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24, The A-Team, Cyrus, The Last International Playboy, The Other Guys 

New DVD releases Tuesday, Dec. 14

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24: Season 8

In the final season, Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) races to stop a terrorist threat and an assassination attempt in New York City—they do everything bigger in the Apple. Guest-starring Katee Sackhoff as—what else?—crazy.

The A-Team
Four wrongly jailed Special Forces soldiers (Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, “Rampage” Jackson and Patrick Wilson) break out to blow stuff up, kick ass and clear their names. Co-starring Jessica Biel as—what else?—dead weight.

A depressed divorcé (John C. Reilly) falls for a happy divorcee (Marisa Tomei) who happens to live with her creepy, clingy son (Jonah Hill); all have bad, bad hair. Co-starring Catherine Keener as—what else?—the ex-wife.
(Fox Searchlight)

The Last International Playboy
NYC writer Jack Frost (Jason Behr), stunned by the news that his childhood sweetheart is engaged, is encouraged by his ne’er-do-well friends (including Krysten Ritter) to party till he pukes with naked supermodels. Solved!

The Other Guys
Two hapless NYPD detectives (Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg) take on the city’s biggest case after the force’s superstars are killed in a freak (and funny) accident. Gunplay, car crashes, witless banter and Eva Mendes ensue.

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