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I like clairvoyants, I cannot lie. And while we employed a stellar cast of pundits for the “Year in Preview,” I couldn’t resist asking two local psychics Tarot by Tracey and Lilli DeCair for their 2008 insights.

What should the good people of Utah brace themselves for this year?
Lilli: We should prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Sales tax on food will not be removed. Pay-day lenders will charge insane interests of over 500 percent to 1,000 percent and not be stopped by the Utah Legislature. This is a disaster for the poor, immigrants and single-parent families. Who cares? “Not I,” said the Big Bad Wolf.

Tracey: The good people of Utah will turn their attention to family crises. People will stay close to home and personal matters. As far as politics, religion and disasters, Utah will not be directly or dramatically affected.

What’s the outlook for 2008’s presidential election?
L: 2008’s election winner will be Hillary. Edwards is not strong enough. Obama is too untried. Romney is a Mormon and that won’t go with the flow of conservative born-agains. Republicans, scrambling madly for a candidate, will hit upon a new plan where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer but don’t wake up until too late in the game.

T: This answer might not sit well with some: It looks like it will end up being another Republican term. As far as Mitt Romney is concerned, he will face the dragons and come out strong, one hurdle at a time. This candidate shows fortitude as well as great character.

What is your take on global warning?
L: The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Walk, run, stay fit—you will need it. Someone needs to do an article on alternative forms of transportation, please.

T: The average gas-guzzling American won’t do much about it at all. They have places to be and things to do. As far as global warming goes, it is a trend that has to run its course, which won’t be all that devastating in the long run.

Is there any staple in the American diet that— due to the way it is grown, processed or prepared—is making us sick and tired?
L: Sugar does more than make us blue. Take a look at the way the white stuff is processed. It might make you think again and again. There is a product called Juice Plus which is a daily supply of 17 fruits and veggies in capsule form that is the most researched whole food product on the planet. I got it from Dr. Todd Cameron’s office. Phone 463-0502 and ask for Jennie.

T: Lifestyle is the answer. Everything is fast. The problem is “diet food” and “preservatives.” Food is processed with too many chemicals. A miracle food to cure the harm? It is called “cooking real food.” Oh, and actually taking time to eat regularly balanced meals.

Will 2008 be a good or terrifying year for investments?
L: 2008 is a downward spiral financially until summer when the powers that be want us to think we might be pulling out of it. So things will begin to look up but it will be a false sense of security that many will buy into. Perhaps hiding your money under the mattress is not such a crazy idea. Investing out of the country in land, homes and other economies might be safer, at least for a time. Wake up, America. We are living in a fantasy that can’t last forever. Start facing reality now rather than waiting for a crash of any kind. Wars, wars and more wars.

T: 2008 is an excellent fiscal year for Utahns! Stash your dough in your personal savings. Note: Car sales seem to be down.
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