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DanceBrazil DanceBrazil FRIDAY 2.26 February 24, 2010
Park City Food & Wine Classic Park City Food & Wine Classic Still Classic: Wine, food, seminars and more at the Park City Food & Wine Classic. June 29, 2010
Asian Isle Asian Isle Isle Seats: Warm vibes and sometimes combustible cuisine mix & mingle at Asian Isle. February 09, 2009
Oktoberfest 2016 Oktoberfest 2016 Snowbird's little bit of Bavaria. September 14, 2016
The Greatest Meal You'll Never Eat The Greatest Meal You'll Never Eat A Glutton's Guide October 12, 2011
Burger Kings Burger Kings Celebrating City Weekly's Burger Week[s] with some local bun-tastic flavors. May 18, 2016

Recent Stories

  • Flavor on the Western Front

    Nomad Eatery ups the ante for off-airport eats.
      When someone mentions "eating near the airport"—Salt Lake City International Airport, that is—one place generally comes to mind: Red Iguana.
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  • Under the Christmas Tree

    Holiday gifts for cooks, foodies and winos
      If your holiday gift shopping is stuck in a rut, we're here to help—especially if you're looking for interesting and useful presents for cooks, foodie friends or wine lovers.
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  • Spreading the Love

    Amour Café creates simple yet scrumptious fare.
      I'll always remember the first time I tasted jam made by Salt Lake City's Amour Spreads.
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  • Harvest Huddle

    Deer Valley chefs create memories at Montage.
      At Montage Deer Valley's Apex restaurant, a gaggle of talented chefs from Deer Valley eateries and beyond huddled recently to create their annual Harvest Dinner.
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  • Turkey Tricks & Tips

    Try this critic's favorite roast turkey recipe.
      Back in 1999, I shared my favorite roast turkey recipe with City Weekly readers, and since then, I've been gratified by the positive responses from those who've tried it.
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  • Come on, Get Slappy

    Find fresh, fast and sustainable seafood at Slapfish.
      Sandy's Slapfish restaurant in is a self-described "modern seafood shack."
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  • Celebrating Celeste

    A beloved Italian chef returns to Utah.
      When I learned of a new Italian restaurant in Murray called Celeste Ristorante—opened about two months ago—I wondered: Could it be?
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  • Atypical Indian

    Inside Saffron Valley's new Sugar House location.
      Although we must find some language for talking about the foods we eat, I'm always a little hesitant to use such expansive labels like Chinese cuisine, Mexican food, Middle Eastern cooking and the like.
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  • Come All Ye Sinners

    A trip to Purgatory is devilishly delicious.
      In a conservative, largely religious state like ours, it takes balls to open a business called Purgatory.
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  • The Joy of Soy

    We lost Rice Basil, but gained another great sushi restaurant.
      One of my favorite local restaurants to emerge during the past few years was Rice Basil in Holladay.
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