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Good Company Theatre

Q & A with Jordan Hinckley

A chat with the United Clan Swordsman Association instructor.

'Hearts, Not Parts'

Orem entrepreneur's Genderbands raise money for female-to-male top surgery grant.

'Nobody Owns You'

Rachel Jensen on educating and empowering survivors of intimate partner sexual violence through The Walk of No Shame.
"We want to educate people as to what these different forms of sexual violence and sexual health are, but we want to empower people as well."

Q & A with Kathy Liu

The Utah teen is one of 20 nationwide named a Davidson Fellow.
Her last name might be short, but Kathy Liu's award-winning science project is a mouthful.

Philip Kimble

Decisions ... decisions ... decisions.

Q&A With Rico Plautz

Local philanthropist and musician tells his story.
Rico Plautz went from Army brat, to computer programmer, to mobile data developer, to extraordinary philanthropist, playing in rock bands all along the way.

Q&A with Donna Marie Gunn

A chat with the Best Buddies of Utah ambassador.
Best Buddies Utah pairs special-needs individuals with high school and college students.

Q&A With Brew Lira

Meet Brewja, a tough cookie who wears many hats—including that of a witch.
Brew "Brewja" Lira is relaxing in her West Jordan yard.

Barks and Brews

Humane Society of Utah's Jamie Usry says local beer and dog adoptions make the perfect pair.
Craft brews and fur babies—it's a match made in heaven. Or actually, a match made at the Utah Beer Festival in 2014, thanks to the Humane Society of Utah.

Ask the Beer Expert

Beerhive Pub owner Del Vance is a walking beer encyclopedia.
Want to talk beer? Ask Del Vance.

Work of Art

Local artist Flossie Kehr reflects on life in Utah.
Her secret to keeping a smile on her face? She never talks about religion or politics.

Q&A with Stephen Clancy

With the world's first all-diabetic professional cycling squad, Clancy gears up for the 13th annual Tour of Utah.
Stephen Clancy, 25, is among the 120-plus riders competing in the 13th annual Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah bicycle race July 31-Aug. 6 in northern Utah.

Military Service to Coffee Service

Q&A with Retired Army Officer Carl Churchill
Retired Army officer Carl Churchill is no longer in uniform, but he and his wife, Lori, now serve in a different way at their Cottonwood Heights café, Alpha Coffee, at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Checkered Future

A chat with a 19-year-old West Jordan chess whiz kid.
"I rank in the top 50 players in the United States and among the top 1,000 players in the world for active players," Troff says.

He's Got Game

Q&A with Alex Hansen
Two years ago, SLC local Alex Hansen quit his day job selling flowers and dedicated himself to co-launching a "cooperative, miniatures, tabletop, fantasy-themed" board game called Middara.

Skate Shop Showdown

Q&A with Half and Half Skate Shop owner Milhouse Williamson.
Salt Lake City's Half and Half Skate Shop—where, as owner Milhouse Williamson puts it, they like "using fun, vibrant and dumb art, but the skating is serious and the homies kill it"—recently competed in the third installation of TransWorld Skateboarding magazine's Shop Showdown.

New Warden in Town

Q&A with Utah State Prison's Larry Benzon.
There's a new top cop at Point-of-the-Mountain.


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