult tumbling/acrobatics and all the cool stuff—from poles to aerial silks, hammocks, lyras, chairs—it's a playground for your inner performer.
1077 S. Main, SLC, 801-252-5276,

2. La Bombe Pole Fitness
3. Onyx Pole and Aerial Fitness Studio

Awaken Studios won Best Private Gym and Best Aerial - Silks Classes. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Awaken Studios won Best Private Gym and Best AerialSilks Classes.

Best Privately Owned (Non-Chain) Gym
Awaken Studios
With aerial yoga, jumpboard Pilates and group fitness classes, there's always something to do at Awaken. One reviewer said that working out at Awaken after trying out other gyms was like "staying at a Marriott after staying in some scary hostels." They offer childcare while you're in class so you can fill your cup enough to care for everyone else in your life. "Awaken is truly a bright light in the fitness industry," one voter said.
6168 S. 1300 East, Murray, 801- 906-1911,

2. Torrent Cycle
3. Mcycle Studios, Indoor Cycling Studio

Best Public Rec Center
Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center
Discover the ultimate destination for family wellness and fun. From invigorating fitness classes to the thrill of ice skating, they cater to most ages and interests. Dive into one of the pools for a refreshing swim or laps or engage in lively games of pickleball, tennis, and soccer. The center provides a vibrant space for individuals and families to stay active, connect, and thrive.
7500 S. 2700 East, Cottonwood Heights, 801-943-3190,

2. Salt Lake City Sports Complex
3. South Davis Recreation Center

Best Qigong Instruction
Rachel Silverstone
Silverstone holds a doctorate of traditional Chinese medicine. While spending a year living in China, along with other practices, she studied qigong and earned a Daoist Medicine Certificate. Clients are impressed: "She knows her stuff!" one said. To say her credentials are solid is an embarrassing understatement, but to add to those, she is a qigong instructor, and a good one! Using exercises to optimize energy within the mind, body and spirit comes naturally to her.
Flow Acupuncture, 1204 E. South Temple, SLC 385-242-0649,

2. Scott White, Qigong Utah
3. Sifu Toni Lock, Chi Moments

Best Rock-Climbing Wall
Momentum Indoor Climbing
Experience the thrill of conquering new heights with our indoor climbing wall. Whether you're a beginner or experienced climber, this challenging activity offers an adventure like no other. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you navigate the diverse routes and reach the pinnacle. With each climb, you'll boost your physical strength, mental agility and confidence. With three locations in Utah—Millcreek, Sandy and Lehi—there's no need to wait for warmer weather to get climbing.
Multiple locations,

2. The Front Climbing Club
3. Bouldering Project

Best Senior Fitness Programs
The Thunder Method
Put down your workout bag and step away from the door. Do it, because you can get fit in the comfort of your home. For a Zoom workout class—spin, yoga, strength or cardio—Natalie Bedford is your coach! Offering 30 minute live virtual and on demand classes, she varies the training and is passionate about helping clients reach fitness goals. Says a satisfied client, "She pushes you in the best way possible and provides motivation and the confidence you need."

2. Brickyard Boxing & Conditioning
3. LifeCentre Athletic Club

Best Ski/Snowboard School
Brighton Resort
Hit the slopes and elevate your skills at Brighton Resort's premier Snowsports School. With a wide range of programs catering to all ages and skill levels, including multi-week camps, daily group lessons, workshops, and private lessons, there's something for everyone. Whether you're an adult looking to refine your technique or a child eager to learn in a fun, supportive environment, Brighton's Snowsports School is the ultimate destination for mastering the art of skiing and snowboarding.
8302 S. Brighton Loop Road, Brighton, 801-532-4731,

2. Snowbasin Resort
3. Wasatch Adaptive Sports

Torrent Cycle won for Best Spin Classes and Best High-Intensity Interval Training. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Torrent Cycle won for Best Spin Classes and Best High-Intensity Interval Training.

Best Spin Classes
Torrent Cycle
Experience the ultimate indoor cycling experience at Torrent Cycle, offering rhythm-based spin classes designed to challenge your body and mind, delivering a full-body workout set to the beat of energizing music. With a focus on community, classes create an electric atmosphere where your energy directly impacts those around you. Plus, with the option to join the on demand program, you can elevate your fitness journey from the comfort of your home.
1074 E. 2100 South, SLC, 801-876-5425; 252 E. 300 South, SLC, 385-270-5132;

2. Seek Studio
3. Mcycle Studios Indoor Cycling Studio

Best Tai Chi Instruction
Shao Long Academy of Chinese Martial Arts
Tai Chi was created in the 12th century and then popularized by Sun Lutang in the late 1800s. This academy claims to be Utah's largest Tai Chi community, with both Wudang SanFeng Taiji 13 and Old-Yang 108 styles being taught. Not only are classes taught in person, but there's an app you can use at home to practice the moves. The owner also owns a Lion Dance troop that you may also see performing at events around the state.
6980 S. 400 West, No. 3, Midvale, 801-829-7426,

