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Q&A with Sebastián Uprimny

Local aims for gold at Pyeongchang.

Q&A with Jason Harvey

Want to know what it's all about?

Q&A with Zach Harvey

ISI chapter.
Growing up, Virginia native Zach Harvey always appreciated art.

Q&A with DJ Schanz

A chat with the Utah Patients Coalition's Campaign Director
When it comes to health care, DJ Schanz believes in the right to choose.

Q&A with DJ Coma

Not your average DJ
Spencer Wright aka "DJ Coma" has shared the stage with underground legends such as Tech N9ne and Kottonmouth Kings.

Q&A with Josh Hansen

Inside a veteran organization that focuses on mental healing through recreation.
Josh Hansen's life was full of purpose as a business owner and sergeant in the Army Reserves.

Q&A with Filmmaker Diana Whitten

Meet the head of the local Film Fatales chapter.
When a cadre of accusers emerged to decry Harvey Weinstein's sordid romps on the casting couch, "It felt like watching a lioness awake and stretch," filmmaker Diana Whitten says.

Q&A with Kiera Packer

How one organization is trying to squash pit bull misconceptions.
Kiera Packer has always loved dogs, but it was a 2-month-old American Staffordshire bull terrier named Lucky that changed her life forever.

Q&A with Laurie Sakaeda

Get hip to equine therapy.
For some armed service members, the transition back into civilian life can be difficult.

Q&A with Mark Cheney

For a quarter century, Mark Cheney has tended Lagoon's iconic wooden roller coaster.
What goes up, must go down ...

Q&A with Mindy Vincent

How one former heroin addict is enacting positive change.
Before Mindy Vincent became the founder and executive director of the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition (UHRC), she was in the throes of heroin addiction.

Q&A with Michael McHenry

A conversation on the art of sandwich-making and giving.
"We're not slowing down. Just a few months ago, we realized we've got a global brand."

Q&A with Sunny Bringhurst

She's an actor, director and choreographer all rolled into one.
Sunny Bringhurst has been intertwined with The Off Broadway Theatre for about eight years and involved in musical theater for years before that.

Good Company Theatre

Meet the sisters behind Good Company Theatre.
"Ogden is a theater town from way back. There were small-stage productions downtown in the early 20th century, and Drama Club of Ogden has been around for over 100 years."

Q&A with Jordan Hinckley

The swordsman is straight-outta-Westeros.
Local sword-fighting academies are hosting their annual tournament, and they're welcoming the public to observe the time-honored tradition.

'Hearts, Not Parts'

Orem entrepreneur's Genderbands raise money for female-to-male top surgery grant.
The year 2016 was monumental for Ian Giles, a "parent, geek, entrepreneur and non-binary transman" from Orem.

'Nobody Owns You'

Rachel Jensen on educating and empowering survivors of intimate partner sexual violence through The Walk of No Shame.
"We want to educate people as to what these different forms of sexual violence and sexual health are, but we want to empower people as well."


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