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2010's Utah Local Music Releases 

Nearly 200 local releases that we know of.

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Laserfang Mammoth
  • Laserfang Mammoth
In January of 2010, I started compiling a list of every single

Utah album I could find or was notified about. The result: Nearly 200 local releases that we know of, not counting people who never promoted their work or refused to do release shows. You should check out some of these musicians and support local music!

Michael Gross & The Statuettes: Impulse & Exports
Fictionist: Lasting Echo
The Continentals: Rhino
Shark Speed: Education (EP)
Nate Baldwin & The Sound: Maybe, This Is Who I Am
The Shuttles: In This Valley
A Different Element: ST
Atilast: ST
Storming Stages & Stereos: ST
Sarge: ST
Oliver Lemmon: Perplexions With Perfection
Citizen Fate: Cranked To Overkill
Funk Fu: Long Time Comin’

Oh, Be Clever: ST (EP)
Game On: Playing In The Background
Bramble: H.A.G.S.(EP)
Blitzkrieg Witchcraft: Burst Of Fire(demo)
Chelsea Grin: Desolation Of Eden
Drew Danburry: Goodnight Gary
Shady Chapel: ST
Raw Xtract: Eleven
Daniel Day Trio: Champions
Atl Atl: Lights, Sounds, Echos & Patterns
DropSideNine: A Perfectly Orchestrated Breakdown

Small Town Sinners: The Dirty Thirty
Approaching Zer0: Drunken Soberz (EP)
Under Radar: ST
Burnell Washburn: The White Dove (EP)
Radio Courtesy: Damaged Goods
Neon Trees: Habits
Desert Noises: ST (EP)
Tijuana Bible: ST
Onesfate: Arise (demo)
Exer Ovu: Got An Extra Set Of Wings If You Could Use A Couple (EP)
Bears On Parade/Everywhere: Insert A Plug Into A Socket (Split)
Joesph (The Voluptuary) Smith: Endowed Stars
Of Leo: Digging Holes
Miss Mindy: Unconventional, Unstoppable & Unbreakable
J. Wride: “Let Me Go” (Single)
ST YZE: Out Of Many
Git Back Entertainment: Another Reason (Compilation)
Various: Utah Heavy Guitar Rock Vol. 1 (Compilation)

Patter Stats: What Is This Beast?
Red Bennies: Glass Hands
Soft BleR: ElekHztro Babble
Rabbit: ST (EP)
MSSV Label Sampler: One Shifts & Shadows: ST (EP)
Armorie: Pew Pew
The Black Arrows: We've Been Saying So Long For So Long
The Lovecapades: Tragic Moustache
Parlor Hawk: Hoarse & Roaring
INVDRS: ElectricChurch
Philosofist: Obstruction Of Moustache ...und auch, Behinderung der Schnurrbart
Lindsay Heath Orchestra: God's
Forgotten Children: Straps & Blunt Wraps
The Archer's Apple: Suburban Ocean
Seventking: ST
IX Zealot: Atricles Of Ophidian Faith
Mantra Monsta: The BS (EP)
Brian Bingham: Beat (EP)
The Love Astronauts: Phenomenality In The Jungle Basement
Passive: ST
Bicycle Voice: Tis The Ghost Of Martinellis
The Devil Whale: Two Songs, In Various Stages (EP)
The Platte: Bantam Brother
Big Sky Tribunal: Into The Mountain
Glade: Glade: Vol. 2
Books About UFOs: Bite Your Tongue
Various Artists: The Rock Salt 2010 Compilation Wren
Kennedy: Majestic Buildings
VCR5: This is Cyberpunk
NSPS: Audio-Visual Carnival Fragments

Drew Danburry: Goonight Dannii
Lo-Fidelity: ST
Trenton McKean: The Many Shades
The Furis: Glow Beta
Chicks: Input Launch Code
Reviver: Potential Wasteland
Uncle Scam: X
Puddle Mountain Ramblers: Grandma's Shotgun Stance
Spell Talk: Ghost Rider (Live)
In Key Dropouts/The Skaficionados: The Skaficionados Vs. In Key Dropouts
Highway 6: Love Songs To The Desert
Bears On Parade: This Is Not For You
Babble Rabbit: Eloquent Madness
Odetta: Cut & Paste: Vol 1 & 2
The Plastic Furs: Kissing With Knives And Acid (EP)
American Hollow: Whisper Campaign