2. Scott White, Qigong and Tai Chi Utah
3. Tyehao Lu, Master Lu's Health Center

Best Trampoline Park
Airborne Trampoline Park
Explore the world of Airborne Trampoline Park, with high-flying activities for all ages. Visitors can immerse themselves in 40,000 square feet of fun, including trampolines, extreme slides, ninja-warrior obstacle courses, foam pits, giant airbags, and more. Whether it's a birthday party or a day out with friends and family, Airborne Trampoline Park is just the place to jump, run and roll. Longtime patrons appreciate the constant updating and improvement of the venue.
Multiple locations,

2. Woodward Park City
3. Get Air Trampoline Park

Best Virtual Fitness Program
Salt Lake Power Yoga Live Stream
Enjoy all the benefits of power yoga at Salt Lake Power Yoga's studio from your own home by tuning into a livestream or on-demand class. Reviewers say the courses will have you breaking a sweat as you follow along, so have a towel close by. There are some meditation and recovery focused classes that are highly spoken of that you can access with the click of a button.

2. The Bar Method
3. Jenna Hansen, Awaken Studios/Awaken Transformation

Salt Lake City CrossFit won for Best Weight-Training Instruction. - COURTESY PHOTO
  • Courtesy Photo
  • Salt Lake City CrossFit won for Best Weight-Training Instruction.

Best Weight-Training Instruction
Salt Lake City CrossFit
Coaches and trainers know the benefits of weight training. It improves joint functions, bone density and muscle, tendon and ligament strength. Plus, it helps manage or produce weight loss while increasing one's metabolism. SLC CrossFit can train you to get the most out of your body. Patrons shared that "The coaches observe everyone in class and give individual tips to help improve form." Utilize dumbbells, steps, lunges, squats and pull ups—all the motions you need to build muscle.
619 S. 600 West, SLC, 801-503-7600,

2. Seek Studio
3. The Bar Method Salt Lake City

Best Yoga Instructor
Karen Tao RYT
As a registered yoga teacher (RYT 500), a certified meditation teacher, a reiki practitioner and a certified sound healing and vibrational therapist, it's clear Karen Tao is all about leading students to deeper levels and dimensions of practice. She offers classes and sound baths around the valley, and one of her more regular gigs as yoga instructor is at the Bouldering Project at the Salt Lake Granary. Her Facebook page recaps her events and activities, and you can sign up for her classes on her website.

2. Dillion Chase, Salt Lake Power Yoga
3. Kevin Carrington RYT, Awaken Studios

Best Yoga Studio
Salt Lake Power Yoga
Turn up the heat at Salt Lake Power Yoga. These yoga classes are held in a room heated to 85 to 95 degrees. With a focus on balance, strength and mindful breathing, the variety of classes cater to all levels. Discover the power of Baptiste yoga as you cultivate resilience, find inner peace and ignite a deeper connection with yourself. Join SLPY at the studio downtown, at home livestreaming a class or watching on demand, and at workshops and retreats.
250 E. 300 South, Ste. 200, SLC, 801-468-9642,

2. Seek Studio
3. Awaken Studios

Best Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Assets, Yoga Teacher Training
As one of the top-rated Yoga Alliance Registered schools in the country, YA teaches students to take yoga beyond the studio: into people's homes, communities, workplaces, churches, schools, resorts, even prisons. It takes 200 hours to become a teacher. The classes are taught in-person and online using a live and interactive format. There's an advanced transformation at 300-hours to help teachers become yoga leaders. It's a steppingstone for them to get to the ultimate 500-hour RYT designation with Yoga Alliance.
1565 E. 3300 South, SLC, 801-580-3871,

2. Salt Lake Power Yoga
3. Awaken Studios

STAFF PICK: Best Gymnastics Training (Adults)
The University of Utah
Since the first Ute gymnastics team competed in 1976, Utah's is the only team to qualify for every national gymnastics championship since then. Known as the Red Rocks, the women's team has never finished lower than 10th in the country. The first coach, Greg Marsden, retired in 2015. Now the team is coached by Carly Dockendorf, after the release of Tom Farden. This program trains winners—they've won the individual all-around title in the PAC-12 five times. Go Utes! The PAC-12 championships are March 23 at the Maverik Center.
201 Presidents Circle, SLC,

STAFF PICK: Best Gyrotonic Studio
Movement Design Lab
Whether you injured yourself at the gym or in an accident, there's hope for healing. MDL was created to assist in the healing process through movement and rehabilitation. Originally named En Route Movement, it was founded by Jenn Marie Maynard-Earle to create a studio true to the intentions of Joseph Pilates with the expansiveness of the Gyrotonic Method. Maynard-Earle left Utah in 2014, and the studio was successfully handed over to Bre Dumke Helfrich. Reviews are all over the web expounding on the benefits of the classes and the competency of the teachers at the lab.
244 W. 300 North, SLC, 801-831-4391,

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