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2009 City Weekly Music Awards 

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Oops, we did it again—we switched up the SLAMMys, re-naming the musical showcase the City Weekly Music Awards and inviting friends, colleagues and fellow music fiends to weigh in on the always challenging nomination process. Record stores, record labels, recording engineers, journalists and other folks who live and breathe the Utah music scene helped select the CWMA Top 30 resulting in a wildly eclectic group of artists, from a 16-year-old Utah County wunderkind to salty downtown rock veterans and fashionably dressed electro-pop idols. The nominees, featured in the Jan. 29 City Weekly music section, demonstrated their prowess over two weeks’ worth of live showcases. We left the rest up to you, the reader/online user, as well as the chosen artists to rally their fans to the polls. In the end, four groups came out ahead: Top vote-getters included Neon Trees, followed by the Furs. Form of Rocket and Band of Annuals tied for third place, both of whom are unfortunately unable to play the final Feb. 13 CWMA concert at The Depot with headliner Ben Kweller, whose new album Changing Horses has the versatile artist returning to his country roots. Come down for an evening of eclectic music and cast your vote for the No. 1 CWMA performer. We know—it's hard to pick just one favorite. That's why we created our own list of things we're loving about local music right now, from bands to public radio and everything in between. Here's to another fabulous year of albums, concerts, podcasts and more. Contributors: Circus Brown, Bill Frost, Trevor Hale, Dominique LaJeunesse, Jon Paxton, Jenny Poplar, Brian Staker & Jacob Stringer


The Dude From Starmy? Seriously
Mike Sartain has long been known for rocking out with power-pop/rock band Starmy. Who knew there was a sensitive side beneath that ballsy exterior? Evidence to this side is all over The Camelot Sessions, with haunting songs like “My Flesh Sewn Picture Show.” In addition to the music, lyrical depth made it one of the best local releases of 2008. MySpace.com/MikeSartain (Brian Staker)

Think On It
Any band who excerpts a lengthy quote from Joseph Campbell on their MySpace must have an introspective bent. Belly Of The Whale’s music isn’t restive, however, but combines elements of ska, funk and straight-ahead rock in songs like “The Wire.” Thinking deep doesn’t have to be a pain in the brain. MySpace.com/TheBellyOfTheWhale. (Brian Staker)

Bringing Back Humpty Hump Nose Glasses
Poo Pee D is one of those local musicians you don’t hear about for a long while, but when he plays a show, it’s an event—a mad, drunken party. The heir to the eyewear rocked by a certain ’90s Digital Underground rapper earns his right to the throne every time he lays down a groove, in between run-ins with the law. MySpace.com/PooPeeD (Brian Staker)

Extra Sensory Player
Gentry Densley’s long-running Iceburn project was so experimental that it was more popular in New York City than it was here. Eagle Twin is recording with Randall Dunn of Earth and Sunn0)))))) in the Seattle studio where Kurt Cobain laid down tracks. Ghosts may be conjured. SouthernLord.com (Brian Staker)

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