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5 Spot | Democratic contender for 3rd District seat in Congress, Bennion Spencer 

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Predictions of the upcoming elections this November should include the word “close.” Democratic contender for the 3rd District seat in Congress, Bennion Spencer, having lost two elections before, will take a stab at edging out new kid on the block—and source of incumbent Chris Cannon’s undoing—Jason Chaffetz.

After losing twice before, why do you think this election will be different?
I believe Bob Bennett lost a school board race before he ran for the Senate. Abraham Lincoln lost several elections before he was elected president of the United States. The lesson is: If you believe in something strongly enough—never give up.

Do you think you have a better shot at winning now that Cannon is out of the picture?
No question! First, I live in the district. It is very important that I can vote for myself. This is now an open seat which levels the playing field. The movement of change that is rolling across the nation favors Democratic candidates.

What politician do you look up to?
Gerald Ford, he pardoned Richard Nixon, even though he felt he should have been punished. With the pain of Vietnam and a torn nation, President Ford needed to move the nation forward even though he knew giving Nixon a pardon would more than likely cost him his election.

Are there any unconventional changes in your plans if elected?
Not really. I still plan to keep my cell phone public so that I can keep in touch with all my constituents personally.

What is the biggest obstacle facing you as a nominee?
As Democratic candidates, we have to do a lot of basic campaigning door to door, calling people, voter registration, and the work is hard, the hours are long, but it is the test of the office.

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