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200 MPH, Blood Out, Knockout, Student Services, Testees 

New DVD releases Tuesday, April 26

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200 MPH

After his older brother is killed while illegal street racing, an amateur racer dives vengefully into the world of … illegal street racing. So, essentially, it’s The Fast & The Furious with even dumber characters and no budget. (The Asylum)

Blood Out
Luke Goss, 50 Cent and Val Kilmer(!) star in the story of a small-town sheriff out to avenge the death of his brother—a theme this week? Also starring Vinnie Jones and AnnaLynne McCord as Thug and Blonde ’Ho, respectively. (Lionsgate)

A retired heavyweight boxer (Stone Cold Steve Austin) trains a rookie to take down a new ring champ who’s being a total dick. So, essentially, it’s The Last Dragon with even dumber characters and no cool music. (Phase 4)

Student Services
A broke French college student (Deborah Francois) desperate to make money begins prostituting herself to a creepy 50-something dude she met through an Internet ad. Apparently, they haven’t cleaned up Craigslist France. (IFC Films)

Testees: The Complete Series
The canceled 2008 FX series about slacker buds who volunteer to be drug-test subjects at a lab that manufactures questionable products with hilarious side effects, like paralysis and premature ejaculation. Not concurrent. (E1)

More New DVD Releases (April 26)
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