La Farsa: At The Circus
Mess Of Me: ST
The Recovery: Architect (EP)
Wasnatch: Midnight (EP)
Ryan Innes: ST
Danger Hailstorm: Two
Blackhounds: Hold On For Deal Life
Dave Chisholm: Radioactive (EP)
Hello Amsterdam: Nitelife
Dry Lake Band: ST
Dacho: Waiting For The World To End
The Devil Whale: Young Wives (EP)
Bravo 32: ST
Wings Of Normandy: Bitterfoot
Racecar Racecar: ST
Between The Avenue: Superman Meet Juliet
SLC Electric Ensemble: In C

Vernicious Knid: ST
Mechanical Skies: With Dreams Of Pop
Fauna: Puddles Into Rapids
Cavedoll: An Enjoyable Tale From A Great Con Artist
Various Artists: I Think I Might Be Autistic (Cassette)
Idyll Rigamarole: …all of life is a foreign country…
The Direction: From VII & IV
The Strangerz: H.O.O.D.
Stumphead: Don't Give A Fuck (EP)
Various Artists: Circus Brown’s Snackbox #2
Uncle Scam: XX
Red Pete: Broken Love Machine
The Lionelle: Shipwreck (EP)
Seed At Zero: ST
Reveeler: EP1 (EP)
Harbor Royale: Aspirations
Location, Location: ST
The Hung Ups: ST

Fox Van Cleef: Pleasure Junkies (EP)
Various Artists: Time Capsule
Caleb Chapman & The Voodoo Orchestra: ST
Matt Glass: The Origin Of Walking
Michael Gross & The Statuettes: Telepath
The Better Life Band: Diversified
Isaac Russell: ST (EP)
Spoken For: A Life In Flames
Victims Willing: Old Bones & New Cadavers
Sayde Price: Wilt All Rosy
Ghost Of Cinema: Reguarding Time, Color & Objection To Both
Illegal Beagle: Let Dead Dogs Lie
Yaotl Mictlan: Dentro del Manto Gris de Chaac

Arsenic Addiction: Requiem Of The Fallen
VCR5/1H86335: (ExUmbrella Split Album)
S.L.F.M.: Infatuation Satisfaction
Chatter Box: ST
The Continentals: In A Circle With Our Closest Friends (EP)
The Heavens & The Earth: Kosmichete Melodramus: Glass Apple
Uncle Scam: Redneck Funeral
Muscle Hawk: "Set Yourself On Fire" (Single), Super Future (EP)
GeorgeLife: Against The Grain
The Toros: Reading Is Important (EP)
The Family Gallows: The Highwater

Allred: All We Are
Mark Dago: Self High Five
Joshua Payne Orchestra: (ST) EP 7” vinyl
Righteous Audio Works: One (7" vinyl)
Various Artists: Fork Fest 2010 (Northplatte Compilation)
Aura Surreal: Sanity Awakens
King Niko: The French Accent (EP)
The Continentals: Body Glow #2 (EP)
The Apache: ST
Replica Mine: 7 Ends
Big Blue Ox: ST (EP)
Damir Hara: First Day Of My Life
Smash Brothas: The Devine Cypher
The Trappers: ST
Formerly So: DisappointmentIs Control
Scapegoat: The Keys To The First And The Last
Julio Child: Cocinando con Julio Child

Cathy Foy: We Built It Tall
Theta Naught: Omnium Gatherum
Killbot: Horror (EP)
The CJB: Positivity
American Shakes: Begin
Tupelo Moan: ST
Bloom: Photosynthesis
In Dreaming: The Pathless Sounds Of In Dreaming
Growroom Affiliates: ST
Double Or Nothing: Silhouettes Fade
Spell Talk: Electricloud
The Lazy Waves: ST
Los Rojos: ST (EP)
Small Town Sinners: Blood & Dust
Max Pain & The Groovies: Five To Groove (EP)
Bearcats: The Wildfire Magic (EP)
Deny Your Faith: Taste Of Infection
The Orbit Group: Bounce
The Fucktards: Christ Punchin' Fun

Laserfang: Mammoth
Ravings of a Madman: In The Time It Takes To Hate
Dulce Sky: Invisible Empire
Mason Jones & The Get Togethers: Bibles & Basterds
Theta Naught: Naught Christmas
Kiliona: ST
Fizzy Form: Get Fizzical
Dusk One: The Brady Effect (EP)
Discourse: Sparks With Our Hands
Holy Water Buffalo: ST
Various Artists: Velour's Christmas Comp
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